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Michael and Evan

By: chocolate rules

Dean 26, Sam 22

They were in a convenient store. Dean, as always was hungry. But they were there to refill the first aid kit. Not for food. They would head over to Motts or Mole's or whatever the diner was called that they had passed.

While Dean rummaged through the first aid isle, Sam was actually supposed to do nothing. Just, wait. But, something was up with Sam. Ever since they had started their little search for their father, they had fallen back into their regular patterns of things.

Sam, however, was currently going too far. He was acting just like a ten year old. Dean was going to be nice and not say how much more of a two year old he was being.

Dean glanced over at Sam in the cookies and chips isle. He eyed the boy's arms, yes boy not man because he was acting like a little boy. As a little pain in the ass of a boy! His arms were filled with, well, chips and candies. Dean made his way over to the counter to pay for his purchases. He glanced over at Sam again.

"Hold these, for one moment?" Dean said as he flashed his winning grin. "I'll be right back."

"Sure thing, love." she looked around Sam's age, he could handle that.

Dean walked over to Sam. He appeared to be arguing about which chip dip to buy.

"Sam! We're going out to eat! In that diner. Remember?"

"Well, what if we want more, for later?"

"We'll be fine. Put that stuff back, Sam." Sam looked up at him with questioning eyes. "It's not like you're going to eat that all."

"No, I got some for you too."

"Well, as sweet as that is, we're wasting valuable eating time here." Now Sam looked up with pleading eyes The Puppy dog eyes.

"No!" Dean replied to the look. And, as it often did, the look became even more adorable. "I'm not falling for that, Sam! I taught you that!" Dean said under his breath.

"Come on, Dean! I know you want some. Maybe the M&Ms, the Musketeers, or the MilkyWay? Come one, those are your favorites!"

"No." he said firmly. His voice left no room for discussion. Sam apparently didn't hear it.

"And I'll just take the Cheetos, but two bags, cause that's only fair." Dean had had enough. He glanced back, making sure that the line was progressing and that the lady behind the counter wasn't looking at them. Luckily, the snack isle they were in was towards the back end of the store.

He reached over and grabbed most of the things from Sam's arms. "Don't pick them up again. If you're hungry still in two hours, then I promise to stop at whatever hick town we're in and let you go Junk food crazy. But, right now all we need are the medical supplies." Sam glared at him as he returned the products to their places quickly.

"I'm hungry now."

"That's why we're going to eat."

"If we just bring this along with us, then we can just keep moving." tried Sam innocently. How could he still pull that off?

"No! Now, come on." And a very angered Sam placed the remaining two things back in their places. He slowly followed Dean and looked very much like a spoiled eight year old that has just been told 'no'. Tough luck, Dean thought. And they made it out of the store, into the car and to the diner without another incident. At the diner, though, was a different story.

"…What'll you be having?"

"Two large cheeseburger's, large fries, three fried chicken and a steak. And some Pepsi, please."

"For the both of you?"

"No, Miss, that's just for me." She eyed him and he smiled. He didn't look it, but Sam was always commenting on how he ate for both of them!

"Yeah, I'll just have a tuna sub, and some kind of juice. Thanks."

"Whoa, hold on Miss." he said, eyeing Sam but talking to the waiter. Then, his attention was all on Sam. "That's it? Dude, you were like starving a few minutes again."


"So, you're taking a tuna sub? Who does that?"

"So, I want a tuna sub." Sam said with a shrug.

"Fine, but don't be all hungry in like an hour." Dean said. Then he smiled at the waitress and said, "Thanks, guess that'll be all." She nodded and made her back to the kitchen.

When their meal arrived, Dean proceeded to devour the main parts of his meal(s) as Sam just picked at his food.

Not even half an hour after they left that diner, Sam felt his stomach making unhappy movements. Sam grabbed at his stomach, trying to stifle the grumbling sound. When that passed he glanced over to his brother, hoping that he hadn't noticed. Of course, Dean had and he was greeted with a glare.

"Hungry?" he asked menacingly. Sam rolled his eyes at him but said nothing. Dean continued to drive down the vastly empty back roads towards their latest haunting.

"Told you to actually eat something, when are you going to learn that you're not really a rabbit there, Sammy?" teased Dean.

Sam glared back at him.

"Don't give me that look dude, I warned you!"

Sam tried to glare at his brother again, but his stomach spoke up again. This time, even louder still.

Sam groaned. He hated to admit it, even to himself, but he was hungry!

Dean shook his head at his kid brother and decided to keep his eyes on the road, lest he turn the Impala around and head on back to that diner they'd barely just left.

Dean glanced over to the grumpily sleeping lump of his brother besides him. He had just arrived at the haunted mansion after a three hour trip and was more then riled up to go in.

Sam, however, is sleeping, and so Dean must wake his brother up.

Not that he needs the younger man to be able to do this hunt, because he really didn't. He just felt that it was his duty, as a younger brother, to not be comfortably asleep when big brother's in there kicking spirit ass.

So, licking his index finger, Dean reached over to Sam's ear-

-causing Sam to awaken with a sharp jump.

"Ah!" yelled Sam when he felt something wet in his ear. He leaped up, forgetting for a second that he was within the confines of the car, and hits his head on the top of the car. "Argh! Ow!"

Rubbing his head now, Sam turned his head to look at the guilty party for his new pain.

Dean responded with a smirk.

"Come on, we're here," Dean said after a second. He nudged towards the house in front of them before reaching over to the glove compartment and grabbing his Glock. "Let's go!"

Dean opened the door and headed out of the car, grumpy Sam following behind him.

Inside the house, Dean motioned for Sam to stick close to him and then heads towards the back of the house.

Unlike most of the haunted places that they encounter, this house's not exactly abandoned. It was for the night, but tomorrow they wouldn't be so lucky with the family coming back.

They had actually stumbled onto this hunt, hearing about some unlucky teenagers that had broken into a house just to find that the house fought back. The bar tender had found that very funny, but Dean had read into it further.

Surely, a house couldn't really fight back!

In truth it was haunted and it had fought back. The attack hadn't been deadly; the boys had landed in the hospital, but nothing lethal. It even seemed dormant around the family. Could be a dead relative for all Dean knew, but that was besides the point.

If there was one thing a Winchester knows, its that no matter how calm or peaceful a spirit may seem, they all turn deadly in the end.

So, why wait for when that happened and have to drive back here, when they were already here?

Sam followed his brother as they walked through the house. Dean had his super cool homemade, EMF sensor out and was scanning around for a cold spot.

So far nothing.

Sam sighed. He really hoped that they would finish this soon, because he really wanted to find a diner or KFC and get a real meal this time.

They had just stepped into the kitchen when an idea stuck Sam. Maybe he could grab a little something from the house. He doubted that anyone would notice.

Watching Dean edge over to the dining room to the left, Sam slowly walked over to the cabinets, hoping to find some sort of meal on the go.

The second the Sam opened the cabinet, however, an unseen force shoves him out of the kitchen, to the empty hallway that they had just come through.

Dean heard the thud of Sam's landing and he rushed over to help the younger man back on his feet.

"What happened?" Dean asked, visually checking that Sam was okay.

"I'm okay, Dean," Sam said quickly, calming his big brother's over protective nature.

"So? What happened?"

"Guess it thought that I was a robber or something too," Sam answered with a shrug.

Dean gave him a look

"Why would it think that?" The way Dean saw it, they hadn't broken in and they hadn't touched anything, so they shouldn't have been seen as threats.

"Well," Sam said softly, looking anywhere but his brother. "I sort of went looking for something in the kitchen."

"Something? Did you grab a knife or something? Cuz that won't help with a spirit."

"No, like an 'I'm hungry' something," Sam said with a sigh. He knew Dean wouldn't let him hear the end of this now.

Sure enough, Dean turned around and glared at him.

"Well, that's brilliant, Sammy. Way to pull an amateur move, dude!"

Dean shoved Sam towards the stairs to start checking up there for a cold spot, hoping that his little brother would know better before he got them tossed out of the house courtesy of its unwelcomed guest – other than themselves that was.

Sam stayed by the door in the hallway as Dean walked though the bedroom, a little girl's it seemed.

Dean wanted Sam to resist all temptation and not touch anything.

And so, Sam was bored out of his mind, watching his brother walk through each room and each time come out empty handed, so to speak.

Worst yet, he was still very hungry, and even though he knew that they really didn't have another chance after today to do this, he was hoping that they'd get out of there soon.

Because, truth be told, he was thinking about chancing it again down at the kitchen.

Only thing keeping him there was knowing that Dean would note his absence in a second and find him the next. Then, surely enough he'd kick his ass for acting on amateur impulse.

And then his stomach decided 'screw that, I need attention!' and growled. Loudly.

Dean turned back just in time to see Sam grab his stomach, just before a force yanked him into the hallway. The EMF gave a wild beep and then silenced.


Dean rushed over to the door, intend on getting to his brother. Unfortunately, the house's spirit was thinking otherwise, and Sam was still being tugged by the legs.


Straight towards the full wall, hallway window.

And there was nothing to grab onto.

Sam held his breath as he tried to fight the force that was pulling him closer and closer to the second story window. In short, the house was tossing out the trash'.


Sam could hear the cock of the shotgun and a blast in his general direction. For a brief second, he was released.

But, quicker than he could stand, he was being pulled again.

"Sammy! What the hell man!"

The shotgun cocked again, but this time there is no follow up gunshot sound.


"Agh, son of a bitch!" Sam heard.

"Dean?" Sam asked with a hint of worry. He was released and he quickly sat up. Looking around, he couldn't find his brother.


Sam turned towards one of the rooms, were he had just heard his brother's response.

"Dean?" he asked again as he entered the room, which looked quite undisturbed.

"Ye-ah," came the muffled response.

Sam walked further into the room, towards the closet door, where he thought he had heard Dean.

"Dude, you in the closet?" Sam said, holding back a snicker.

"Shut up, bitch! And get me out of here!"

Sam tugged the closet door opened and found Dean sitting on a mass of shoes, clothes covering the rest of his body, having fallen off of their hangers.

"Dude, this is so personal now, that spirit bitch is going down!"

Dean had Sammy flipping through their father's journal, trying to find an exorcism in there that would let them get rid of this persistent little problem.

Dean himself was fuming. He hated that he was always being used as the latest baddie's personal throw thing. And this one wasn't going to get away.

The second that Sam found it, Dean read off the words, and there was a screeching sound along with a blinding light.

Then all was quiet and they left.

"Learn anything tonight, Sammy-boy?" Dean asked as he nursed his side and watched Sam clean off the little cuts that he had gotten on his arms.

"What?" Sam asked not looking up from what he was doing.

Dean glared at the top of Sam's head.

"Dude! You mean to tell me after I get my ass kicked cause of your stupidities, you still have no idea what went wrong with tonight?"

Sam glanced up and then back down at Dean's arm.


Using his free arm, Dean reached over and smacked the back of his brother's head.

"Ahh, What?"

"Dude, you just had a house attack us because you refused eat. Like a freaking two year old."

"Hey! You can't blame that on me!" Sam defended himself as he pushed himself back and stood up.

"Yeah? HA!" Dean replied as he stood. He shoved Sam to sitting on the other bed. "From now on, if you don't eat something, really eat, then I'm gonna shove it down your throat!"

Sam watched as Dean walked over to the bathroom and slammed the door behind him.

He thought for a second, glanced over to the table, where their dinner lied in wait. He doubted that he had been the cause of that. Granted, he had followed through his craving at the kitchen, but he hadn't caused an apocalypse to have to be threatened.

Then again, Dean would threaten him for getting him a freaking paper cut.

Sam stood and walked over to the food, sat down to eat it.

Dean exited the bathroom after his shower a good twenty minutes later.

He found Sam sleeping on his bed, back to him and the door. The salt lines had already been laid down and Dean's knife was already beneath his pillow.

Shaking his head, Dean walked over to the table, deciding on getting his meal and then following to sleep.

But the food was all gone.

Dean turned back over to his little brother, shaking his head once more, vowing that he'd kick the younger man's ass in the morning, make him get them breakfast.

He'd also need another credit card if Sam's going to keep eating like that.

Crawling into bed, he remembered a vial of laxatives left over from some unpleasant week they had recently had.

Maybe he'd get breakfast after all.


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