Chapter 7

David arrived at Alan's apartment just in time to see the Armed Response van pull up and ten troopers get out. He thought about engaging them, but when he saw their numbers and firepower he knew it would be suicide. "Better to pick them off one-by-one, Rambo style." He slipped through the back way and bounded quickly up the fire escape before the troopers could get to Alan. When he had reached the 6th floor, Alan's floor, he quietly opened the window and put his foot through. His foot landed on a table by the window and the lamp resting on it collapsed onto the floor. The spark from the light lit the carpet and a small fire started to develop on the floor. "So much for the stealthy approach." Armed Response immediately converged on his position and opened fire. 9mm bullets ripped apart the wall behind him and Chadders dived for cover. He pulled his Desert Eagle out of his holster and let rip a .45 calibre rocket. One of the troopers was handing behind an upturned table, but the bullet went straight through and hit the man squarely in the chest. The force hit him like a sledgehammer, penetrating his body armour instantly. The second man ran over to his fallen comrade and got there just in time to be hit by David's second round. The third trooper was not so stupid and simply opened fire on where David was crouching behind the wall. Bullets again shredded the boards holding the wall together and a piece of wall and insulation fell off. This landing in the increasingly large fire and went up like gasoline because of the flammable material it was made out of. This instantly covered the corridor in smoke and allowed David a chance to slip into Alan's room behind the smokescreen cover while the five remaining members of the squad started to shoot at him in vain. He walked in on a scene of carnage. Alan was lying on the floor and his apartment had been hit by at least two fragmentation grenades, though there could be more he couldn't tell. There was two men lying in pools of their own blood on the floor, and one guy was reacting to Alan's obvious dive and readjusting his aim. David didn't have time to think, he simply reacted. He pulled his gun up so that he saw the iron forks of his pistol line up with the blurry image of the trooper's head. His right hand relaxed and his pistol stop shaking. The index finger of his right hand squeezed the small steel firing trigger. In almost slow motion the huge bullet exited the barrel of the gun and David saw the spark as the powder in the bullet ignited in the chamber. The bullet sped towards the man's head but at the same time the man had finished his aim and started to squeeze of a burst of automatic fire at Alan. One of the rounds entered into Alan's left foot and another into his thigh. Alan screamed in agony and turned to face David. "Don't worry. I will take care of."

Seeing that he was safe, Alan let down his guard and he fainted outright on the floor.