I don't own Chance or Callie…nor do I own anything else that involves the SWAT Kats….

Hello y'all. I'm still new to this poem stuff (although I have made a lot already) since it's about a certain subject. I usually make my poems out of boredom… Oh, by the way, I made this as Chance/Callie. Hope you don't mind if the rhyme is a bit too long.

Just One Chance

Please, my angel, give me this one chance

To be with you in this midnight dance

To show you who is behind this mask

To show you who I really am, that is all I ask

You know me as T-bone, but T-bone I won't be tonight

And I'll be honest and true with all my might

I know you think of me as strong and fearless

But you don't know how scared I am as I see you in that dress

As we dance to the song, our movements in sync

You give me a smile and I return it with a wink

Through my mask, I'm showing you who I really am

That I'm not only a hero, but also a real man

Although it's not clear, you've seen a part of me

And maybe if fate decides, you'll be apart of what my future'll be

Then as I gaze into your eyes, the dance ends

You look so beautiful under the shine the light sends

I brush away the blonde hair that falls on your face

You seem to blush as we let go of our embrace

Now I know that I'll always answer you're call

I'll always be there to catch you if you fall

You watch me as I jump inside the Turbokat

And you watch as the she disappears in the night like a bat

The night was too short, but at least you gave me that chance

To show that I'm not only T-bone, but also Furlong, Chance

As ending notes, can anyone please tell or e-mail me the personalities of Chance/T-bone, Jake/Razor, Callie, Dr.Hackle and/or Mayor Manx? I'm thinking of making a story based on this, and I'm still not sure of their personalities.

I hope you liked it. It took me some time to actually make this…Please review so that I'd know if you loath/hate/like/love it.