Elena wakes up hung over with practically no memory of what happened the previous night or how she even got home. But certain clues make her think she didn't come home alone. Elena tries so find out who it was and what happened and how!So who was it? Tseng? Elena wishes. Rude? Elena doesn't think so, but who knows with the silent type. Rufus? Elena doubted he spent his time with lower level employees but maybe he made an exception for a Turk. Reno? Elena shudders.I don't really have a time frame for this so I guess it's before ff7 the game.

The lone blonde woman slept like a drugged baby in her large bed. From the looks of her one would think she had passed out from exhaustion and fatigue. How looks can be deceiving. The truth was a little more complicated and yet to be fully known by the almost naked woman.

The petite killer stirred slightly, curling herself more into a ball to warm herself. Her fair eyebrows frowned as consciousness slowly replaced sleep.

"Ughhhhhhhhh…" immediately resonated in the room when a pair of blue eyes snapped open and made contact with the morning.

Elena felt like sledgehammers were making their way through her brain. Bits and pieces of the previous night bombarded the Turk and she groaned some more. She lifted her head slightly from her pillow to look at the time but fell back when a brutal headache started it's unmerciful pounding.

She hadn't had such a terrible hangover in years. Damn work parties. Why did Shinra even bother? Elena just attended the formal gatherings because it was expected of all the Turks.

Speaking of formal where was her dress? She had paid a lot of gil to buy it and she wasn't about to let it go to waste.

Last night had been Rufus Shinra's birthday party and all the important and high-ranking employees had attended. That meant only a few hundred of the many thousands of Shinra employees had been there, including the Turks. Also in case something happened they were there to "fix" it.

Elena briefly noticed she only wore her undies but she didn't pay too much attention to it blaming it on a alcohol induced idea. She wrapped the cover around her lithe body to keep warm and also to take time in getting up. Once the nausea and spinning stopped and she was just left with the headache, the blonde Turk got up and walked towards the kitchen.

While she walked there, her training unconsciously noted what her apartment looked like. Elena abruptly stopped drinking out of her glass when the details she had seen started to come into focus. She backed away from her tiny kitchen to take a good look at her apartment and she didn't like what she saw.

The twin pillows on her couch were thrown on the floor around her burgundy couch. Her bra was flopped over one of the couch's arms. One of her shoes was lying there too. Elena quickly picked it up and went in search of the other, trying to ignore the pain in her head. She found that one near the front door as if it was tossed there in a hurry.

From there she glimpsed into her bathroom and saw her black dress on the blue tiled floor. Elena went in and picked it up. As she held it up, she saw that it was torn. She couldn't believe she did this mess in her drunken stupor.

"Damnit!" she yelled out, clutching the torn dress in her hands. The sound seemed intensified as it echoed off the wall and pierced Elena's skull.

Another ugh escaped her lips as she gripped the sink trying to will the throbbing away. Why was her dress ripped? Had she been sodrunk she forgot how to undress herself and ended up making a hole to get out?

Highly unlikely the Turk in her pointed out rigidly. The blonde glanced up at the mirror and suddenly the dress was but a mere blip in her radar.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Elena screamed.

She moved closed to the mirror, well as much as the sink would let her and looked at herself. Elena's make up had all but left, only the black eyeliner and mascara gave her a smoky morning look. Her hair didn't look so bad but when she turned her head sideways...

Her blue eyes widened dramatically as she looked at one specific spot. Was that…? No, it couldn't be! Oh horror of horrors, she had a hickey! Elena turned her head the other way and found two more near her ear lobe and jaw line. This was not good, not good at all! Elena turned her back towards the mirror to see if there was any more damage and to her dismay she saw bite marks. Blue eyes widened as she frantically tried to remember what happened. What had she done last night exactly?

Without delay she looked around her apartment to see if anyone else was there but found no one. Instead she found a few ripped off buttons on the couch and an empty wine bottle on the living room glass table. Elena then carefully made her way into her bedroom, fully prepared to inspect it inch by inch.

The covers were a little messier than she was used to but it could just be that she had tossed and turned during the night. How she wanted to believe that. As much as she tried, Elena couldn't remember much of last night.

How much did she have to drink? Her pounding headache seemed to indicate quite a lot. At that moment her alarm clock decided to make it's presence known as it painfully beeped the current time, which turned out to be noon. Did the ringing always sound so piercing, the hung over Turk wondered.

Ignoring everything now, Elena furtively got dressed in her usual black business suit and white blouse. Then it occurred to her that the marks were visible, so she grabbed a black turtleneck and put it on instead. She also took out her guns from her desk and put one inside her jacket and the other near her waist. A part of her routine that she liked doing.

She was amazingly late. How was she going to explain that? Sighing, Elena tried to find a good excuse but none formed in her hazy mind. She'd just have to come up with something on the spot.

Before she left her apartment, she swallowed two pills hoping it would stop her headache. Elena somehow knew it was going to be a long day.

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