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Miroku/Sango Ayame/Kouga possibly Rin/ and Shippo (thats undecided). Inu/Kik

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Prolouge for Memories don't die, they scar.

"Daddy?" a little Kagome asked at the age of four. " Yes sweetheart?" her father replied as he kept his eyes on the road. " I love you" Kagome smiled. " Did you have fun at Uncle Keshian's house?" her father asked in a content tone. " Oh yes, they have lots of toys, I didn't like it much when Uncle Keshian took my underwear off though, I mean I didn't potty in my panties daddy, so I didn't get it, but he said he was just checking me, and then I asked him why he was putting his fingers where I potty, but he said he was just checking, but it hurt a little, but other wise after that I played with the doggy" Kagome smiled. Her father looked horrified his own brother had molested his daughter, Kagome's father worked hard and was often busy, as her mother, so they let his brother baby sit a lot. 'Oh god what have I done? Oh god my poor Kagome, my beautiful innocent Kagome, oh how much did that sick bastard touch you, oh my god how could I have left her there?' Her father broke down crying, but he concentrated on the wheel, and continued driving, he sobbed and sobbed, and Kagome tried to comfort him, tried to tell him that everything would be alright, but that just made it worse, oh how innocent Kagome was. Finally they arrived home and Kagome's father immediately called her mother, Kagome ran up the creaky stairs to her lavender flowered room and began to play with her dolls, as her parents talked about something private. Kagome smiled as she was in the land of her own reality, of the dolls, she went to the bathroom which hurt a little to go, but she was happy anyway.

" Danny you cannot be serious?" Kagome's mom sobbed, her little girl, her little angel, was MOLESTED by Keshian. She knew this would damage her little girl for life. " THAT FUCKING BASTARD!" her mom yelled as she clenched on to her husband's arms. " I'm going there" Kagome's father said nonchantly. He didn't know what he was going to do, but he saw Kagome pass by and the bathroom was across from their room and he saw that in between her legs was very red, almost raw. By god it was true. "Danny I'm coming with you" so they called Kaitlin's mother Kagome's friend, and Kagome went over there.

Uncle Keshian's house

"What the fuck are you talking about, both of you?" Keshian screamed at Kagome's parents. "I wouldn't do that to Kagome, for god sakes she's only four! Brother you have to know me better than that!" Keshian yelled once more. "I thought I did Keshian" Kagome's father had shame in his eyes. " You have no evidence, you know how little girls get, they get silly make believe stories..."Keshian said calmly. Kagome's mom was shocked, there was no way Kagome made it up, that was obvious. " Stay AWAY from our daughter, and stay AWAY from us" with this Keshian's anger blew and grabbed the gun from his holy back pocket. " Fuck you both by the way I like Kagome a lot" Keshian smiled and put a bullet through his own brother's forehead, Kagome's mom ducked and screamed and quickly ran and tried to get away, but Keshian shot her in the back a few times, and finally in the back of the head, Keshian lived in the country so it was common for gun shots. Keshian quickly grabbed her body, and went into the house, his brother's was laying already on the floor, he then went to the cellular where he use to be in the slaughtering business and put the body's in the big freezer. He then got into his old pick up truck with a beer in hand and drove to their house, she was probably at Kaitlin's because thats where she went if he couldn't take her. He then explained to Kaitlin's mom that they went out of town for awhile because Kagome's mom wanted to go shopping and Kaitlin's mother let Kagome go.

Parent's funeral

Finally he talked to a friend of his about cop work, and figured out to get rid of any evidence of him doing the dirty work, the police report stated that " Keshian found both parent's inside of their motel dead because he came to bring up Kagome because she wanted to see them, there was no trace of guns, just the horror of their dead bodies" of course Keshian, got off and the case is still being investigated. unfournately in the will of the parents, its said if they passed away Kagome would go to Uncle Keshian...

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