Uzumaki Sasuke and Uchiha Naruto

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Chapter 1: The Lightning Strikes

Uchiha Sasuke looked up at the evening sky as he sat down onto the dry grass parched on top of the steep cliff. Tsunade sama had just healed him, and he left the hospital as quick as he could to negate his appreciation towards Naruto and the medical healer. Naruto was his comrade and a rival who was vastly improving his ninja techniques and always looked to learn more. He, himself, Sasuke was only seeking revenge and resurrection of the Uchiha clan.

However, there is a special condition to gain the Mangekyou Sharingan. Your best friend…Kill him. Then you can have the eyes I bear now.

Itachi's cold stone voice rung through his mind. Mangekyou Sharingan had held powers more powerful than Sasuke had ever imagined. Although Sasuke was good at heart… He knew that his best friend, his comrade, and trusted rival was Uzumaki Naruto. But to kill him was the thought that haunted Sasuke wherever he went. Sasuke was absorbed in thought as he stared out into the open sea in front of him and beautiful waves that beat against the rocks. Although, Sasuke only saw darkness and a red moon shining with a hated intent…


"Huh?" said Sasuke a bit startled.

Naruto had crept behind him and sat next to Sasuke the whole time. They both looked up and saw the cloud beginning to darken and rain drops began to fall. They fell steadily onto Naruto and Sasuke's faces. The weather suddenly worsened and the lightning and thunder were heard not too far away.

"Go home," said Sasuke plainly.

"You're going to get wet. You go home too," said Naruto stubbornly.

"I'm already wet. Besides, you don't tell me what to do," said Sasuke.

"I know what you're thinking. You're thinking about your clan, and what could've been done if you had enough power. Sasuke, you really are stupid," said Naruto sternly.

"Shut up," said Sasuke irritably.

"I know. But I've been through a whole different level of loneliness and have come out of that darkness."

"Get lost," said Sasuke shaking with anger.

Naruto looked at Sasuke's face drenched in rainwater and his hands shaking with pain and anguish. Sasuke thought that Naruto would never find out the pain and misery that he has been through, but in a way, Naruto knew. He could feel the sadness in the air and sense how people are feeling. Naruto knew what it felt like to be isolated and alone with people looking down at you. Because of the Kyuubi inside of him, he had no family, he had no future, and no one to love him.

"Naruto, you can never comprehend the suffering I have been through. Stop acting like you can. Go and cry to Sakura about it. I'm sure she'll lick your wounds for you," said Sasuke.

Naruto was deeply perturbed by the statement about Sakura-chan. Surely, she wasn't as powerful as they were, but she always had tried as hard as she could to protect those that she had loved. Sakura was very strong willed and had an independent mind of her own. Naruto was sure that Sasuke had noticed this, but wasn't sure that he acknowledged it.

"Sasuke! Don't insult Sakura-chan!" shouted Naruto.

"Heh, she only gets in the way," said Sasuke annoyed.

"She can help out too!" shouted Naruto hotly.

"Right, we always have to protect her. All she is, is a burden. With that alone, she can never make a good ninja. She's too involved with love and her social life. Sakura may have learned and come a long way, but she is far from perfect," whispered Sasuke softly.

"Sasuke, are we comrades?" asked Naruto.

There was a long and drained silence between the two ninjas. The rain pounded down onto Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke then turned away from Naruto and just stared back out to the sea. He did not the right answer to Naruto's question and neither did he search for it. The only words had echoed through his mind. Revenge. Resurrection. Hate. Detest.

"Sasuke!" shouted Naruto.

Then Naruto's cold wet hand flew up smacking Sasuke right in the face. The impact of his force caused Sasuke to cough and sputter out fresh blood. Sasuke wasn't at his full strength ever since he was defeated by his older brother. His loss had hurt him mentally and psychologically rather than physical pains. Naruto then held his hand low and stared back into the Sharingan eyes that were wielded by his comrade. Expectantly, Naruto waited until Sasuke finished and was able to speak again.

"Naruto, there are some things you will never understand," Sasuke finally said.

"I know that…" said Naruto. "It's just. I always wanted to be like you…in a way. You could do everything, in the Ninja Academy like Itachi. But what I did not know, was that you had gone through painful and dark times. I didn't know that was what made you strong and powerful. I just didn't know…"

"Right. Naruto, go away and leave me alone," said Sasuke.

Naruto began to leave, but then he heard the lightning and thunder draw closer. Everyone in Konoha was safely in their houses while the two lonely members of Team 7 were out drenched in the rain. Naruto wanted Sasuke to believe in the future and forget the past. But that was an impossible dream now. Sasuke's mind was deeply beaten into his only hopes of revenge. An impossible dream…

"Sasuke, let's both go home," said Naruto.

"To what? Loneliness and isolation is all that awaits me everywhere. Naruto trust me, no one should ever get close to me. Because everything that does, is destroyed."

"Sasuke, we won't be destroyed," said Naruto reassuringly.

Sasuke just looked at him angrily. Naruto stared back with confusion. Sasuke knew that Naruto could never help him, even though he had the will to try. Then Sasuke stood up over the edge of the cliff and saw the jagged rocks below him. He breathed in the fresh sea spray and the rain that kept pouring down on him. He prepared his legs, to spring up and jump.

"No!" shouted Naruto. "What are you doing?"

"Testing my skill," said Sasuke with a smirk.

"You'll die! You stupid loser! You're going to die! What do you want to prove?"

"That I don't have limits or restraints that hold me down," said Sasuke echoing Itachi's words.

Sasuke jumped and Naruto ran after him over the cliff. Naruto yelled after Sasuke, but he didn't hear. Finally, Naruto caught a branch coming out of the cliff and Sasuke's foot. Sasuke then looked back up at Naruto with a hated intent. The number one full of surprises, ninja had just stopped his great feat over the cliff.

"What do you want now?" asked Sasuke boredly.

"To not kill yourself!" shouted Naruto.

"I wasn't going to kill myself. You have heard me say that I would not die until I killed my brother, didn't you?" breathed Sasuke.

"Whatever. Sasuke! Stop trying to impress everyone!"

"I'm not trying to!" shouted Sasuke back.

Their arguing was interrupted by the flash of lightning and the roar of thunder. Sasuke and Naruto looked up and then saw the white streak not too far away. Then the unspeakable happened. The bolt of lightning came down onto Naruto's and Sasuke's branch. They were shocked in a horrible way. Then, Naruto couldn't hold on the branch much longer. Sasuke then had fear within his eyes. He was afraid for Naruto's death.

"Naruto!" shouted Sasuke.

There was no reply in the lifeless body. Sasuke wiped a tear out of his eye and noticed that they had both began to fall. The electricity then jolted in Sasuke's spine and tingled throughout his body. Sasuke then grabbed Naruto and broke his fall onto the jagged rocks…

Sasuke woke up with a jolt and could feel the pain in his back. But then as morning dawned, he looked around in his room. Sasuke felt really young, maybe at the age of seven… He saw that his whole body was smaller, and this was his seven year old self. The time when the whole Uchiha clan was killed! Then Sasuke smiled.

"This could be my chance to save my family!" he shouted jubilantly.

But then as he climbed up out of his bed, he noticed that his room was different then from what he had remembered. His clothes were thrown everywhere and there were posters of famous ninjas of the time. He looked at the calendar and tore it down. The calendar seemed to have …porn on it… It seemed as though he were living here forever and without a care about how the room had looked.

"What? This isn't my room!" said little Sasuke a bit panicky.

Then looked at the pile of clothes in the corner. Each one of them did not have the Uchiha crest on the back and nothing with a high collar. There were drawings sprawled apart everywhere of everyone at school. But then he looked closely at each one of them. He saw Sakura's picture. It was a crude drawing, but nonetheless, it seemed as though Sasuke took time and effort to draw it. Then Sasuke picked up another drawing of what seemed to be…Naruto! The person had a black shirt with the Uchiha crest on the back. His dumb face was still there with a giant 'x' on it.

"Rival?" he asked himself as he looked on the back of the paper.

"I didn't draw these! I don't live here, and I don't want to be here! Nii-san! Tou-san! Kaa-san!" Sasuke shouted wildly.

But he was just echoed back and no one answered him. Only the walls had reflected the sound he had just said. Then ignoring the weird scene, he got dressed. He had a difficult time choosing, since none of the clothes had fit his style. But then, he saw a black shirt and white shorts. It was decent enough.

The young boy then saw a couple bandages in the corner of his room. He took them out and wrapped them around his legs. Now he had felt silly, but he was a ninja with the proper tools. He would go to the Ninja Academy again…

Sasuke then entered the kitchen area and saw no one there. His mother and father were not there to greet him. Even Itachi's voice at the time would have seemed heart warming. But there was nothing, just empty space. Sasuke opened the unfamiliar cupboard and then saw ten cups of cup ramen. Just then, Sasuke noticed his gurgling stomach and decided to eat something.

What is going on? he wondered.

Sasuke just then decided to leave out of the house and figure out what was going on. This wasn't his life…it seemed vaguely familiar. But it was not his life. He was alone here, without his mother and father. But then, it seemed that the house was sad and he was sad. It had seemed as if it had been sad for seven years… It didn't feel right, nor he feel good at all. He felt a tie of loneliness.

"Who am I?" wondered Sasuke.

You are Uchiha Sasuke. The second son of the Main house in the noble Uchiha clan. You have been through a lot. Your brother, Uchiha Itachi, murdered everyone in our clan. You went through more pain than anyone can comprehend. You are Uchiha Sasuke of the Uchiha clan.

But then, it hadn't felt the same way. Sasuke then looked at the steaming water come out of the unfamiliar tea kettle. He quickly lifted it and poured some into his cup ramen. Sasuke usually ate dumplings, for those were his favorite. But unfortunately, it seemed different to him. Ramen seemed to be his favorite food for now. Sasuke took a sip of hot soup and decided that ramen wasn't so bad after all.

Sasuke was a cool and collected person even though he was seven years old. He was mature for his age. One would usually be frightened to death seeing an unfamiliar room as their eyes had opened. But Sasuke was a poised seven year old. Longing to see his family again… that was all the he wanted in this nightmare. Sasuke then looked at the table. His ninja tools were sitting right there and untouched for a long time. The dust had mounted and collected on them. It was unlike Sasuke to leave them there…

"I am Uchiha Sasuke…" he echoed.

Then Sasuke threw the kunai trying to aim for the center of the circle of the board on the wall. Sasuke knew that he could do this with his eyes shut. But when the sharp kunai left his hand, he felt no trust in everything he did. A wave of guilt rushed over him causing his hand to tilt. The kunai then hit the cupboard, which was very far to where the target was. Sasuke's hand shook as he lifted it up to his eye level to see.

"These aren't my hands…" he whispered to himself.

"These aren't my hands!" Sasuke then shouted.

Sasuke then fell down from shaking so madly. Knowing the fact that he could've hit the target, allowed him to have the courage to do it. But for some reason, the air was filled with doubt, and he was without confidence. His mind, his room, his house had only seemed to have two purposes. To have fun and to become a great ninja. But Sasuke knew that Uchiha blood had skill within them at the time of birth. Why had nothing shaped up?

"Where…is everyone?" he finally asked.

Then Sasuke looked under a stack of papers and because he thought he saw his name. He gasped as he pulled out the paper from beneath. He fell in place again and stared at the ceiling as he pulled the paper into his visage…

I am Uzumaki Sasuke, the son of the fourth hokage. Yodaime. I wanted to be a great person when I grow up. I want to protect the village like my father did before me. He was a great hokage and I wish he were alive today. I want to one day become the hokage of this great hidden village of the leaf in the Country of Fire. Unfortunately…

Today, Sakura said that she wanted nothing to do with me. I keep begging her to come on a date with me, but she says she won't. She isn't in love with me. She is in love with Uchiha Naruto. But I can't help the fact that I love her. Maybe someday in sometime, she will begin to appreciate me and to love me as I have loved her. But that is an impossible dream, all I can do is try as hard as I can to help her see that.

As for the other thing that had happened to me at school today. I nearly cried as I saw Uchiha Naruto and Uchiha Itachi walked together. Itachi was picking his little brother up from the Ninja Academy, and as I've heard, skipped an elite ANBU mission that he was supposed to go on. I also heard that Itachi was going to be punished. But no one will go to that kind of length to stop my loneliness. I want to be like Naruto, I want to be like Naruto! But I am only me. Uzumaki Sasuke. And only me. Uzumaki Sasuke.

"U…zu…ma…ki? Uzumaki? No! I am Uchiha Sasuke! Not Uzumaki Sasuke! This isn't my life, this is a nightmare…" shouted Sasuke.

Sasuke then began to close his eyes and think of everything that had happened to him. He couldn't throw a simple kunai into a circle. He didn't live with anyone. This wasn't his life. It was Naruto's life. Then Sasuke began to sit up as he heard the knock on the door. He was afraid. It was someone to hurt him or to taunt him.

"Uzumaki Sasuke! Open up! We know you have the monster inside you!" shouted the voice.

But Sasuke heard voices behind him. Three at the least in total. Sasuke gulped and slowly walked towards the door. A drop of cold sweat fell down from his face as he put his hand on the knob…

"Uzumaki! You are a monster!" they shouted.

Sasuke fell down and began to cry. His tears then glistened down his face, in a river. There he had criticized Naruto being alone and never knowing how it feels to be alone. But there Sasuke was… He was a monster, without a friend in the world. Sasuke understood how painful it was to be alone from the start. Still, Sasuke thought it was more harsh being the Uchiha…but today, he couldn't hold back his tears.

"You monster! You should die!"

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