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So when we last left off everything well got messed up...


"Robin i thought that you said i was the only girl for you" Starfire stated

"You were star until i met augustine the girl in which no one will remeber causes shes made for this story" Robin said

"What do you see in her?" Starfire wanted to know

"What dont i see in her she has no super powers and theres abosoultly nothing special about her whats not to like?" Robin told starfire

"Oh i see friend robin you do not wish to do the dating with me because of augustine" Star said unhappily

"Now your getting it starfire we are never going to be because people who write fanfictions think i belong with someone made up or raven!...god i wish raven was a stripper" Robin added



At the park we see cyborg who is vey unhappy because of his pervertedness he lost both girls that loved him Bee and jinx he truely loved them both hell he wanted to do them both but now he will never get that chance because usually the crappy writers never see him with anyone except the few idiots with a few screws loose in there heads that think him and raven belong together.

"What gives these fanfiction writers who are they and what is it that they write about? I SHALL FIND OUT!" Cyborg said

Cyborg who apparently lost his brains fom playing video games with beastboy couldent find a computer in any of the following places...The tower,the library,a COMPUTER STORE! But yet non of them had or sold computers.

"Aw man no place has a computer not the tower,the library or the computer store! THIS SUCKS!" Cyborg said

So cyborg walked around the city with nothing better to do then he found himself located at the docks possibly at the out skirts of town he heard people yelling and cursing at each other so being him he went to go see what was going on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Beastboy and Raven had been very "Busy" and had just finished what they were "doing"

"Rae that was great you know that right? we should seriously help the bb/rae shippers get a life" Beastboy said

"Ya know beastboy thats smart we should hook up...Um...For the shippers who have no life of course!" Raven said quickly

"Yeah for the shippers..." Beastboy said


Back to the valcano in the cavern at the beach somewhere yatatatatatatata blah blah balh

"Oh know! My Beastboy and Raven have hooked up cause they love each other in bed senses are tingling! i have to get outta here! so the terra/bb shippers will be happy!" Terra thought to herself