Name: A-01/Slinger

Age: 3 million years old; age varies with fic

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Optics, not eyes, per say- bright blue under a red visor

Height: Between 28 and 30 ft post remodel; pre-remodel, 24 feet

Weight: 1.5 tons post remodel; pre-model, .75 tons

Gender: (subjectively-- believer in robot androgyny) Female (femme designate)

Species: Transformer-- Omnicon/Autobot

Demeanor: Very volatile, Slinger is more likely to jump headfirst into combat than avoid it. Slinger is a very close friend of fellow Mariner Sideswipe. Because of her original occupation, she excels in mining and underground operations. Professional and brisk in dealings with her superiors, never uses someone else's nickname without proper permission first.

Description: Slinger was the original SLINGER unit prototype, known as A-01. Her creator, Wraith, was the head researcher at the Autobot city Iacon. She was kept at the facility and underwent numerous tests and experiments. During her time in Iacon, A-01 fell in love with the model for the aerial SKYBLAST units, a jet mech called Jetstorm. Jetstorm, however, was an addict to the drug known as Vertigo, and for a time this dragged the two apart. When Wraith saw the devastating psychological effects it was having on each, he ordered them to make up, or else. The two reconciled, and Jetstorm stayed off the drug permanently after that. The two bonded, and lived happily for a while, as Minicons began pouring in from very sector and Wraith worked furiously to build them a spaceship to get all the Minicons off of Cybertron. When Optimus Prime learned of Wraith's plan, he ordered the Autobots to retreat from battle-- he would battle Megatron while they protected Iacon.

However, the plan did not succeed; the Decepticons managed to overwhelm the Autobots and attack Iacon. Jetstorm died of energon deprivation, as he and A-01 were trapped in the rubble, and A-01 survived to become the first SLINGER unit-- and the first OMNICON. For the next millennia, Slinger worked as a miner with a few different work triads, and finally ended up at the planet of Earth, in the South American mines, with her workmates Strongarm--later known as Shatter-- and Skyblast--later known as Layshaft.

Slinger--as she was now known-- convinced the others to threaten to blow up the mine in return for their freedom. Former Autobot C.M.O. and current Base Commander Red Alert agreed, and gave them new bodies so that they could go their own way.

What the three really wanted to do was explore space. Slinger had navigated the mines and detected Energon veins, and this led her to study space navigation. Layshaft, who had extensive communication grids, wanted to study communications, and Shatter had always wanted to work as a supply officer. The three got together and told Red Alert of their plans, who decided that since peace had settled he could afford to leave Earth and Cybertron behind for a while. He gathered a crew: the three former Omnicons, his personal secretary and Slinger's friend Sideswipe, Blurr, Scavenger, Hoist, and Wheeljack, and the crew gathered aboard the old cruiser Mariner. They spent 7 years aboard that ship, and returned to Cybertron only once-- with the outbreak of the second war-- only to leave again. In this time, Slinger and Wheeljack became mates. Slinger and the others were last seen--without Red Alert, who has stayed behind on Cybertron to help Optimus Prime and the Autobots from behind the scenes-- on their way back to the dangerous but beautiful Signori system.

Alt-mode is a cherry-red Plymouth Prowler; thin, tall-ish compared to her friends. Shoulder mounted missile racks and double blasters, yellow accents. Red visor over her optics, plain-featured, sometimes her missile racks seem too big for her body. Picture may be available soon.

Fandom: Transformers: Armada/Energon/Cybertron (maybe)

Relationships (with others in the series): Layshaft (friend, workmate; my OC), Shatter (friend, workmate, my OC), Red Alert (canon, commander), Sideswipe (canon, close friend), Blurr (canon, teacher-- weaponry), Hotshot (canon, bitter rival), Jetstorm (my OC, teacher--history, culture, art; mate at one point), Wraith (my OC, creator), Wringer (my OC, boss) Wheeljack (Canon, mate).