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Chapter 1 Mission

15-year-old Harry Potter stared out his window. It was 11:59 pm on July 30. He would soon be 16. Only half way through the summer after his fifth year at Hogwarts, and Harry found himself yearning for his friends' voices and not just their letters. He found himself wishing he could somehow get away from the house arrest he was under, and even then, he was banished to his room unless he had chores to do, which was most of the time, so scratch that. It was a clear, starry night, never mind that it was a little chilly. As he looked at his beeping watch he had received from Mrs. Figg, he saw that it was 12:00 am. That meant that it was his birthday and he was 16. Looking back out to the sky, Harry saw a stream of yellow light and quickly closed his eyes.

"I want to see my friends."

Halfway around the world…

"LUNA!" Serena yelled. Luna cringed. Serena probably found her bottle of potpourri spilled all over her carpet. Luna tentatively went into her room.

"Yes, Serena?" she asked. Serena looked on to the little black cat with exaggerated anger.

Holding up the almost empty bottle she'd found on the floor, she looked at Luna with question in her eyes. "Can you explain this to me?" she asked her.

Luna sweat dropped and laughed nervously. "It was an accident, Serena." She said. "Sorry." She apologized. "Now, we're all meeting at Raye's in a half an hour. Don't forget." She said.

Serena blinked. "Raye's?" she questioned. "We are? What for? Is there a new enemy?" she asked, the incident with her potpourri bottle forgotten. Luna thanked her timing and nodded as she headed for the door again.

"There isn't a threat at the moment. Just be there, it'll all be explained." She informed. Turning her head to look back at Serena, she added. "Don't be late."

"I won't." Serena said.

'Sure.' Luna thought. That would never happen. "Okay, I'm going to wait for Rini to get out of her art class and then we'll come to Raye's temple." Luna then left the room and headed out the door.

'Okay?' Serena thought. 'What's all this about?' It didn't make any sense. She shrugged. She'd get to see the other scouts and knights, and Darien. That was always a plus. She grinned stupidly at the thought of Darien…She sighed. "I love him." She said to no one in particular and went off in La-La-Land to daydream of a prince clad in armor with a navy blue cape and a sword at his side with black hair and blue eyes.

Twenty minutes later….

Serena woke up from her daydream and looked at the clock. A high-pitched scream resounded throughout the house as a blonde haired girl in khaki shorts, a blue tank top and white flip flops ran out at full speed.

"Why am I always late for everything? I run everywhere and I'm still late!" she panted. She heard a honk behind her and looked to the street to see a red car pull up to the curb beside her. The window went down and a 22 year old guy with jet black hair pulled down his sunglasses to reveal blue eyes and grinned at her.

"Hey there, pretty lady, need a ride?" Serena's eyes sparkled. Squealing, she nodded while opening the door to the passenger seat and immediately launched herself into his arms.

"DARIEN!" she said. He didn't give her a chance to say anything else as he claimed her lips with his own. It was July 31st and they hadn't seen each other since the night before Serena's exams. Darien had been helping her study, and yes, they actually had studied.

"Gods, Serena, I missed you." He admitted, resting his forehead against hers.

"I missed you, too." She said. Sitting back in her seat, she put on her seat belt as Darien shifted the gear into drive and sped off towards Raye's temple.

"How's your summer been so far, Serena? Enjoyed the break from homework again?" Darien asked in a teasing voice. Serena grinned.

"You know it. I went to the arcade a few times to chat with Andrew. Rita's well." She informed. "But I never saw you anywhere." She looked at him and pouted. Darien laughed.

"Hey, Bunny." He called her by her nickname that he used only in private. "I told you I was busy with this job." He said. "But I really wished I could've seen you too. If it makes you feel better, I was tortured almost every night. I couldn't stop dreaming about you." He told her. Serena beamed.

"It does." She laughed. Darien parked his car and the two of them began walking up the stairs. "Darien?" Serena began once they were half way up the stairs hand in hand.

Darien laughed at her tone. "Yes, love?" he asked, looking at her eyes. He could always drown in them. "You're beautiful." He said. Serena blushed.

"Thanks. Can I have a piggy back ride?" he burst out laughing. Serena put her hands on her hips and glared. "Humph! I don't see what's so funny about that." She glared. Darien just laughed harder. "Fine." She said stiffly and turned to continue to ascend the never ending stairs to the temple.

Moving quickly, Darien grabbed her wrist and turned her around to face him again. In another swift movement, he'd pulled her to him and had her flung over his shoulder.

"EEK!" Serena squealed. Darien just laughed, somewhat cockily. Holding her steady with one hand, he continued up the steps. He didn't flinch as she pounded on his back. "Why…you! She growled. "This is NOT a piggy back ride!" she exclaimed.

"So? I like it," and he showed her why by squeezing her ass which his hand was on to keep her from falling off his shoulder. Serena continued fussing all the way up the stairs.

On the landing, Mina, Lita, Raye Amy, Rini, Luna and Artemis sweat dropped and smiled nervously at Adam, Chad, Ken, Diana and Greg, who thought a bird was suffering somewhere. "It's just Serena." Lita explained. They nodded.

As Darien came into view, the others burst out laughing. Now they knew why Serena was making such a ruckus.

"Put me down! I said PUT ME DOWN!" everyone winced as Serena yelled. She had a pair of lungs on her that was for sure.

"No, I rather like you where you are, Serena." He grinned cockily at the guys and with his free hand, pointed to his "more occupied" hand. The guys looked at him and then began shaking with silent mirth. Darien's hand was still firmly grasping the blonde's ass.

Amy, getting a hold of her laughter, spoke up. "I think you should put her down, Darien." The amusement was still eminent in her voice. "You don't want to get her further upset. I understand that you two haven't seen each other for almost a month, but certainly there is a better way to show you missed her." Amy chuckled again. Darien looked thoughtful.

Nodding, he grinned mischievously. "You're right, Amy." The guys immediately read the twinkle in his eyes and exchanged knowing glances. This would be good.

Sliding Serena down his body to put her feet on the floor, Darien kept a strong arm around her waist, holding her tightly pressed against him. Sighing in relief as she felt the ground beneath her, Serena shot Amy a grateful look before turning to Darien.

"You good-for-nothing, arrogant, conceited, self-centered, cocky jer-Mmmm…" Serena trailed off and moaned as Darien's lips crashed down on hers and whatever her train of thought was flew out of her head as the world became just the two of them.

Everyone laughed. Darien and Serena continued to kiss. Darien's tongue begged for entrance into her mouth and was granted access immediately. As their tongues danced, Serena was poked on the arm. Breaking apart, Serena looked at Raye who was tapping her foot impatiently.

"Hi, Raye." She greeted. All of her angry thoughts toward Darien had vanished.

"Serena," Raye began somewhat tensely. "Now that you and Darien have caught up, can we get this meeting started?" Her tone left no room for argument so they all sat on the deck after a minute. Rini had something she needed to do first…

"DARIEN!" she shouted joyously, launching herself into his arms once Serena had gone to catch up with the other girls. Catching her, Darien hugged her to him. Rini's feet dangled in mid air.

"Hey, Princess." He grinned. Putting her down, Rini took a seat between Luna, Diana and Artemis and began petting Diana automatically. Darien went over and lifted Serena out of her spot, sat down and placed her in his lap before she even knew what was happening. Blinking, she giggled as Darien placed his chin on her shoulder and smiled at her when he wrapped his arms around her waist tightly. The others sighed. They would have to endure this for a while. After all, Serena and Darien were so happy right now, and considering this was the first time they had seen each other in almost a month, it was justified to want to be with each other all the time.

"So what's this all about, Artemis?" Mina asked. The white cat sighed.

"We've sensed the energy of new sailors…" Eleven jaws dropped.

Back in England…

Harry jumped as Errol sped through his window and crashed into his bed.

"Errol!" Harry whispered, surprised. Going to the owl, Harry untied the package from his leg. Placing it on his bedside table, he carried Errol to Hedwig's cage and fed him some water to leave him to rest.

Sitting on his bed, Harry opened the package to see a few letters and some presents. Picking one out at random, he opened it to see Hermione's neat handwriting.

Hi Harry!

Happy birthday! Hope your summer's going well. Don't get yourself into too much trouble!

As Harry read this, he let out a "Humph!" but continued reading, excited to have had some correspondence with his friends.

Mum and Dad send their best. We went to my aunt's house last week and my cousin's friend wouldn't leave me alone. He doesn't know about magic (he's muggle) otherwise I would've scared him off. I wish I could have.

Harry felt himself frown. Hermione had grown up from the eleven year old she was when they first met and became a very attractive person. Not that he saw her as anything more than a friend, a sister, perhaps, but nothing else. Ron, on the other hand, had deep feelings for Hermione. He was just too dense to see them. Thinking of Ron's infatuation with Hermione, Harry felt his frown turn upside down but then when he looked back at Hermione's letter, he frowned once more. He didn't like that she was being stalked like that. Harry must've been taking lessons from Ron. He was acting like Ron would act when a guy came up to Ginny!

I thought this would be appropriate, considering we're going into our sixth year and we don't know what to expect! I hope you like it! I miss you! I'll see you soon!

Love from,


Harry smiled as he opened his present. He grinned when he saw what she gave him. In her package was a book for planning out Quidditch strategies and making plays.

"Bloody brilliant, you are, Hermione." Harry said to himself, making a note to himself to give Hermione a huge hug next time he saw her.

Putting the book aside, he reached in and pulled out Hagrid's present. A messy message was scrawled directly onto the box.

Happee birthday, Harry! Hope ye enjoy the food. Baked it m'self!


Harry opened the box to find Hagrid's rock hard cakes and cookies in there. He made a mental note to thank Hagrid, but didn't even think about eating them unless he wanted to lose his teeth. Putting that one aside, Harry pulled another package out as well and found it was from Ron and the rest of the Weasleys. He opened the lengthy letter which seemed to have all different kinds of writing.

Hiya Harry!

Happy birthday, mate!

'Ron.' Harry thought, laughing quietly.

So how's the summer going? I got a letter from Hermione yesterday; she went to her aunt's apparently. She said she had a blast because her cousin introduced her to a lot of his friends. I hope she means friends as in girls.

'She didn't tell him.' Harry thought. Hermione must've cleverly evaded the truth. Harry shook his head. He would have to talk to Hermione now. He didn't want her getting hurt.

So Mum said you could come over. So ask your aunt and uncle if you can. We'll come to pick you up later today around 4:30 if they say yes. If not, well, we'll come get you anyways.

Harry laughed out loud at this. "Yes! I get to go the Burrow!" he exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air. He continued reading.

Hi Harry!

This was Ginny's writing now. They had become really close over the past few years. He didn't just think of Ginny as his best friend's little sister now. He thought of her as Ginny Weasley, a great friend.

Happy 16th birthday! Ron wouldn't hand over the stupid quill earlier otherwise you wouldn't have had to read all that before getting to read my lovely message to you. I hope you like your present! I put a little effort into it myself. Anyways, I can't wait to see you tomorrow (okay, okay, later today, Ron, shut up!).

Harry laughed again. He could just see Ginny and Ron arguing over the quill and Ron correcting what Ginny was writing.

Well, I gotta give the quill over now; Fred and George want a turn.

The writing changed to a slightly messier font.

Hey Harry!

Happy 16th! Just thought we'd say hi before we come to pick you up later. Make sure you check out our joke shop sometime! We'll give you a really good discount. (We owe it all to you that we were able to start it as it is…) So, without further ado, we present to you…Your present.

Here the letter was signed.

Ron Weasley

Ginny Weasley

Fred Weasley

George Weasley

P.S. Bill, Charlie and Percy send their best! So do Mum and Dad!

Harry smiled. The Weasleys were one of a kind. He couldn't help but love them. Putting the letter aside, he opened the last package in there. Inside he found a scarf that was red that said Quidditch Captain in gold letters.

"Mrs. Weasley." Harry said instantly. He loved it. He looked into the box again and pulled something else out. It was a package of chocolate fudge. He loved fudge. His thoughts went back to Ginny's portion of the letter.

"Ginny." He decided. Then he pulled out the last thing that must've been from Fred, George, and Ron. He saw a whole bunch of little prank items and grinned. It must've been something they were planning on releasing for sale to the public in the fall.

"Sweet." He said. Tired out, he felt his eyes droop, but held them open because at that time, another owl flew in, this time carrying a slightly smaller package.

Harry opened the package to find letters from Sirius and Remus and a joint gift. He sat down and read the letters from both of them and opened the present. What he saw shocked him. It was a mirror. Harry was not a vain person so that is not why he was so shocked. The reason he was shocked was because this mirror had a name inscribed on the bottom border.

James H. Potter.

"This is Dad's two-way!" Harry realized. In another letter that both Sirius and Remus had written, Harry's eyes widened.


As we're sure you've already figured out, this belonged to your father. We decided to give it to you so that it would be easier for us to stay in touch and in these troubled times it is important. We put a little spell on this so now it's a three way. You know how it works. We'll see you soon.


Remus Lupin

Sirius Black

Very pleased with his presents, Harry placed them all in the packages they came in and went to bed with a promise to write them all back in the morning.

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