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Chapter 17

Back at the club:

"Xander" Buffy began once she had come back from locking the door behind the last customer that left "Cant you forgive Faith for this? I mean I know you probably haven't forgiven me, but you're staying with me. And now she had to go stay with Serefina tonight."

"She didn't have to go stay with her" Xander said, rolling his eyes and packing up his DJ equipment "She could have gone back to her mom's house and stayed there"

"Yeah she could have, but I don't think that was in her plan. She looked almost scared when she mentioned going back there. I think there is more to the story than she gave you. Why would she look scared if all that happened was a yelling match?"

Something must have stuck a chord in Xander, for he stopped all movements, and turned to Buffy. "What do you mean she looked 'almost scared'?"

"When I asked her if she had a place to go tonight she said she was going to have to go home and deal with her mom, but Serefina offered her a place to stay. When she said 'deal with my mom' I could have sworn I saw fear in her eyes"

"Shit." Xander went into his pocket, and pulled out his cell phone. After dialing a memorized number, he started to pace the small DJ booth while waiting for the person he was calling to pick up. "Kennedy" Xander said when she picked up the phone "I have something I need to ask you and I don't want you to lie to me ok?"

When he got the answer her was expecting, he asked another question that he feared the answer to. "Is Faith's mom hitting her again?"

At hearing this question come from his mouth, Buffy gasped. She slid to the ground as Xanders question kept replaying in her mind. 'Faith's mom hits her' she thought. Buffy began to try and recall everything about Faith's appearance in her mind. The first night she had met that wonderful woman, she seemed happy. But after spending their time alone, Buffy had begun to notice sadness in her eyes. She couldn't place it. She thought it was just how her eyes were. How could she have been so stupid? The way Xander and Kennedy went out of their way to make sure she was ok all of the time. Something should have registered in her mind. She just thought they were that way because they saw her as a little sister. 'God I'm an idiot. She was hurting and I didn't even see it.' She thought to herself.

Xander waving his hand infront of her face brought Buffy out of her thoughts, and she looked up to see a pissed off looking Xander.

"Come on" Xander said while clenching and unclenching his fists. "Were going to Serefina's"

Meanwhile at Serefina's house:

"Damn you got some pretty nice digs here Ser" Faith said while taking in her surroundings. From the outside look of the house, you would probably think some older, boring person lived here, not a sultry hispanic woman that was far from boring. The inside was a completely different story. The walls of the foyer were painted a rich deep color of gold that seemed to immediately calm Faith. As she followed Serefina into the living room, she could tell this woman was far from boring. The walls had actual paintings on them. A different season for each wall. Faith looked closer to each painting and noticed that it was the same beautiful meadow in each painting.

"Damn" Faith said, turning to her hostess "How much did it cost you to get this done?"

"About fifty dollars all total. Including the drape to protect the floor and all the paint and paint brushes" Serefina replied grinning.

"You did all this? Damn you're good. Why you working in a bar then? You could make some serious money doing this for a living"

"I don't want to do it for a living. It's more of a hobby of mine. I want to open my own club. That's why I work at the bar. It gives me a feel for what people would like. I don't want to have a strip club. I want a place where people can come and dance, or just sit somewhere and talk. Now, no more talk of painting or work, we just got done working. Do you want something to drink?"

"Water would be good. I think ive had enough alcohol for the night." Faith laughed

"I would have to agree with you on that one mami" Serefina said while walking into the kitchen. She came back with two bottles of water. "You can sit down you know. That's what I have couches and chairs for"

Faith blushed when she realized she had been standing and actually waiting for permission to sit. She sat down on the nearest couch, and was pleasantly surprised when Serefina straddled her.

"You don't waste time either, I see." Faith said smiling

"Not when I know what I want" Serefina replied, moving in to kiss Faith. Faith didn't stop her, as she wanted this just as much as the woman on top of her. She barely surpressed a moan when Serefinas teeth grazed her lower lip, before it was sucked into the woman's mouth. Faith found the bottom of Serefinas shirt and began pulling it up the other woman's body, groaning when their contact broke so she could fully remove the unwanted garment. Serfina took this time to remove Faith's shirt and was pleasantly surprised when she found she didn't wear a bra.

"Great minds think alike," Serefina said huskily before bending down to lick and nip on Faith's exposed neck, enjoying the sounds she was causing her to make. Faith grabbed Serefinas face and brought her back up into a searing kiss. Never breaking contact, Serefina climbed off of Faith and knelt down between the woman's legs. She kissed her way down Faith's neck to her chest and sucked an already hard nipple into her mouth, receiving a moan from Faith. Faith's hands found their way into Serefina's hair, and she wrapped her hands in the hair to keep the woman there.

Neither woman heard the sound of two car doors being closed, or the sound of feet walking up the steps to the house and the door being opened. The only thing that stopped them was Buffy saying "Oh my god"


There you have it...chapter 17...I know it took me longer than i said. i hope this makes up for it