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The Notebook

Chapter 1: First Sight

June 6th was a pleasantly warm evening for the town's fair. Tai had decided to meet up with his best friend Izzy at the bumper cars that evening. Mimi was on the ride trying to drive her way over to the edge of the track to take the prize Izzy had just won for her. But as she reached up another car behind her bumped her out of the way. Laughing, the young red head drove off. Mimi glared at her as she finally made her way over to Izzy. Izzy handed Mimi her stuffed bear, and then drove off to get revenge.

"Hey who is that girl with Mimi?" Tai asked Izzy.

"Who, Sora? She's Mimi's friend. She's here for the summer. Her parents have more money than god."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, Sora's father owns a lot of land, and Sora's mother has turned a majority of it into some of the country's most famous gardens." Izzy explained as he made his way over to his girlfriend.

Tai followed his friend over to the girls. When Sora had exited the ride Tai stepped in her path. Sora jumped a little, nervous of this young man who was standing so close to her.

"Hi." He said.

"Hi." Sora said back as she looked over at Mimi with a questioning look.

"I was wondering if you would like to go on the Ferris wheel with me." Tai asked her.

"Uh…no." she said.

"And why not?"

"Because I don't want to." She said with a curt laugh.

"Yeah, she's with us tonight Tai." A young man named Aki said.

Aki turned to Sora and held out his arm. "Sora, would you like to go on the Ferris wheel with me?"

Sora looked back at Tai and smiled. "Why yes, I would love too." She said as she took his arm.

Tai watched as she walked away with her friends. She had let go of Aki's arm and joined Mimi and Izzy as they made their way to the line of the large ride.

"Did you see how close he was to me?" Sora asked her pink haired friend.

"Yes, that's Tai for you. He works with Izzy down at the docks. Actually, I'm surprised he came up to you." Mimi told her as she got on the ride with Izzy.

Tai watched as Sora sat with Aki on the ride. He watched as she laughed nervously about the heights she was now facing. As she came back down, a crazy notion went through Tai's mind. Before he knew what he was doing, Tai ran through the line, over the gate and jumped onto the seat that Sora and Aki were occupying.

"What are you doing?" Aki yelled as he moved over for Tai to sit.

"I'm Tai Kamiya," he said as he held out his to Sora. "And I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me?"

"Sora, what's going on?" Aki asked.

"I don't know, he's asking me out." She said as she stared at Tai with a confused face.

"Well?" Tai asked.

"Well…no, I won't." Sora said.

"All right then." Tai said as he stood in the seat and grabbed onto a bar that was a mere three feet in front of the seat.

Sora, Mimi and Izzy screamed as they watched him dangled fifty feet from the ground.

"Go out with me." Tai said as tightened his grip on the bar.

"No." Sora said.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to." She said as she watched him let go of the bar with his right hand.

"Tai, get down! Don't be stupid!" Mimi yelled form below.

"Nope, not until she says yes."

Sora stared at him as he struggled to hold his weight up with one hand.

"Damn, my hand is slipping. Go out with me." He said with a strained voice.

"Come on Sora, just say yes." Izzy yelled.

"Fine, I'll go out with you." She said desperately.

"Well, if you're going to say it that way, then I don't need your charity." Tai said as he looked up at his slipping hand.

"No! I want to! I want to go out with you!" she yelled.

Tai gave her a cocky smile as he easily swung his right hand back up onto the bar.

"All right then." He said. "You don't have to yell."

"Tai you're such an idiot!" Mimi yelled.

"You think you're so smart, don't you." Sora asked him as he lazily hung in mid air.

Sora reached over and started to undue his belt.

"Hey, what are you…oh, please don't do that." Tai said as he helplessly watched as she pulled his jeans down to his ankles.

Sora sat back and laughed as she watched the young man blush.

"Guess you're not so cocky now."

"Hey Izzy! Pass me that crate right there!" Tai yelled to his friend as they worked under the hot summer sun that day.

Izzy lifted the crate onto the dock, and then hit Tai in the leg. Tai looked down at him. Izzy pointed across the street. There she was, casually strolling down the sidewalk with a few shopping bags, without a care in the world. Tai quickly threw off his gloves and ran to catch up with her.

"Hey!" He said as he ran to her side. "Remember me?" he asked her.

Sora smiled.

"Yeah, Mr. Underwear, is it? How could I forget?" She said as she laughed at him.

"Yeah, about that. I'm sorry. It was really stupid of me, but you have to understand, I was being…I don't know how to say it…drawn to you." He said as he stepped in her path to keep her from walking away.

"Oh, what a line, do you use that on all the girls you meet?" she asked him.

"No. What are you doing later?" he asked her.

"Why?" she asked looking confused.

"Our date."

"What date?"

"The date that you agreed too."

"No." she said as she walked around him.

"You promised, you swore on it." He said as he followed her.

"No." she said again.

"Look," he said as he caught up to her again. "I know you don't want some smelly guy coming up to you on the street, I know you don't know me, but I know me. And when I see something I like, I…I gotta…I love it." He explained.

"Oh, you're good. I'm impressed." She laughed.

"I'm not usually like this." He said timidly. "But look, I can be fun; I can be smart, superstitious, and brave, I can dance…whatever you want."

"You're dumb." She told him as she walked over to her car.

"I can do that!" he yelled as he watched her leave. "Just one date."

"No, I don't think so." She called back.

"What can I do to change your mind?"

"I'm sure you'll figure something out." She yelled as she pulled away.

It was a week later, and Tai found himself walking down the street, shaking like a leaf with nervousness, and anxiety.

"Are you sure she's gonna be there?" he asked Izzy for the hundredth time in the last five minutes.

"Tai relax, I'm pretty sure she's coming." Izzy said as he pointed across the street.

Tai followed his finger and sighed with great relief. She was here.

"Come on." Izzy said as he ran across the street.

Mimi waved at them, as Sora turned to greet Izzy. Her smile turned into a shocked "o" as she came face to face with Tai.

"Oh my god, what a coincidence. Sora, you remember Tai don't you?"

"Yes, Mimi I do."

Tai smiled at her and held out his hand.

"Hi." He said.

"Hi" she responded as she shook his hand.

"It's nice to see you again."

"You too." She said shyly.

"You look great, you really do." He said as he looked her over.

She was wearing a jean skirt, a white tank top, with a jean jacket.

"Thank you."

"Hey, guys! Can we go and see this movie, it's about to start." Izzy called to them.

Tai looked back at Sora. "After you."

Tai sat in the theater only half watching the sappy romance movie. One problem was the he was constantly being nudged by the couple making out in the seats next to him. The other was that he could not keep his mind off the red head sitting three seats away from him. He looked over at her. She was slowly taking off her jacket, and cast him a quick glance. He smiled at her and got out of his seat. He carefully climbed over his seat, and moved over to the seat next to her.

Sora ate some popcorn as she tried not to smile as he sat next to her. She cast him another glance and found him looking at her with a soft lopsided smile. She looked back down at her popcorn, no longer able to hide her smile.

As the movie ended, Izzy and Mimi headed out of the theater. Tai walked up to Sora slowly, and whispered in her ear.

"Come for a walk with me?"

Sora turned to him and stared into his warm chocolate. She looked back at her friends, and bit her lip.

"Okay." She said softly.

"Hey! Are guys coming?" Mimi called out to them.

"No. We're going to go for a walk." Tai said as he and Sora headed the opposite way.

Sora waved goodbye to her friends and followed Tai down the street.

"That was fun…the movie." Sora said as they walked down the deserted street.

"Mmm." He agreed.

"I haven't seen a movie in ages."

"Really?" he asked.

"Yeah, not since I was a kid."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah, I, uh, I'm busy, you know. I don't have the time." She explained.

"That busy huh?" he asked her.

"Mm-hmm. I have a very strict schedule. My day is all planned out. I get up, I have breakfast, and then I have a math tutor, Latin tutor, lunch, tennis practice, French tutor, piano lessons, then dinner. After dinner I spend time with my parents, then I like to catch up on some reading." She explained.

Tai nodded his head. "Wow. Sounds like the road to success."

"Yeah, I'm applying to a bunch of colleges. Kyoto University, and Tokyo University are the ones that we want." She told him.

"We?" he asked.

"My parents and I. We decide on everything together."

"I see."

The two continued to walk in a comfortable silence. Sora didn't know what it was about him, but he was the first guy that she felt truly comfortable with. She smiled as she thought about this. She looked over at Tai, and noticed he was giving her a weird look.

"What?" she asked him.

"Nothing. I was just trying to figure out what you do for fun." He explained.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean…I don't know… all those things, they're things you have to do, right? So what do you do because you want to?" Tai asked.

"I told you." She said as she stopped walking and looked into his eyes.

"I don't know. This just surprises me." He said as he shook his head at her.

"Why?" she asked.

"I figured you were kinda…"

"Kinda what?"

"Just…free." He said.


"Free." He said again.

"I am free." She said quietly.

"You don't seem it." He said as he looked at her.

Sora didn't know what to say. She just bit her lip and shrugged.

"Come here, I want to show you something." Tai said as he walked out into the middle of the deserted road.

"Tai, what are you doing?" she asked him.

"Just come on."

"You're going to get run over." She scolded him.

Tai looked around and then back at her. "What? By all the cars?"

He slowly got down on the ground and laid on his back. He looked over at Sora, who had one eyebrow raised in his direction. He smiled at her then stared back up at the sky.

"My dad and I used to come out here and watch the lights change." He told her.

Sora stared up at the stoplight above them as she walked closer to him.

"We just used to watch the lights go from green, to yellow, then red. You can try it if you want to." He told her.

"No, that's ok." She said as she shook her head.

"Why not?"

"I don't know, just get up will you." She told him as she stood right above him.

"You know, that's your problem, you don't do what you want to do." He told her.

Sora stared at him in surprise. Then she looked back up at the stoplight, then back at Tai with a look of determination, and wanting to prove him wrong.

"Fine." She said as she lowered herself carefully to the ground, taking care of her skirt as she did so.

The two laid there watching the lights change multiple times. Sora raised her head a little to look down the street, then turned her head to look behind her. She frowned as her eyes found Tai's once more.

"What?" he asked her.

"What happens if a car comes?" she asked him with a hint of worry.

"We die." He said simply.

Sora's eyes went wide. "What?"

"Just relax, just trust. You need to learn how to trust." He told her.

"Okay." She said.

Truth be told, she only knew him few a few days, and she already trusted him. She watched as the lights changed from one to another. It was almost like a symphony of colors. She was calm, much like when she was in front of her easel.

"Painting." She said suddenly.

"What's that?" Tai asked her as he turned to look at her.

"You asked me what I do for me."


"I love to paint." She told him.


"Yeah. Most of the time I have all these thoughts bouncing around in my head, but with a brush in my hand, the world just gets quiet." She explained to him.

Suddenly Tai looked up from the ground and saw headlights rushing towards them. Sora lifted her head as well and started to scream. Quickly Tai jumped up and helped Sora get to her feet and the two ran back to the sidewalk. As the car passed the driver yelled at them to stay out of the road. Tai shook his head at the disappearing car and started to walk off his shaken nerves. He looked over at Sora, who had to brace herself against a building as she was overcome with laughter.

"Are you ok?" Tai asked her, but all he got was more laughs from the young girl. "Why are you laughing?" he asked as he too started to chuckle. Her laughter, he found, was contagious.

Sora finally controlled her laughter and sighed. "Oh…that was fun."

Tai bit his lip as he watched her catch her breath. "Would you like to dance with me?" he asked her quietly.

Sora smiled at him. "Sure."

Tai held out his hand to her.

"Wait, you want to dance now?" she asked him.


"Here? In the street?"

"Yep." He said as he led her out into the middle of the street.

"But we don't have any music." She pointed out.

"Well, then we'll have to make some." He said as he twirled her.

He slowly took her right hand in his and gently placed his right arm around her waist. He softly hummed a tune in her ear. Sora laughed as he led her around the street.

"You're a terrible singer." She told him.

"I know." He replied.

"But I like this song, don't stop." She told him.

Tai smiled and continued to sing.

"When you walk away

You don't hear me say please

Oh baby, don't go

Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight

It's hard to let it go

You're giving me too many things

Lately you're all I need

You smiled at me and said,

Don't get me wrong I love you

But does that mean I have to meet your father?

When we are older you'll understand

What I meant when I said "No,

I don't think life is quite that simple"

When you walk away

You don't hear me say please

Oh baby, don't go

Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight

It's hard to let it go

The daily things

that keeps us all busy

Are confusing me

That's when you came to me and said,

Wish I could prove I love you

But does that mean I have to walk on water?

When we are older you'll understand

It's enough when I say so

And maybe some things are that simple

When you walk away

You don't hear me say please

Oh baby, don't go

Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight

It's hard to let it go

Hold me

Whatever lies beyond this morning

Is a little later on

Regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare me at all

Nothing's like before..."

Tai carefully dipped her as he stared into her ruby eyes.

"Warm summers are indifferent to the trials of young love, armed with warnings and doubts, we were a remarkably convincing portrayal of a boy and a girl traveling down a very long road, without a care for the consequences. We fell in love with each other that night."

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