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Summary: Harry, Hermione and a Ravenclaw get sent to Middle Earth during the fellowship and try to get home.



Chapter 3

Aragorn looked at the young man currently hitting his head against a tree with concern and Legolas frowned. Something was not right about the man in front of him and it was throwing his senses off track. He couldn't tell what it was. Though Harry was at least a head shorter than Justin yet he was obviously in charge of the group, but what was it about the dark haired man that was out of place. He and the others had a strange feeling around them not completely different to Gandalf, but less wild. Gandalf was like a free horse. Wild, free and untamed his magic flew through the earth. The maiden and Justin had the feeling of a…well almost like a well trained pet.

Harry had the tingling feeling but it appeared to be locked away, hidden behind walls and barriers. Legolas couldn't get a feeling of it.

"There seems to have been a bit of a mix up" Harry said, his voice a very controlled calm. Everyone looked at him

"Would one of you happen to know where we are or where he nearest phone is?" Justin and the fellowship blinked.

"A Fone?" Aragorn asked bemused. "What is a fone?" At his question Harry and Hermione shared a worried look.

"Potter! You better not be expecting me to use a muggle thingy are you!" Justin said " It's bad enough you have to talk to them but I am NOT using one of their contraptions! I absolutely refuse!"

Harry looked at him in a very cold way and the boy shut up. Hermione looked at Harry and sighed. "Where are we?" She asked hopefully and Aragorn thought about it for a second.

"We are a day from the border of Rohan." He said and everyone looked confused. Some how though no one quite knew how Harry had managed to talk the fellowship into allowing them to tag along. Now they were heading to a place called Fangorn. From the way the others had talked about it the place didn't exactly seem like Disney land. Hermione sighed and Harry looked at her. "what's wrong Mione?" he asked and she looked at hi sadly "I wanna go home Harr. This place sucks. I miss Hogwarts, I miss my family and I'm tired."

Harry sighed and looked at her. "Yeah I know Mione but we have to find a way home first…besides I see the way you keep checking out Aragorn." Harry teased and she blushed "Yeah well I'm not the only one Mr. Stare at the blond elf!" This time Harry blushed and they both glared at each other before breaking into laughter. Aragorn and Legolas shared a look before making mental notes not to let the two newcomers prank them in any way, shape or form. Those two had the exact same look as the twins had when they were either plotting or chasing some elleth.

They stopped for the night and Hermione and Justin collapsed with the rest of the fellowship. Harry whispered something to Hermione before walking off. The others were all heading off to sleep. After everyone went to sleep and there breathing evened out Legolas opened his eyes and silently sat up. He got up quietly and went in the same direction he had seen Harry go. He walked dawn to a stream and followed the tinkling stream till he came to a beautiful lake with trees surrounding it. He saw a figure standing looking out over the lake and hid behind one of the trees. From the cloak he could tell that the figure was Harry.

Harry pulled the cloak off his head and Legolas nearly fell over. What in the Valar? It was definitely the same person he had been traveling with for two days but…well…wow.

Harry looked completely different yet similar. His skin was still white but a much creamier colour now. His hair reached his waist instead of his shoulders and well, he was gorgeous. Legolas found his mouth suddenly dry. Harry bowed his head and closed his eyes. He moved his hands so they were outstretched towards the clear night sky and started chanting. Nothing happened for a few seconds before suddenly the wind picked up.

Harry's hair whipped around him and his eyes glowed a startling green colour. The water at the edge of the lake seemed to ripple and only thousands of years of practice stopped Legolas from falling on his ass, as a figure that seemed to be made off water emerged from the lake and stood in front of Harry. The figure looked at Harry curiously for a moment before speaking. "Who are you young elf and how did you summon me?" It asked. The figures voice seemed to flow all around you and through you.

Harry looked at the figure in silence for a few more seconds before speaking. "My name is Harrishin Estaria and I have summoned you to answer my questions." The being raised an eyebrow at that and seemed to be thinking.

"So it is true. You have finally returned."

"What do you mean returned?" Harry no Harrishin asked confused. The figure smiled at him mysteriously. "You have returned to the place of your birth…the place of you destiny. Did you think it was coincidence that you ended up here? No child it was your faith."

Harry glared angrily at the figure. "I have already accomplished my faith." He said stiffly and the floating figure seemed amused.

"Oh? Well maybe part of it but you still have far to go young one." Harry sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"We're not going to be returning for a long time are we?" He asked and the figure thought about it. "Hmmm…one of you shall return, one shall stay and one is undetermined. All your faiths lead to this point and whether they join or separate I do not yet know."

Harry looked at the figure as if judging what it had said "What about those we travel with? Are they trust worthy?" Harry asked and the figure smiled. "Yes young one they are trustworthy. Your faith is connected to them now" The figure seemed to be sad for a while before looking at Harrishin. "You must help them young one. Their fight is now your fight." And with that the figure disappeared back in to the lake and Harrishin looked out over the lake for a long time before turning and walking into the trees. Legolas Stayed where he was contemplating what he had just witnessed. It seemed that there new companions had a lot more secrets than he had first thought.

He slowly walked out and looked into the water. It was clear and shimmering in the moonlight. Beautiful. Suddenly the water began to ripple like it had done with Harrishin. Legolas backed up a few steps and the figure emerged once more. It looked at Legolas who was one very shocked elf. "Hello my prince." It said amused. Legolas blushed at being caught and the figure looked at him. It was very strange talking to something you could see through. "Do not fear, my prince. The blessed one means you no harm and there story is true. Trust them, but know this, one will turn away, one will stay and the last is yet undecided. But your faiths are now intertwined"

With that the figure left a frowning Legolas by the waterside. He stayed there for a long time thinking about everything that had happened. Gandalf and Boromir ( crap I forgot how you spell his name someone tell me!) was dead, Merry and Pippin kidnapped and Sam and Frodo had gone to Mordor on there own. This was a mess! There world was under siege and everything was going wrong! Legolas angrily threw a stone into the lake and stayed there. He looked up to the starry sky and prayed. Valar help us! He stayed there for a very long time, thinking. Eventually he sighed and walked slowly back to his companions. Harrishid had returned and was looking the same as he had when they first met.

He looked at the sleeping figure and couldn't understand why the beautiful elf was hiding. What are you up too? He thought to himself before lying down and trying to sleep himself.

Flash back

A beautiful elf maiden was looking out over the forest holding a bundle in her arms. Her beloved son, her Harrishin. She knew her son would be beautiful when he was older; with his amazing emeralds for eyes and cute face. She had already had several proposals to marry her little son to many elfin men and women. A soft wind blew around her and her son laughed. It was a wonderful, pure sound and it made her smile. She closed her eyes and gently hummed to her son.

The sound of footsteps to her left brought her attention to her husband and two other children. Nilleth and Corellan her elder children, prince and princess of the sleeping forests. They both had Harrishins black hair but they bath had their mothers blue eyes instead of their fathers green as Harrished did. Nilleth stared at the bundle in awe before holding her arms out for her newest brother. She smiled and tickled him making him giggle. She placed him in her ada's arms and he pulled out a beautiful necklace. It was made of silver and emeralds in the shape of a complicated knot. He put the necklace on his son and smiled. Welcome to the family Harrished, son of Nevilla and Garinel king and queen of the sleeping forest.

Nevilla screamed as an arrow swished past her as she cradled Harrishin. Her and her husband had been on a journey back home from Rivendell showing Harrishin, when they had been attacked by orcs. Her guard or what remained of it was fighting the orcs protecting the royal family and her husband was fighting with them. Suddenly there was a flash of light and a man appeared in front of her. She gasped in recognition. Sauron! He grabbed her and held a dagger to her throat. "Put down your weapons!" He hissed at the guards and they complied. There was not much else they could do seeing as he had their prince and queen hostage. Garinel glared at him. "Sauron! Leave Nevilla and Harrishin! This has nothing to do with them!" the king pleaded and Sauron laughed. "Oh but it does Garinel! You see your son is a major mix to my plans and I can't have him in the way!"

Sauron swept his eyes around the clearing. Orcs and elves were lying dead on the ground.

Nevilla thought franticly and knew she was going to die. Sauron had been after them for a while. She started chanting a very old and banned spell; her husband would have a fit if he knew she had learned it. It was beyond dark and required a mass sacrifice. Seeing as there were dead elves and orcs everywhere she hoped it would work. The spell opened a portal to another realm. While her husband pleaded to Sauron to let his family go the drow elf was distracted. One of the guard elves noticed what she was doing and his eyes widened. He knew they would not be spared and so he started chanting along with his queen. He had no doubt that she was chanting the spell for prince Harrishin.

Sauron finally noticed what was happening but it was too late. He quickly slit her throat and reached for the infant but the child disappeared. He roared in anger and screamed for the orcs to kill the remaining elves. This was not good!