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CHAPTER ONE: If you give a hanyou a Hersheys

Inuyasha opened his eyes and let out a long yawn. He had been curled up on the floor of Kagome's room, sleeping, and now realized that he had slept there all night. After a good stretch, he hopped up onto Kagome's bed to wake her up. To his surprise, the bed was empty.

"Where'd that wench get to now?" he asked himself irritably, exiting the room to search for her. He began to sniff around the house for her, but soon realized that she wasn't there at all. Upon entering the kitchen, he realized that no one was in the house, not even Kagome's family.

"Huh, I wonder where they all went?" Inuyasha felt his stomach rumble. "Oof, I'm hungry! I hope she left me some food at least." The hanyou then began to sniff around the kitchen for food. It wasn't long before he came upon a large box of some sort. Curious, he cut it open with his claw and took out a thin bar of some sort in a wrapper.

"'Hersheys milk chocolate,'" he read on the wrapper. "I wonder what chocolate is...maybe it's edible." Tearing off the wrapper with his teeth, he then took a bite out of the bar and chewed carefully. Immediately, a wonderful sensation spread throughout his body, and he suddenly found himself very happy. He began to feel his energy build up and got the sudden urge to run around the house. With a happy whoop, he did so.

"WEEEEEEEEEE!" he yelled as he ran around. "BUYO!" He stopped as he came upon the Higurashi's fat kitty. Picking him up by the paws he began to spin around with the cat. "AREN'T YOU JUST SO HAPPY? I'M SO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!" After he was done spinning Buyo, he broke off a piece of the chocolate and gave it to the cat. At first, Buyo fell over from dizziness, but when he smelled the chocolate, he walked over to it and gave it a try. It had just about the same effect on him as it did on Inuyasha.

"MEEEEOOOOWWWW!" cried Buyo as he and Inuyasha raced around the house. The twosome then entered Kagome's room.

"LET'S PLAY DRESS-UP!" Inuyasha hollered, digging through Kagome's underwear drawer and pulling out panties and bras. He and Buyo took these undergarments and donned themselves with them. Inuyasha also took out one of Kagome's skirts and put it on. "C'MON BUYO, LET'S GO DANCE!"

"MEOW!" They ran back downstairs and turned on the radio. Inuyasha put in a Backstreet Boys CD and turned the volume up loud.

"DANCE DANCE, WE'RE BREAKING IT DOWN TO HALF-TIME!" Inuyasha sang out, even though that was a whole different song than the one playing. There was a loud CRACK all of a sudden and three teenagers appeared in the middle of the living room. One of the boys had black hair and glasses, the other boy had red hair and freckles, and the girl had bushy brown hair. All of them were wearing robes, holding wands, and looking confused.

"Harry...I don't think this is Hogwarts," the red-haired boy said, giving Inuyasha and Buyo a weird look.

"Hermione, your directions suck!" Harry said angrily.

"It's your fault, so don't go blaming-"

"WANT SOME HERSHEYS?" Inuyasha asked loudly, offering three bars to them. Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked from the hanyou wearing girls' underwear to the bars in his hands and shrugged.

"Sure, why not?" Ron said, and with that they all took a bar.


"HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!" Harry sang out, even though the Backstreet Boys CD was still playing.

"I'M GONNA MAKE TOAST!" yelled Ron, throwing bread at everybody.

"WEEEEEEEEE!" Inuyasha and Hermione cried out together, running around the house again. Hermione tackled Ron and Inuyasha hopped onto the couch and began to jump happily on the cushions. Suddenly, a pillar of light appeared in the middle of the room and the five found themselves face to face with Van and Hitomi.

"Hey, this isn't Gaea!" Van said in a confused tone, looking around the room.

"Owww, this loud music is hurting my ears," Hitomi groaned. Once again, Inuyasha offered them Hersheys.

"What's Hersheys?" asked Van, sniffing the bar with interest. But it wasn't long before both he and Hitomi had joined the hyper group.

"YAY DRESS-UP!" Ron, Harry, and Van all yelled happily as they came out of Kagome's room, wearing her skirts, underwear, and hats.

"PIE!" Hitomi hollered before dropping to the floor and laughing hysterically.

"LET'S GO BOTHER HERMIONE, RON!" Harry suggested, and with that the two ran over to Inuyasha and began to bump into him while yelling, "BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER BOTHER!" Hermione joined Hitomi as the two laughed hysterically. Inuyasha whipped out a can of soda and shook it.

"LET'S SEE YOU BEAT MY...DUN DUN DUH: CAN OF SODA!" Harry and Ron grinned, then whipped out cans of whip cream.

"THAT'S NOTHING AGAINST OUR...DUN DUN DUH: CANS OF WHIP CREAM!" Inuyasha lowered his can of soda sadly.

"NO FAIR!" he pouted. The two wizards laughed and unleashed their whip cream upon him. "AAARRRGGGHH!" Inuyasha lifted his can of soda up again and released it on them.

"AAAIIIEEEEE!" they screamed together as they were pelted with Mountain Dew.

"NOT SO TOUGH NOW, ARE YOU BATMAN?" Inuyasha laughed triumphantly. The door opened and Sango, Miroku, and Shippo entered the living room.

"What's going on?" Sango asked, looking from the whipped cream covered Inuyasha to the underwear clad Buyo.

"Are those Kagome's-?" Miroku started, but he was interrupted by a bar of Hersheys being shoved into his hands. In minutes, he, Sango, and Shippo were joining the others in a marshmallow fight.

"THERE'S TOO MANY OF THEM, CAPTAIN, WE'LL NEVER MAKE IT!" Shippo said desperately to Inuyasha.

"NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER! WE'LL WIN OR DIE TRYING! LET'S GO, MEN!" Inuyasha, Shippo, Ron, Harry, and Miroku readied their marshmallows. Before they could react, however, Hermione and Hitomi sprang out of hiding and began to pelt them with marshmallows.

"GIVE UP YET?" they laughed triumphantly.

"NO! ATTACK!" The boys began to throw their own marshmallows at the girls.

"CAPTAIN! SHIPPO'S DOWN!" Harry cried as Shippo fell over and onto his lap.


"OKAY!" everyone agreed. All of a sudden, the door opened and everyone froze. They all watched as Kagome entered the room and sweat-dropped.

"Ummmm...what's going on?" she asked as she looked around at the five people she didn't know as well as the mess they had made of her house. "WHAT THE HECK? WHY'S ARE YOU ALL WEARING MY CLOTHING? WHY'S BUYO WEARING MY UNDERWEAR? INUYASHA! YOU'RE GONNA GET IT!" But before she could say the S word, Inuyasha started crying. "Er...Inu are you alright?" When Inuyasha continued to cry, she went over and gave him a hug. "It's ok Inuyasha...I guess I forgive you...what's wrong?"

Inuyasha sniffled, wiped his eyes and nose on a pair of underwear that he was wearing and said "Kagome...WE'RE OUT OF HERSHEYS!"

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