Wow, has it been a while since I posted anything on this site. Or anywhere. I've written some stuff on different series, but mostly in actual books, and have been too lazy to type and/or post anything. So I'll try a short bit or two and see how it goes.

This may actually become quite a long story, depending on how it's received. I'll drop a hint; it starts out mostly Inuyasha and Miroku, and ends up mostly Inuyasha and Koga.

Also, this story will be updated approximately whenever the hell I feel like it.

Disclaimer: Inuyasha is not mine. Very little is mine. This is bad.

Miroku closed his eyes, enjoying the fresh breeze. His legs ached dully from yet another day of hard walking, and it was very pleasant to just sit on this hillside and not think of anything much for just a moment as dinner was cooking. Close by, he could hear the sounds of the rest of the party setting up camp, voices murmuring and stew-pot quietly bubbling.

Sighing with contentment, he sank back into the soft grasses.

Feet stomped angrily towards him. Two pairs.

"Stop right there, Inuyasha!" commanded Kagome shrilly.

Inuyasha's response was predictable. "Keh!"

"I mean it!"

"I will not help some stupid villagers fight some stupid weak bug-demon! You're so worried about them, you go and shoot it yourself!"

This time, Miroku's sigh was irritated. He sat up and opened his eyes.


Inuyasha was standing right in front of him, turned away to posture at with the young priestess. All that Miroku could see was…

It was the holy grail.

It was the perfection he had been seeking all these years.

It was unthinkable not to touch it.

The sound Inuyasha made could only be described as a yelp.

Miroku took the ensuing punch with good grace. It was what he'd come to expect after copping a feel. The girls all slapped him, so it seemed right that Inuyasha should punch.

And as he lay dazed, his eyes whirling in his head, his only thought was that it had been thoroughly worth it.

"My ass!" The half demon was obviously in shock, eyes wide and darting. "My ass! He grabbed my ass!"

Kagome fought down the giggles. She hadn't actually seen Miroku's move, just Inuyasha's response. He'd stopped in mid-rant, golden eyes widening comically, frozen for a whole two seconds, before lashing out in panicky outrage.

"Damn dirty monk!"

This time she couldn't help it. A giggle slipped out.

It had the unexpected effect of sobering Inuyasha, who took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He kicked Miroku's leg. "C'mon, idiot. You're not hurt that bad."

Miroku blinked, and his eyes cleared. There was a bright red spot high on his cheek that would be a deep bruise by morning. He looked up at Inuyasha. "Um."

"Keh. You have a perverted hand that can't be controlled, monk. Just forget about it."

The human frowned a little. "I don't think I can."


He stood, looking Inuyasha right in the eye. "Why didn't you ever tell me you have the most beautiful ass in the world?"