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Chapter 1

Memoirs of a child and the wishing of a confused mind

"Ready?" The whisper floated through the night air gently until it reached the other girl's ear. "Ready." Came the reply.

Two sets of feet tiptoed softly down the hall. One belonged to Megan Parker, the other to her best friend Jazmen Bakersfield. It was a Saturday night and Jazmen was sleeping over. Megan toted a video camera and a stand; the other girl carried a bag of lip gloss, the shiny kind, and a box of assorted colored markers.

They crept along until they reached Megan's older brothers' bedroom. And then carefully, so as not to wake up sleepy parents, they creaked open the door. The two girls then snuck inside and quietly closed the door behind them.

"Ok go set the stand up Jazmen." Megan said in her normal voice.

Once in the room they knew they didn't have to whisper. Both boys slept like logs. Jazmen gave her the lip gloss and markers and then went to set up the camera. Megan strode over to her brother Josh's bed and set down the stuff. She looked up to her other brother Drake's bed just to make sure he was asleep, or even there, if he had snuck out it would be wonderful dirt on him tomorrow. He was there. His back was turned to her but he wasn't moving so she doubted he was awake.

"All set up!" Jazmen told her smiling. She ran to Megan's side, pointed the tiny black remote she was holding toward the video camera, and clicked record.

"Welcome to another episode of "Doing Stuff to Josh While He Sleeps"!" Megan announced to her invisible audience gleefully. "Let's start with the lip gloss. Jazmen…will you please pass it to me?" The other girl dutifully passed Megan an especially red and shiny lip gloss from the bag. The brunette then carefully applied it to Josh's lips. "That looks good. Now can you pass me a blue marker?" They quickly exchanged marker for lip gloss and Megan then proceeded to draw a big L on Josh's forehead. Jazmen giggled in evil pleasure.

Megan was about to draw some blue freckles across Josh's nose when she heard a noise coming from her other brothers bed. It was an easily recognizable sound, the kind that is made when someone has just finished having a good cry. The girl looked at her friend questioningly. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Jazmen asked, annoyed. She clicked pause on her remote.

"A sniffle. I heard a sniffle coming from Drake's bed."

The blond only gave Megan a puzzled look for a reply. Drake doesn't cry…he never cries! Megan thought, staring at the camera incoherently. What would he have to cry about?

"Heeelllloooo….." said Jazmen while waving a hand in front of Megan's face. "Earth to Megan! Are we gonna finish this or what?" Megan swallowed a lump in her throat and turned to look at Jazmen. "Yea…let's go."

The next morning at breakfast Megan watched Drake carefully. Jazmen had left earlier, wanting to be at her own house for breakfast. Her brother shoved down Fruity Holes topped with a cup of sugar and guzzled a cup of coke, just like normal. He laughed, retaliating his latest experience with some random hott girl, who's name he couldn't remember, to Josh. He did this with his mouth full of cereal of course. It was disgusting, but normal. Maybe she had imagined that sniffle. Maybe she had been out of it, too tired to think straight. But no, Megan was almost a hundred percent positive that what she had heard was an after crying sniffle. Why was Drake crying?

Drake noticed Megan staring at him and he narrowed his eyes at her. "What are you staring at?" He asked her, a hint of despise creeping into his voice. Of course! Megan thought. He would have heard me talking about the sniffle if he had been awake crying.

"Your hideous face." She replied nonchalantly and went back to eating her bowl of Pranks. Drake rolled his eyes. "If I'm so hideous how come so many girls love me?"

Megan ignored his comment, stuck her bowl in the sink and then headed towards the kitchen door. "Later boobs." She told them.

"Where're you going?" Josh asked her curiously.

"To my room." Answered Megan in an even tone, she turned around to face them. "Don't even think about bugging me…if you do there will be pain." She paused here and glared into the eyes of both her brothers for dramatic effect. "Much pain."

Megan then stalked off hastily to her lair.

Back in her room Megan thought about her brother. How he had been crying. How he looked so normal now. What would he have to cry about? She asked herself. Some girl? Could Drake's heart possibly be broken by one of his many one night flings? Megan highly doubted it. Drake wasn't into girls for love; all he cared about was the perks.

Maybe he is missing dad. She thought. She didn't know too much about her biological father, she had been too young to remember him before he left her family. Megan had asked her mother about him on more than one occasion but the answer was always the same. Megan slipped into a memory, a moment that happened when she was about 9 years old.

"Mommy?" Megan began in her innocent little girl voice. Both mother and daughter were sharing a bed for the night. It was a sort of bonding thing that they liked to do sometimes. Her mother shuffled underneath the covers. "Hmm?" she answered sleepily. "Tell me about Daddy." The little girl requested. Her mother let out a soft groan, knowing that she would not get her much wanted sleep at this moment.

"What do you want to know?" Came her reply.

"Why isn't he with us now?" The question was always the same. Megan knew the answer before she even asked. But she asked anyways, always hoping for another piece of her family puzzle. There was a mystery behind her unremembered past and she was desperate to understand. Desperate to know the reason for her family's falling out.

Audrey sighed, sensing her daughter's longing for memory of her dad. But she would never tell her the whole story, it was better for Megan not to remember. "You just love torturing me with this question don't you." A smile tugged at both of their faces. Audrey tickled her daughter who in turn burst into a fit of giggles. Both girls laughed together for a few moments before the reply came.

"Well to answer your question Megan… Your father wanted something that we couldn't give him." Audrey finally began, wearily drifting back a few years in her mind. "He was always a free spirit, wanting to experience everything there is to in life. Your daddy felt tied down to us I guess. He just woke up one morning and decided he would leave."

The little girl frowned. It couldn't be that simple. Something in her mother's voice told her this was true. Megan could see that she wasn't telling the whole story, if any of it at all. There was something important about her father that she always left out.

Maybe he is missing daddy. Megan thought, slipping out of her remembrance. She got up off her bed and strode to the desk to grab her remote. She turned on the TV and then flipped it to her favorite show "The Awesome Life of Mack and Jodie." Hopefully TV will clear my head so I can think straight.

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