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Kim would have bolted out of the hallway into the other one, but found herself to frozen from shock and fear to move. All she could do now was stare up at the huge yellow robot, which was looking right down at her. Hotshot widened blue optics dimmed down a bit as he let out a sigh and then smiled. He got on one knee so he could have a closer look at the human. He hadn't noticed the minicon yet, who was now walking down to where Jetfire was.

"Hi there." Hotshot greeted, reaching out his hand to pat the human. Kim gasped and began to press herself against the wall that she had came off when she reached for Spark. Hotshot noticed this and retreated his hand. "Hey, don't worry! I'm not gonna hurt cha'!"

Kim blinked and stared up at the robot. "Who…are you?" She asked timidly, even though it went completely against her outgoing and loud nature. Hotshot smirked a bit.

"My name's Hotshot. What's yours?"

"Kim." Kim said. Hotshot grinned bigger and patted the girl on the head. She flinched a bit, but not enough for Hotshot to see.

Hotshot stood back up and looked down at the girl. "So, how'd you get in here?" He asked, waiting for her to answer. Kim hadn't answered right away and had hesitated to herself to answer, but she decided to. She told him the whole story, while Hotshot listened attentively. When Kim had finished telling him his story, he sighed.

"What's with humans getting lost these days?" Hotshot murmured, but saw the annoyed expression on Kim's face. "Hehe, sorry. It's just that…"

"Just what?" Kim asked.

"Well, ya' see, only few humans know we're here as it is, and now, we have another one joining the team."

"Oh. By the way, what are you? Where did you come from? And why are you here?"

Hotshot sighed. "It's a long story…"


"Where'd Hotshot go?" Carlos wondered, leaning back in his seat and resting his head on his arms. The three kids were out of there orange jumpsuits and were in their normal clothes. Alexis and Rad were to busy working on there school project for science.

"I don't know, when I last checked, he was walking with Jetfire." Rad told him, writing down his observations for his conclusion. He had done a project on how the human body responds to different environments. Alexis was writing down her observations to how plants change when water is given certain chemicals.

"Shouldn't you be working on your project Carlos? It's due on Monday. You only have two days." Alexis said.

Carlos hadn't even started his project, or even had his subject. The boy shook his head. "Don't need to. I already have my project done and ready." Carlos then pointed to Grindor, who was watching Alexis and Rad work on their project.

"Carlos! You know you can't use Grindor for your project! It would get the Autobots discovered!" Rad exclaimed.

"Don't worry amigo," Carlos assured, "I'm gonna have Grindor in skateboard mode. He'll be seen as the automatic skateboard! Right Grindor?"

Grindor blinked then nodded his head. Alexis stood up from her chair and looked at Carlos.



"Get to work on your project."

Carlos moaned when Alexis said that, but Alexis had ways on forcing the boys to do what's right and they most definitely didn't want to make her angry. The good news was that he had planned ahead and was thinking of hiding Grindor from Alexis until Science class, which was a subject they didn't share and was his last mod. Carlos left the room to get something to eat as Alexis and Rad continued working on there projects.


TJ was tired from searching for his little sister. He laid against a tree before sighing. "Man, I should have never raced against her."

He had been searching for about two hours with no sign of her anywhere. He was beginning to think that he would never find her. He lifted his bang with his index finger before closing his eyes to think of his sister's whereabouts. The good news was that his father was asleep, so they were safe of getting into trouble.

TJ stood back up and walked around the tree. He stopped right in his tracks as he had noticed two sets of footprints. He took a closer look at them and realized that one of the footprints belonged to his sister's tennis shoes.

"Kim! Hm?"

He noticed a strange set of footprints that were bigger than Kim's. They were in the shape of a square and looked like it belonged to no human or animal. Worry began to swell up in TJ.

He followed the footprints until where the footprints were supposed to be were replaced by small wheel tracks.

"Huh? Well that's weird…"

TJ began to follow the wheel tracks until he saw that the tracks had disappeared into a lot of bushes

"Darn it!"


"Transformers? Autobot? Decepticons? Cybertron?" Kim asked confused. She was now walking next to Hotshot down an even longer hallway. Hotshot grinned and nodded his head.

"Yeah. A Transformer is a robot that is able to change shape. There is a war against two types of Transformers, the Autobots and the Decepticons. You see, I'm an Autobot. We protect the different types of life forms and try to have peace. But the Decepticons are evil, and want to dominate everything. We both are from the planet Cybertron. And now, we are trying to get the minicons before Megatron does." Hotshot explained.

"Who's Megatron? And what's a minicon?" Kim asked.

"Megatron is the evil leader of the Decepticons who just wants more power. Unlike our leader, Optimus Prime, he wants to destroy and rule over the universe. A minicon is a small, but powerful, small Transformer. They are about your size and some may be bigger or smaller. Unlike us, they enhance our power instead of fighting. But the minicons are our friends, but the Decepticons treat them like slaves." Hotshot told her.

"I see…"

"So, where did you come from?"

"I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. Well, actually I was born in New York, but we had moved here when I was seven years old. By the way, how long was this war?"

"Several million years."

Kim's eyes shot wide open. "Millions of years?"

Hotshot noticed the shocked look on her face and chuckled. "Yup! And believe it or not, I'm just a teenager." This surprised Kim even more. By that time, they had finally reached the end of the hallway, which had led them to a large metal door (a giant door to Kim) which opened as soon as the two was only a couple on inches away from it.

Inside the room was a large red, blue and silver robot with yellow optics and a silver faceplate. He seemed to be at least forty to fifty feet to Kim and was sitting at an oversized metal desk, typing into a large computer to what seemed like important data. Before Kim could even move, she was pulled up by the back of her tank top and was set on Hotshot's shoulder. He walked behind his leader.

"Optimus sir…"

The larger robot tuned around in his chair and looked at his soldier. "Yes, what is it Hotshot? Hm?"

Optimus noticed a female green haired human sitting on Hotshot's shoulder. "A human? How did she get into the base?"

"She said she had entered when she pressed the entrance button outside of our base." Hotshot answered.

Kim was then gently plucked up from Hotshot's shoulder and was placed on Optimus' desk. Optimus looked down at the young human. "What is your name?"

"Kim, sir." She answered nervously. Optimus just chuckled a bit. "You don't have to call me sir. Just call me Optimus."

Kim smiled a bit before she was again grabbed and placed in Hotshot's hand. "Hotshot, I need you to introduce Kim to the Autobots and the other kids."

'Other kids…" Kim thought, "So I'm not the only one that knows about these guys." Hotshot began to leave the room and walk back down the long hallway.


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