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"What does Zaphod Beeblebrox treasure?" Huma asked evilly.

I glanced over at him 'Please not him' I thought silently to myself. I know that he hates me and that's my fault I'll admit but I got scared at the feelings I had when I first saw him.

So hot with that ginger hair and dark green bathrobe on it took all of my self control (which is very little I might add) to not have my way with him then.

He glanced at Trillian, worry in his eyes, he loved her and I couldn't compete with that not after the act I pulled when we first met.

His gaze finally landed on me and our eyes met. I felt my heart racing as his eyes bored into my soul. I saw concern for me in his eyes and I could have wept in happiness that maybe there was a chance after all.

Huma began to whistle and I felt my other self began to take control. I couldn't let this happen if my other personality came out there'd be no chance in me keeping my secret.

My other won and I felt the world around me fade to black.

"…your boyfriend is a narcissistic moron when everyone does."

I heard his voice and I smiled weakly as I began to gain my bearings. Everything hurt and I couldn't think straight all I could think was Huma didn't find out, he's safe.

"Does it involve pushin him out there and runnin the other way?"

I smiled again because even though I know he hates me. He's safe; there was no telling what Huma would have done to him if he found out.

I can't believe I care for someone this much what's happened to me. Stupid monkey, stupid, whiny, adorable, brave monkey.

Huma may have my other head but he was wrong about my treasure. My treasure's right here next to me trying to save the love I'll never be.

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