Despite what a lot of people thought, Roy had never had a thing for Dick. He and Dick were too close of friends for there to be anything else (anything more) between them.

And jokes about his flexibility aside, Dick was straighter than one of his arrows. Plus, they were waaay too much alike when it came to fucked up mentor (daddy) issues.

Jason was hot in an 'I like kicking ass and having sex' way, but he was angry all the time, and jailbait, and then he was dead.

He wasn't dead anymore, but Red Hood was even more fucked up than Batman, which made him someone Roy wouldn't have fucked even when he was high.

The blonde chick was also hot, in that same kicking-ass-and-having-sex way, only she wasn't nearly as good at the ass-kicking, and well, she was also dead.

The newest Robin, however, number three (and, well, technically also probably five, now that he was back in the game)… He was…really good. Sharp, quick on both his mental and literal feet, and an all-around good guy.

Dick had never called Jason his 'little brother' with such affection in his voice. But that probably had more to do with his relationship with Bruce than with anything else.

The new Robin was also… Well, a lot of people called him Batman Junior. Or Mini-Bat. But he wasn't; Roy could tell that straight off. Dick was the acrobat, Jason was the street-brawler, the blonde chick was…well, she hadn't been around long enough to for Roy to find out…but Robin 3.5? He was the detective. (Like Batman – World's Greatest title and everything.) And the ninja, if those tabi boots, his bo staff, and those nerve strikes that he'd never seen anyone but mercs use were anything to go by.

Dick said the kid had actually trained with Lady Shiva. The world's most fucked up assassin. The guy had balls. (Like Batman – he'd trained with Ra's al Ghul, back in the day. David Cain, too.)

The current Robin had most of Batman's deductive abilities, most of Dick's acrobatic abilities, and all of Alfred's understated snark and sarcasm, which was more than enough to make Roy be in awe of him – and fear him. He was also really hot, could really kick ass, wasn't jailbait as of last week (or so he'd been told), and also wasn't dead (yet), which was more than enough to make Roy have a thing for him.

Now, if only he could find out the guy's name, he might actually be able to do something about that.