Team Rocket returned to their base with the two rodents trapped inside plastic bubbles. One was thunder-proof and the other was made out of a strange material that shouldn't even exist.

Jessie approached Giovani and stated, "Sir, we have come back with two very rare pokemon." Giovani cocked an eyebrow and remarked, "Amazing. You two actually did something right. It seems as if I've misjudged you three."

Giovani stroked his Persian as the three showed him the pokemon they had captured. Giovani smiled as he said, "That's very impressive. You brought me a Pikachu and… what's that other pokemon?"

Jessie grinned and answered, "This is Ling-Ling. Apparently, he's an undiscovered pokemon." Ling-Ling shook with fury and retorted, "Ling-Ling is not a pokemon! Ling-Ling trading card monster!"

Giovani was interested in this "Ling-Ling". Apparently, Ling-Ling spoke a different language than most pokemon did. "What does it do?" he asked.

Meowth stepped forward and gladly explained, "He can create balls of dark energy, shoot lightning out of his eyes, perform a mean scratch attack and he can say more words than the average pokemon."

Giovani had to admit that he was intrigued. He pulled out a pokeball and said, "Let's see what it can do. I'll have my specially designed pokemon battle it. Go, Venusaur!"

A large dinosaur with a giant flower on its back appeared right before Ling-Ling. Jessie reluctantly let him out of his ball. Ling-Ling knew that he had to win in order to escape. Unbeknownst to him, this pokemon was supercharged and had been pushed to its limits.

Ling-Ling dashed towards the towering dinosaur, who merely caught him in its vines. After that, Venusaur started slamming Ling-Ling to the mat. Ling-Ling regained control and fired a dark ball at the large dinosaur's face thus releasing the grip.

Giovani's eyes widened as he thought, 'That thing broke free from my supercharged pokemon's grip!' After that, Ling-Ling leaped at Venusaur and planted a large scratch on his face.

Ling-Ling grinned and asked, "Plant Dino have enough?" Venusaur amazingly understood Ling-Ling's Asian gibberish as he let out a thundering roar and fired a row of razor leaves at the small rodent.

Ling-Ling cut the leaves in half with his tail and used the same tail to land a cut on Venusaur's cheek. Giovani couldn't believe his eyes. Never in his life had he seen a pokemon powerful enough to put up this kind of fight against his supercharged pokemon.

Ling-Ling hurled a huge dark ball at Venusaur thus finishing him off and did a dance singing, "I am a Ling-Ling! I am so super strong! I do not fight for war! It just for play-play!" Giovani quickly hurled a pokeball at Ling-Ling. If Ling-Ling was in a pokeball, he had no choice but to follow Giovani's orders.

Sadly, Giovani overlooked one little factor… Ling-Ling… was not… a POKEMON! The ball smoked the back of Ling-Ling's head as Ling-Ling rubbed the back of it. Giovani stared in horror and uttered, "How is this possible? I used a master ball! Those balls capture anything no matter how powerful they are or how little damage is inflicted upon them!"

Jessie was also surprised. Giovani still smiled, none the less. "You got me a good catch, you three. I am going to give you something I thought I'd never have to give you. That something is a promotion."

James squealed with delight and Jessie did a victory dance. Meowth just looked up and thought, 'Imagine how a promoted guy like me could live!'

Suddenly, Ling-Ling bounded for the door and was carrying Pikachu on his back as Giovani threw a metal ring around his neck. Red lights blinked on and off as Ling-Ling's eyes turned from purple to red. Pikachu stared in horror as his new friend was now evil.

"Hey, we got no part in this chapter!" whined Clara. The narrator thought about this and retorted, "Boo-hoo! I'm crying in my boots! Don't worry. I'll try to give you part in the next chapter." Spanky grimaced and retorted, "But this chapter was too short! We should be in it! You know what I thought of this chapter?" Spanky let out a huge fart as the narrator laughed and remarked, "Just wait for the next chapter. It'll be about you and your adventures!"