Chapter 11
Welcome Baby Potters

While he'd know it had been coming, Ron's words still turned Harry's world upside down. It was time. Time for their babies. Time for their family to start. Harry rushed to St. Mungo's, supporting most of Ron's weight the whole time. A helper of one of the Healers said she would call the rest of the family, but Ron insisted that only Mrs. Weasley and Hermione actually come. He whispered calmly to Harry that he loved his family, but he wanted their family to have a more intimate moment, and Harry was far too shocked about the fact that it was bloody time to hear anything Ron was really saying.

Ron was set up in a nice and spacious room with three chairs surrounding the bed. He was comfortable and, in Harry's opinion, far too calm. Harry was pacing from the window of the room to the door to Ron's bed (where he would fuss with Ron's pillows and blankets) and then back to the window again. Ron just watched light-heartedly laughing at his husband.

"Harry, relax," Ron insisted, amused.

"How much longer? How is this going to work? You aren't in any pain, right? Where is Hermione?" Harry was asking questions a mile a minute, not waiting for answers, as he paced.

"Harry James Potter," Ron said more seriously.

Harry stopped pacing and looked anxiously over at his pregnant husband. His heart stopped for a moment in fear that while he'd been panicking, something had gone wrong with Ron. He ran swiftly to Ron's side and started to look him over. "Oh bloody hell, love, are you alright?"

"Harry bugger off, will you? I'm fine, just relax. Harry, look at me. You know how this will work. And it will be fine. I'm not in any pain because they already gave me a potion. Give it an hour or two, yeah? Just be thankful male pregnancies have shorter deliveries than female ones, otherwise we might be here for a couple of days. Just relax, yeah? Go back to the house and grab our bag, make sure everything is ready for these boys to go home. I guarantee after they're born you won't be leaving even for a mo'," Ron was rubbing his thumb back and forth on the back of Harry's hand to sooth the raven-haired man. After a moment, Harry sighed heavily and nodded slowly, getting up to go.

"I love you, Harry Potter," Ron told Harry when he'd reached the door, staring into his eyes as deeply as he could.

"I love you, Ronald Potter," Harry said back, a smile finally working its way to his lips. His hand rested on the doorknob, but he continued staring at Ron. "You ready to be a dad?"

Ron chuckled. "'Course not. That won't change a thing though, will it,"

Harry chuckled back, nervously. He rubbed the hand not currently holding the handle of the door across the back of his neck and grimaced. "Yeah, I s'pose that's right,"

"Harry, you're going to be great. I know it. We're going to have a family. A real family. We're going to have two little boys to drive us mad and wrap us around their little fingers. It's going to be the single greatest thing that could ever happen to us," Ron told him, seriously. Then he cracked a smile and added, "And possibly the worst, if they're anything like Fred and George,"

Harry laughed whole-heartedly and caught his husband's eye again. "Stuck with me,"
"Wouldn't have it any other way," Ron replied, a contented smile on his face. He watched as Harry left the room more calmly. With this moment to himself, he took a deep breath and allowed himself to be nervous. He put his hands on his belly and shook his head in nervous awe. "You two better not be like Fred and George,"

The delivery was longer than they'd expected. It took two more hours for the delivery to begin and then it took nearly four hours for both boys to be born. They were tiny- tinier than they should have been. That being said, they were strong little ones. The first one, dark, thick black hair was loud. He made his entrance first, announcing himself to the world. His voice made both men laugh, and while Hermione cried like a baby, Mrs. Weasley shot the Healers and helpers commands and stayed very strong and motherly to protect her son and grandsons. The second baby took a bit longer, and Ron was weak by that point. When he finally did come out, he didn't cry at first. The Healers hovered over him for a long moment and then a small cry that resembled more of a whine than a cry, finally announced his arrival. Ron waited just long enough to hear that small whimper before passing out.

The babies were rushed to the nursery where they would be weighed and measured. Harry didn't take a second glance at them after cutting each of their umbilical cords. He couldn't; Ron looked terrible.

As soon as the babies were gone, the Healer started to look over Ron. Harry stood next to his bed, holding his hand, stroking his head, and openly crying. Ron didn't look alright. He looked horrible. Harry was panicked.

Harry thanked Merlin that Hermione and Mrs. Weasley had been there for it all. They went and kept an eye on the babies while Harry stayed solidly by his husband's side. Ron's body had been put under too much stress and the second baby had been slightly affected. Ron's magic had taken over his body. He came to after an hour, Harry sitting next to his bed, clutching his hand tightly.

His magic had been drained of his body. The Healers said it was only temporary and that he'd get back his full magical powers within a few weeks. Ron didn't care, he only insisted he see the boys.

Half an hour later, Mrs. Weasley, Hermione, and one of the Healers came into the room. Mrs. Weasley was holding a baby in a green blanket and Hermione was holding one in a blue blanket. The Healer pulled out her wand and conjured two small bassinets. She walked to the side of Ron's bed and looked from him to Harry. She smiled gently and said, "I think it's about time you both met your sons,"

Ron's face was nervous and excited and he was staring back and forth rapidly from one baby to the other. Hermione handed the baby in her arms to Harry, and he let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. He cried, unabashedly. He was holding the first baby. He didn't know how he knew, he just did. This baby was a little bigger and his cheeks were rather chubby. He looked down at Ron and the green-blanketed baby in his arms. That baby had the same jet-black hair, thick and wild. His face was thinner than his brother's and he had tiny little freckles scattered on his face. Harry chuckled openly at how the boys resembled each of their fathers.

Ron looked up at Harry and then down at the baby in Harry's arms. Ron gasped, quietly, clearly realizing what Harry had. Harry leaned down and kissed Ron lightly. He pressed his lips tightly against Ron's temple and closed his eyes, letting a few tears slip out.

Mrs. Weasley magic'd the bed larger so that Harry and the first baby could fit next to Ron and the second baby. Quietly, Hermione and Mrs. Weasley left the room, leaving the new family in peace.

"He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen," Harry whispered as he fed Baby Potter 1 his first bottle.

"Well, I wouldn't go that far, Harry. This one over here is right there with him," Hermione admitted, stroking the head of Baby Potter 2 as he lay in a small bassinet.

Harry couldn't help but let another tear leak from his eye. He couldn't stop crying. It was almost impossible. At the most odd times, he would just start to cry.

He resituated the baby in his arms, set the bottle down on a table, and started to burp him.

"What are you going to name them?" Mrs. Weasley asked softly, sitting at the end of Ron's bed and watching him sleep.

"I'm not sure, yet. We had a couple of ideas, but I don't want to finalize anything until Ron wakes up. I'm not going to name our sons with him still asleep," Harry explained.

Hermione nodded. "But you are feeding them their first bottles without him awake,"

"Yes, I know. Feeding is a little different than naming, though. Besides, he's bound to wake up soon enough," Harry replied.

At that point the baby in Harry's arms let out a tiny burp and Harry smiled, resituating him again, kissing his tiny small forehead, and handing the little blue bundle to Hermione. He then picked up the other little bundle from his bassinet, and grabbed a new bottle that Hermione was handing him. He cried again as he saw his youngest little son take the nipple of the bottle into his mouth and started to suck on it.

Ron squirmed a bit in his bed. He took a deep breath and let it out. And then he opened his eyes slowly and looked up at Harry, standing next to his bed.

"So sad?" Ron whispered, sleep still covering him.

Harry walked over to the bed and climbed back in next to Ron, never taking the bottle from the baby's mouth. He kissed the red head's lips softly.

"Welcome back, love," Harry whispered.

"Where's the other one?" Ron exclaimed, attempting to sit up more in his bed.

His soreness kept him from doing this and Mrs. Weasley walked over and silently helped Ron sit up so that his back was at the headboard of the bed.

Hermione stood and walked over to hand Ron the oldest baby.

Harry took the bottle out of Baby Potter 2's mouth and handed him to Ron as well. Because of the loss of the bottle, the baby began to whimper and Harry immediately put it back in the baby's mouth.

Ron leaned down and kissed Baby Potter 2's head. "Hello, James," he whispered.

Harry looked into Ron's eyes, surprised. "James?"

Ron nodded. "James Weston Potter,"

Harry grinned broadly. He took the youngest baby from Ron's arm and continued to feed him.

Ron leaned down and kissed the little baby still in his arms. "Hello Jacob Arthur Potter,"

Harry looked over at Ron again, his eyes watery. "James and Jacob,"

"I want them to have the same first letter of their names. It sounds better. I want them to each have a piece of our fathers and each have a name of their own," Ron explained.

Harry's smile never faltered and he kissed his husband lovingly. "Brilliant, you are,"

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