Uzumaki Sasuke

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Chapter 8: The Final Conclusion

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The tale of two boys that were always rivals. They only thought of themselves being the outcasts of the world. Now, they have had a chance to relive each other's lives. Now they have a chance to forgive each other and move on.

Go ahead as you waste your days with thinking

When you fall everyone sins

Another day and you've had your fill of sinking

With the life held in your

Hands are shaking cold

These hands are meant to hold


Speak to me, when all you got to keep is strong

Move along, move along like I know you do

And even when your hope is gone

Move along, move along just to make it through

Move along

Move along

From the Soundtrack of All- American Rejects, Move Along.

"Itachi! I remembered the last lines! What happened?" cried the young Sasuke.

"There is one part left of your quest. You have always said that Naruto knew nothing of the pain you were in, but he did…" Itachi echoed with his murderous voice.

Sasuke did not see much else besides the darkness that lay before him. He walked before him, and nothing came out. No ray of hope, no shine of light, and no one to guide him. He could barely glimpse at his hand in front of his face. He clenched his hand tightly and tried to stop the sadness from reaching his eyes. He just kept walking along the path his heart led him to. He had no regrets. He only wanted to help those he needed.

Finally, Sasuke felt himself growing. He couldn't understand why, although he felt taller, more mature, and more capable of an Uchiha. He walked taller, stood taller, and became taller. He regained his age and he felt happier than he has already been in his entire life. He kept walking and soon saw a bright light. He looked at his own hands and the forehead protector guarding his head. He clenched his hands tightly in happiness and ran towards the light…


A small boy was crying. He had blonde hair and three lines on each side of his cheeks. Tears streamed down his face and his hands. He couldn't control himself, and he just allowed his emotions that were all bottled up to flow out. Sasuke saw the crying boy and the blonde held out his hand and looked at it. He then pounded it into the ground and Sasuke walked up to him. Somehow, he felt as if he needed to look out for this young blonde.

"Are you okay?" asked Sasuke.

"I'm lost…I have nothing," replied the blonde.

"Hi, I'm Sasuke. What's your name?"

"Uchiha Naruto…" cried the boy.

"I can help you…but only if you let me…" Sasuke said slowly.

The young Naruto put his hand on top of Sasuke's outstretched ones and felt the warmth and love within the dark haired boy. Sasuke helped the boy up onto his shoulders and began walking. They did not know where they were going. But still, Sasuke knew that something will help them, something will guide them.

"Would you like to hear a story?" asked the dark haired boy.

"Un!" Naruto said gleefully.

The blonde haired boy clutched Sasuke tightly to his heart with a giant warm smile on his face. Sasuke began to walk forward with Naruto on his shoulder. He looked longingly to find out where this light would guide him…

"There was a boy who lived alone. He couldn't understand why, but everyone else in the world has hated him, horribly. He grew up crying, but knew it wouldn't stop the pain. He decided to become stronger and he was sick of crying. He eventually wanted a dream. To become the greatest ninja of all the Five Countries and to be acknowledged by not only the village, but by his rival. His name was Uzumaki Naruto."

"Uzu…maki, Naruto?" the blonde asked slowly.

Sasuke had just kept walking and the boy on his shoulders was pressing as hard as he could down onto the dark haired Uchiha. Finally, Naruto climbed down off Sasuke's shoulders and walked with his hand inside Sasuke's. Naruto felt the confidence and warmness inside the dark haired boy's hands. Just by touching him, he knew that Sasuke…had changed.

"My brother killed my parents…There isn't anything for me anymore…" cried Naruto.

"What are you talking about?" asked Sasuke. He couldn't see himself talk like this, although somehow, he went against his old personality and began to help his friend. "There are more to life than just your family. You can have friends. There will always be an emptiness in your heart, but going for revenge would be the path you will regret…"

"Why?" asked Naruto.

Sasuke took a deep breath. He had always imagined himself killing Itachi with his bare hands. He wanted to feel the red liquid splash him in the face showing him the revenge and victory that he yearned for. But it wouldn't come. Sasuke realized that revenge was not something he wanted. There is no reason to gain power for the wrong reasons. Orochimaru's offer to be his vessel only proved that he would someday kill Itachi.

"You will gain power for the wrong reasons, and in the end, hurt those who are more important to you than revenge…" Sasuke said wisely.

The dark haired shinobi could feel Naruto releasing his anger and hate. Soon, Sasuke felt the little hand growing and soon it was as big as his. He looked beside him and saw the taller Naruto, more wise with knowledge and trust. They both smiled at each other and soon came across an opening. They crossed it together, holding each other's hand. Never letting go, and never letting go of their friendship. They would always be there for each other.


"Is he all right?" asked a voice.

"He's waking up?" another exclaimed.

Sasuke opened his eyes slowly and looked above him. He saw a ceiling light…like those in the hospital. Suddenly, he realized that…he was in the hospital. The dark haired boy bolted awake and looked around him. He saw Kakashi sensei and Sakura leaning over the beds. They had been here a considerable amount of time.

"Sasuke-kun!" shouted the pink haired kunoichi.

She hugged him dearly would not let go. Sasuke would have normally pushed her off, although he had never felt someone so close to him lately. He had lived in a dream land, thinking he was Uzumaki Sasuke. Although, all along, he had been in the hospital. Asleep. Sasuke finally brought Sakura's arms away from him and they both looked happily at the sleeping form of Naruto.

"He'll wake up soon," Sasuke said shortly.

"You were in a coma for a week Sasuke-kun. Please get some more rest…" Sakura pleaded.

"A week?" asked Sasuke.

Sasuke felt an immense pain and looked at himself in the mirror. He was shirtless, although the white bandages were placed around his entire body, almost. He remembered the intense pain from falling off the cliff and…

"Sasuke!" shouted an exuberant blonde.

"Naruto?" asked the dark haired boy in return.

"Sakura…let's leave them," Kakashi said firmly.

"But-" started the kunoichi.

Kakashi shoved her out of the room and close the door behind him and the girl. Sasuke and Naruto were left alone in that hospital room. They had both remembered what had happened in the time they were asleep. Now Sasuke felt Naruto's pain and suffering and he had felt his. He held out his hand to the blonde in gratitude for teaching him that there were those worse off than he. He always held out his hand to thank him, for teaching the true meaning of friendship.

"Sasuke. I'm sorry I ever…I know how painful your past is, and I have lived through it. I'm sorry I didn't try to help us get out of the genjutsu earlier. But I wanted to have parents… I wanted to have a family," the blonde said sadly.

"I understand… Still friends?" asked Sasuke.

"Friends till the end…" Naruto answered.

Sasuke held out his fist and Naruto hit it with his. It was a secret bond they shared. They couldn't understand why they were taken to each other's lives, although now, they were just happy to become themselves with the many friends they have and the many memories they shared.


"Itachi-san…you have drained off a lot of your power for doing such a stupid thing," a monster from the Hidden Mist Village said.

"It…was necessary," panted the Sharingan master.

"I don't see how so…"Kisame answered.

Itachi started to breathe heavily, for he had used a continuous long lasting jutsu that required a lot of stamina and strength for just one day. He had brought Sasuke and Naruto into the other dimension that couldn't have been dispelled, which has made it more powerful. There was always a key, and Itachi had given it to his younger brother. Although everything was done now. Their secret mission was complete. Sasuke had truly understood how Naruto has been through so much pain. Now, Itachi knew that his anger was lessened but still there.

"If you wanted him not to resume his revenge on you, you did not do a good job," Kisame said bluntly.

"No…everything was in place. Everything happened as if should have," Itachi said softly.

"What do you mean?" asked the Hidden Mist Nin.

"I only needed Sasuke to see into Naruto's life and not become an arrogant jerk thinking he has had the hardships of life that no one else had. They will guide each other and protect each other. That was my true purpose as a older brother. Naruto will help Sasuke become stronger than Orochimaru can do in a lifetime. My purpose is complete…"

"Itachi-san. You still are a mystery to me."

The two missing nins fled quickly and disappeared into the night. The only faint sounds of leaves were heard and the two ninjas inside became the best of friends more than ever…


The two ninjas helped each other grow with prosper and happiness. Through Itachi's scenario, they were better able to understand each other and help each other grow. Every day in Konoha, all the villagers claim to see the most happy pair of friends strolling down the highway of life experiencing every bit of it on the way.

The End.

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