Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, the rights to Ling-Ling or anything used in this. Also, every time you see English under Ling-Ling's lines, that's only translated from the usual Japanese Gibberish he often uses. He speaks English sometimes, but it doesn't happen a lot.

Ling-Ling is not a Pokemon

One day, in the Drawn Together House, an Asian creature named Ling-Ling sat on the couch watching TV and looking bored as hell. He realized that nothing exciting was going to happen, so he got up and looked in the fridge.

"Disgraceful!" he shouted in his usual gibberish. "The pig demon was supposed to do the shopping this week! AGH! Ling-Ling must do everything himself!" Suddenly, as he approached the door, he stated in perfect English, "Why must Ling-Ling do everything?"

Ling-Ling found himself searching desperately for the usual food that the others often provided the house with. For some odd reason, when he asked where to find chicken and vegetables, everyone pointed him to the noodles. When he went to check out all of his food, the guy at the cash register kept asking him why he didn't buy any rice.

As Ling-Ling pushed the shopping cart out of the store, he muttered, "Why must all American people be so racist?" As Ling-Ling neared the Drawn Together House, he noticed something strange. This strange object was a round ball. It wasn't an average ball. This ball was pitch black and had a kanji Ling-Ling had never seen before.

Ling-Ling looked at this strange ball as it opened up and sucked him in. As if things couldn't get any worse, after the ball sucked him in, a man placed the ball in a trash can and that trash can was taken to the dump seconds later.

Ling-Ling found himself traveling through space and time. He looked all around him and thought, 'I wonder where I could be going. Wait a minute! I can hear my own thoughts! To make things weirder, when I think my thoughts, I'm not automatically sent to the confession room!"

After about two minutes, Ling-Ling exited the portal and fell face first into a patch of land that soon collapsed into a hole. The little trading card monster looked up as he saw two unknown faces appear above him. One was a red-haired woman and the other was a young man with short blue hair. Both of them wore outfits with the letter R engraved on each of them.

"Hey, look at that! We didn't catch the twerp, but we caught something better!" announced the woman. The man laughed and asked, "You think the boss will like this catch?" Suddenly, a strange-sounding voice came into the picture saying, "Let's see what we got, shall we?"

Ling-Ling's eyes widened as a strange looking cat emerged and looked down at him. The cat grinned and stated, "Of course the boss will love it! I've never seen this Pokemon before, therefor it must be rare?" Ling-Ling heard this and thought, 'What's a Pokemon?'

"Yes, I can picture it now!" continued the cat. "The boss will be so pleased! In fact, he will be so pleased that he will surely give us all a raise! He will also smile and say, 'Meowth, you are the greatest! All these years, I knew you were the brains of the outfit, and now you have proven my theory correct! I will make you are company's new mascot! You sure are better than that dumb old Persian anyhow!'"

Ling-Ling just stared at this strange looking cat. He had no idea what it was talking about, but he didn't like where it was going. Besides, this only meant one thing to Ling-Ling. He had been disgraced therefor it was time to do battle.

Ling-Ling crouched down and boosted himself off the ground. He kicked his feet against the walls until he emerged from the pit. He did a battle pose and remarked, in full gibberish, "I challenge you to a fight, strange cat creature!" James rubbed his forehead and asked, "What did it say, Meowth?" The cat, better known as Meowth, was wondering that too. "This is odd." He stated. "This Pokemon doesn't even seem to speak Pokemon. In fact, he used more than one word, while most Pokemon can only communicate by making one sound."

The redhead, Jessie, laughed and remarked, "Who cares? Let's capture this thing right now!" The blue-haired man, James, nodded and said, "I'm ready for this!" Jessie threw a strange looking ball on the ground and announced, "Go, Seviper!" A large black snake emerged from the strange ball. Ling-Ling considered this his first challenge.

The small creature lunged as Seviper and slashed it with his claws. After sending it back a few feet, he conjured up a dark ball and hurled it at Seviper. That was that. The large snake was down for the count. 'Boy, that thing is powerful.' Thought Meowth.

James hurled his strange ball at the ground and shouted, "Go, Cacneia!" A round cactus with two eyes and a mouth similar to a snowman's emerged from the ball. He quickly turned around and started to hug James with its prickly body. James started to scream out in pain, as he barked, "No, don't attack me! Attack him with needle cannon!"

Cacneia shot out a row of flying needles at Ling-Ling, who merely dodged it and shot the cactus in the eyes with lightning that emerged from his eyes. Jessie stared at the creature as she stated, "I've never seen a Pokemon with this kind of power before!" Meowth shook hard and nodded. "This is no ordinary Pokemon! Let's get out of here!" The party ran off shouting, "Team Rocket is dashing off again!"

Ling-Ling sat down, looked up and thought, 'What a bunch of freaks. And what was up with them keeping monsters in those strange balls? Let alone that fact how come those monsters could only say their names? This is so strange.'

Suddenly, Ling-Ling noticed four people walking by. One wore a red cap and his name was Ash. Then other had black spiky hair and his name was Brock. The other wore a red bandana with a symbol that resembled those strange balls. Her name was May. Finally, the last one was a kid with blue hair named Max. Ling-Ling also noticed one he could admire.

There was a small yellow mouse in the group that looked a lot like Ling-Ling in many ways. While Ling-Ling had an exclamation mark for a tail, this yellow mouse had a lightning bolt. While Ling-Ling had tan-colored fur, this yellow mouse had yellow fur. Aside from these differences, the two also had similar features. They both had a similar build, stripes on their backs, pointy ears and small round eyes.

Ling-Ling leaped out of the tree, jumped in front of the five travelers and greeted, "Hello, I am Ling-Ling! Who may I ask are you?"

Ash stared at it and asked, "Why did that pokemon just use more than one word?" Brock shrugged and stated, "I've never seen this pokemon before." May smiled and stated, "I don't care! It's SO cute! Hey, it looks kinda' like Pikachu!" Max lifted his glasses and said, "It does look a lot like Pikachu."

Ash slammed his fist against the top of his palm and remarked, "Maybe this pokemon is Pikachu's third form!" Brock looked at Ash and stated, "You could be right, but you may wanna' check first." Ash thought that was a good idea so he pulled out Dexter. The small pokedex revealed static and stated, "No Pokemon has been sighted." To Ash, this only meant one thing. "We just found a newly discovered pokemon!" he exclaimed.

Max slapped his forehead and said, "We'd better show this to Professor Oak. He'll know what it is." Brock nodded and said, "That's a great idea." Brock pulled out a pack of some kind of strange food, held it out in front of Ling-Ling and offered, "Here, little fella'. Are you hungry?" Ling-Ling felt his stomach growl as he thought, 'Now that Ling-Ling thinks about it, Ling-Ling hasn't eaten all day because a certain pig demon didn't do the grocery shopping!'

Ling-Ling picked up the little piece of food and popped it into his mouth. He began to chew the little snack as he spit it out two seconds later. He pointed to it and asked, "What the hell it this? This is NOT human food! What, just because I'm not human I suddenly have to eat pet food?"

Brock stared at the expression and asked, "How could he not like my pokemon food?" Ling-Ling noticed Pikachu and said, "Hi!" Pikachu didn't understand a thing Ling-Ling was saying. May picked up Ling-Ling and asked, "You wanna' go to a Pokemon Center? I'm sure they'll feed you there!" Ling-Ling nodded in agreement as Brock sunk into the ground.

Meanwhile, at the Drawn Together household, a fantasy video game hero named Xandir was looking all through the house asking, "Where's Ling-Ling?" A super hero with an H on his chest named Captain Hero rubbed his chin and stated, "Yeah, I haven't seen that little guy all day?" The pig demon mentioned earlier, better known as Spanky Ham, came into the room and stated, "Hey, Nintendo Gay-cube has a point! I haven't seen Ling-Ling since this morning. I remember him uttering something about going out to do my job or something like that." The three men soon froze as they all blurted out at once, "SOMETHING MUST HAVE HAPPENED TO HIM ON HIS WAY TO THE STORE!"

A princess named Clara entered the room asking, "What's going on?" Spanky turned to her and stated, "We're going to search for the little Asian thing. He was off buying groceries and hasn't returned for hours!" Xandir giggled and said, "We're going to prove to the world that Foxy isn't the only one in this house who can solve mysteries by solving this one ourselves! I feel like a schoolgirl!" Captain Hero turned to Clara and asked, "Do you wanna' tag along, because we have room for one more and we're desperate for members."

Clara nodded and stated, "Of course I'll go. If my friends are in trouble, I'll help you no matter what!" Spanky gave her the "thumbs up" and the party was off and ready to start their journey through perilous adventures in the unknown dimension known as… Pokemon Advanced!

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