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I have looked after these children for ages, now. Ever since my fathers and my mothers made this place, I have cared for their children as best I could.

I care about them all, distantly, I suppose. Some, however, are special. There are children here that I love. Their pain is mine. Their hurts make me bleed inside. If I could only do moreā€¦

So many come to Hogwarts motherless. As my parents intended, I feel a special connection to these poor souls. My kind was born from the twisting of motherhood, but our instincts run deep. I watch over these children, and do what I can to ease their paths, little though that may be. Far too often, all I can do is prevent some greater outside harm from befalling them in the Forest. I can do nothing about the pain they carry within. Contact with these children has been forbidden to me.

There are some that I am free to help, no matter what that old one wills. Many wizards have taken magical Beings as mates. If those children come to me, I can help them. When others mock their bloodlines, they can come to me for comfort. I can lend them my strength.

So many mock these children of mine. I wonder if they would continue to do so, knowing their stories. My children have always kept me secret for my own protection, but soon, the time will come when my existence will no longer be secret. Though I fear it, I look forward to telling these stories and telling the world how truly special they are.

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