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It should have been easy. Infiltrate Otogakure under the pretence of assisting the village against Konohagakure, kill Uchiha Sasuke, leave Otogakure.

It should have been easy, but it wasn't. The problem was not when he tricked Orochimaru and his bespectacled lackey into believing that he was aiding them, no, that was simple.

The problems came during part two of his mission. Namely, the assassination of the youngest Uchiha.

Sai, after looking at the other's profile, had thought it would be easy. At twelve years old, Sasuke wasn't the most intimidating of shinobi. However, three years later and not only was Sasuke powerful to the point of indifference to everything around him, he was gorgeous. And Sai couldn't help it, as much as he claimed to not feel emotions at all, there was still something that stirred inside him when he first laid eyes on Sasuke's uncaring visage.

So now Sai had a dilemma. Follow Danzou-sama's orders and kill the Uchiha, or follow his own suppressed libido and…well, what he wanted to do can't be printed on these pages.

And so Sai thought, 'the hell with it' and decided that if Danzou-sama wanted Sasuke dead so much, he could kill the boy himself.

Now all he had to do was find Sasuke's room…