Disclaimer: I don't own Point Pleasant at all. Just borrowing it for a while.

Summary: Just a drabble for the end of the series.

A/N: Ok so I bought this today and watched the last 8 episodes (5 of them un-aired woo!) and just had to write this. If you haven't seen the season finale of Point Pleasant, I suggest you watch it before reading. I don't really care how you see it – transcripts, buying it, etc. - but it's really very good, not to mention surprising. And a total cliffhanger... -- Anyway, the bits in italic are flashbacks.

SPOILERS! For the end of Point Pleasant. Read the above for why.



The girl walked, her blonde hair flowing behind her in the wind and her eyes distant. The highway was void of cars despite the hour. It was as if people could sense the nothingness Point Pleasant had become. The emptiness she left behind - the emptiness she had created.

It wasn't as they had predicted - could never be that bad. Fire, brimstone, Ashlee Simpson winning artist of the year - not one sign of the Apocalypse had rained down on that small town and yet the void there was clear.

Both sides of the war were done with Point Pleasant.

End of story.

Or, at least it should be the end of it. Evil had won, the Vatican Warriors had lost. The girl's stomach throbbed as she walked, a phantom of the pain she had felt when he - the knife slid into her stomach easily, like she was jello and her insides burned as they were torn on its edge - stabbed her. In the gut.

If she had really stopped to gather her thoughts, she might have cried. As it was, she was beyond caring now. He told her he loved her, then tried to gut her. It didn't work, obviously, and only served to truly doom this world. Mankind would fall to its knees before her. Now, it was just a matter of time.

If he had the focus, he would have seen that she had reared in the Beast that had finally possessed her. But he wasn't focused - even the Vatican Warriors saw it - and had stupidly betrayed the devil's daughter.

A bitter smile crossed her face as she remembered - the knife flew through the air and there was a cry of "No!" before the Chosen One threw himself in its path - how he looked as he lay bleeding on the ground with the knife buried to the hilt in his throat.

Vengeance had been wrought - the Kramer's house had been leveled, Jesse was dead, and the Believers had lost their only opportunity to win. Point Pleasant didn't concern her anymore. It was just another town that would be lost in the blaze of her wrath along with the rest of the world.

And so the girl walked. If you didn't notice the cold glint in her eyes that blocked out all traces of the lost girl beneath it, the smile gracing her lips would make her look like an angel from on high. That was what made her who she was, what made her the deciding factor of the world's fate. Innocence and danger wrapped in one delicious package just waiting to be opened.