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"Come on Kim! We only have two minutes until we leave!" A boy yelled up the stairs as he waited for his sister to finish packing up her bags.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" A female voice told him, along with some grunting noises. After about a few seconds, a girl with green hair and white bangs dressed in a white tank top with a pink insignia with the numbers "77" on the top and long jeans came down the stairs, carrying a large brown suitcase came down the stairs. She placed her suitcase next to her brother, who also had green hair and was wearing a red jacket and jeans. Both were wearing their goggles on top of their heads and brown and black fingerless gloves.

"Sheesh! What did you pack in here? Your whole wardrobe?" The young fourteen year old boy, named Tevin Joshua Lee, asked, as he picked up the suitcase and started to walk out the door along with his sister.

"Ha ha, very funny TJ…" Kim said sarcastically before getting into the back seat of the car as her brother put her suitcase into the trunk. Their father had already been inside the car as well as TJ's suitcase. Their mother had lived in a different state and when they had asked if she could come, she told them that she was to busy with her new job. They were going to the mountains only a hundred miles away from there home. Kim couldn't wait to go, as she had wanted to go hiking as soon as possible, but TJ was a bit reluctant. TJ had decided to go, since the hilly terrain was a great place to go down on his BMX bike that he had gotten on his birthday. Kim was a bit of a tomboy and usually would ride on her skateboard.

The two kids buckled up as their father began to drive.


"Sir! A minicon has just been found."

Optimus Prime and Hotshot had just entered the room where Red Alert was. Another minicon had been spotted on the map. No sooner had they arrived, Rad, Carlos and Alexis entered too. The three kids looked at the large monitor and saw the minicon location.

"Hey! That's in Greenland. It's cold up there and snows a lot." Alexis pointed out.

"If it's cold up there, why is it called Greenland?" Hotshot asked, scratching the top of his head with his finger.

"We don't know. But someone named it that." Rad told him.

"Wow, you humans come up with strange names for places." Hotshot said to them. The kids chuckled at this a bit, but stopped when Hotshot transformed into vehicle mode, along with Optimus Prime and Red Alert as they opened the warp gate and a snow and mountainous terrain was highlighted in the screen. The Rad and Carlos went in the two front seats of Hotshot and Alexis went in the back. The three warping vehicles began to stretch into the screen in front of them and warped to their destination before the warp gate closed.


"We're here kids. Wake up!"

TJ and Kim slowly opened their eyes as they had been traveling for hours and traffic was definitely no help. Their father had finally found the mountains that he was talking about and they only needed to park.

"Where are we?" TJ asked.

"We're at a place that I used go when I was young. This reminds me of a story. Did I tell you the story about how we almost saw Bigfoot here?"

"Yes dad, you told us eight times this week." The two answered simultaneously.

"So, you kids had counted?"


"Oh, here's a good smooth place to park."

Their father parked on the smooth ground. The kids exited the car and went to the trunk to pick up their suitcases. As soon as they had finished setting up camp, they looked down the mountain.

"Wow dad! This is awesome!" Kim said, as she saw the whole place from there position.

"It's nice." TJ stated as if it wasn't anything new, but Kim, knowing her brother, was trying to hide his excitement and amazement.

"Well, glad you like it kids. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to take a nap."

Their father yawned as he walked to a tree and sat down on the root, quickly falling into a deep sleep.

"Well, by the looks of things, he's gonna be out for about three days." TJ said to his sister as they stared at their father, who was snoring away. Their father had a tendency to sleep for long periods of time. One time, their father had slept for almost a week and when he woke up; he thought he had slept for only a few minutes. Luckily, the kids were old enough to take care of themselves when he did that. The two kids went to the trunk to get two more things. Kim had grabbed her skateboard and TJ grabbed his BMX bike. They looked down the mountain and then at each other.

"So TJ, are you ready to ride like the wind?" Her sister asked, as she placed her helmet and knee pads on. She loved to ride on fast things, no matter how dangerous. Most of the time, she would go snowboarding every winter near the top of huge mountains.

"I don't know Kim. This mountain is pretty big and there's no one to-See ya!" Right after those words, TJ rode down the mountain at pretty high speeds, and because the terrain was smooth, he was a quarter down the mountain in almost no time. He had caught Kim off guard as he raced down the mountain.

"Hey! No fair!"

Kim soon started to roll down the mountain at fast speeds as well, but TJ had left her in the dust. The two teens raced each other down the hill. Kim crouched lower on her skateboard for extra speed, but failed to see a small green pebble, embedded in the smooth dirt. The skateboard nicked the pebble, and had knocked it out of the ground, which revealed that it wasn't a pebble at all, but a green panel. Kim gasped as she was knocked off of her skateboard and tumbled down the hill.

"TJ, Help!" Kim screamed, but because her brother was far ahead of her, he didn't hear her at all. She rolled to the side of the path that was supposed to be clear and kept going down into the thick forest. The green panel also rolled down the side of the mountain with her.

Kim finally stopped rolling down the mountain after she had bumped into a rock a couple hundred yards away. She silently yelped as she rubbed her sore head, which was shielded by her helmet. The green panel had landed beside her and wasn't scratched at all. Kim stood up, taking off her skateboard equipment and dusting herself off. Surprisingly, she had only a few scratches and none were bleeding. She looked down at the panel beside her with a growl.

"Stupid rock. Hey…That's not a rock." She noticed. No sooner than she had said that, the panel had begun to glow. Kim shielded her eyes as the light from the panel began to spread around.

After a few seconds, Kim was able to open her eyes again. Her eyes squinted open at first, but soon they widened up in shock in amazement.

Right in front of her, was a robot.


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