A/N: Ok, this is going to be a confusing story, so all you thinkers out there, have at

A/N: Ok, this is going to be a confusing story, so all you thinkers out there, have at! I'm not sure how many chapters it'll have yet. I'm basing this on some pretty radical events that have been happening to people I know, so see if you can follow along…..

Rated R (just to be safe) for strong language and suggested…..um…..same-sex relationship content(don't want to give it away just yet!). No descriptive sex, though, so safe for some kiddies.


Ash: 16



Brock: 20

Disclaimer: I most unfortunately do not own Pokemon or any of the characters associated with it (except for the character I created named Misa).

It's Between Two Hearts

Chapter 1: I love…..who?

The trio and Pikachu waltzed happily to Cerulean, immediately heading for the gym. This stop was the third and final leg of their vacation from training. They had stayed at Ash's for a week, where they were terribly pampered by his mom, and even Mr. Mime! Then, they had two-week long stay (that was only supposed to be a week) at Brock's, where Ash and Misty were quickly briefed on the pains of being a parent or guardian. Now, they were ready to rest in the Cerulean Gym, a week (maybe longer) at Misty's.

Ash was glad to take a vacation from being a superstar, despite how long he'd wanted to be a Pokemon master. He was happy to finally hold the title. He enjoyed having all the money and the privileges and deals that came with it. What he didn't really enjoy was the one thing Brock longed for.

Girls throwing themselves at him.

He kind of enjoyed the attention, but it became a nuisance. Especially when he started filling out. He knew he looked better than when he was younger, but you wouldn't ever find him admitting to himself or anyone else that he was handsome. There was only one girl he wanted to hear that from, and he was pretty sure everyone knew who it was….except her of course.

That was just another reason he enjoyed the vacation. He figured her hometown would be as good a place as ever to tell her how he felt. That was only because he copped out of doing it at his house, but either way, now seemed as good a time as any!

He walked along in a daze, thinking about how he could tell her. Pikachu noticed his friend in such deep thought and didn't think it normal, so for his master's sake, he gave Ash a little shock. Just enough to get his hair on end. Ash laughed, tickled, and patted Pikachu on the head.

"Don't worry, little buddy. I'm gonna tell Misty tonight."

"Pika, pikachu!" he responded. Ash laughed again and jogged up to Brock and Misty.

"What are you so happy about, Ash?" Brock asked knowingly once the boy caught up to them.

"Oh, nothing special, just daydreaming." Misty rolled her eyes.

"Probably wondering what title he'll claim next." Ash looked at her, slightly hurt.

"I'm not that egotistical, Misty." Pikachu shocked him. "Not anymore," Ash added nervously. "I just can't wait till we can stop and spend some more time together," he finished, putting his arm around her shoulders.

Misty smiled, quite comfortable. She was in love with Ash, and she knew it. "There's no point denying," she had told herself. She left it at that, though, not sure he felt the same way. Oh it was obvious to her that he liked her, but she was content being an older sister to him for the time being. They walked on that way till they reached the gym doors.

It was a Sunday, so the gym was closed. Misty reached into her backpack and grabbed her key, unlocking the front doors to let them all in.

"Pika!" Pikachu cried as he ran to find Misty's sisters. Ash ran after him while Misty locked the front door again. Lily, Daisy and Violet instantly recognized the call and came out to greet the travelers. Misty wasn't all the comfortable anymore.

"Like, hiya guys! We haven't seen you in ages!" Violet called.

"Yeah, you should, you know, drop by a lot more," Lily said, picking up Pikachu. Daisy hugged Brock and Ash before grabbing Misty's hands and looking into her eyes.

"And we've, well, we've missed you, little sister." Misty looked up, shocked.

"Are you serious?" Lily and Violet joined the group.

"Like, yeah. You're older now, you don't deserve all the crap we gave you. We were just joking around and stuff, you know." Misty's eyes watered as she smiled and nodded slightly. Daisy gave her a poke in the ribs.

"But that doesn't mean we're gonna stop picking on you and your boyfriend!" they all teased. Misty hammered each of them with her trusty mallet, but they all just laughed.

After the greetings were through, our heroes made themselves comfortable in their designated rooms. Then they each took a brief nap before swimming around with all their pokemon in the pool. Soon, it was time for dinner, which, as usual, got Ash running toward the table.

All through the meal, there was scattered chatter. But Misty noticed her sisters kept glancing at each other, smiling. She dismissed it at first. Near the end of the meal, though, it finally got to her and she looked at all three of them, asking, "Ok, what's the big deal?"

Lily smiled even bigger, putting her fork down. "Well, we have a surprise for you, Misty. It wasn't exactly planned, cause like, we're beautiful, but we're not psychic. We didn't know you'd be stopping by."

Misty was definitely scared.

"So, if you didn't plan it, how do you know I'll like it? Or is the whole point the fact that I won't like it?" Daisy shook her head.

"Oh no, you'll definitely enjoy it. You'll see when we finish eating though. Mi-…your surprise won't be back for a little while yet." Misty, still nervous, shrugged and continued eating. Brock hadn't even paid attention to anything that was said, but Ash was frowning. He was planning on talking to Misty after dinner. Whatever it is, he thought to himself, I hope it doesn't ruin my plans.

After they were finished, Misty was fidgeting all over the place. She simply couldn't get the surprise out of her head, no matter how the others tried to calm her down. Finally, Ash pulled her aside and headed for the lounging area. After some pointless chitchat, she started calming down, but still had the idea in her head.

"Ash, what could it be? They've never done anything like this for me before. I don't know what to expect!" Ash put his arm on her shoulders, hugging her lightly.

"That's the point of a surprise, Mist." Here goes nothing… "And speaking of surprises, I've got one for ya, too." She glanced over at him.

"You too?" He nodded.

"See, I've been meaning to tell you-" he was cut off by the front doors being unlocked, which echoed through the main lobby over to the lounging room next to it. Misty jumped.

"Who's that? No one else has a key to the gym!" A strange voice called, the speaker hidden by the dividing wall of the rooms.

"Hey Lily! I'm back! Is she here? I got your call and rushed back as soon as I could!"

"Like, yeah, hey girl! She's over in the lounging room with her booooyfriend!" Ash didn't react, not to that, anyway.

"Who is it, Misty?" Misty's eyes were wide open, her jaw dropped.

"It can't be!" she whispered. Ash, totally confused, waited for the form to come around the corner. Part of him was afraid it was some old boyfriend that she still held a torch for.

"Misty?" the voice called again. It was a low-toned voice, either a low voiced girl or a slightly high voiced guy. The form turned the corner, and Ash felt a wave of relief as a brown-haired girl smiled.

At least, he was relieved until Misty reacted.


The two girls ran at each other and instantly hugged, holding each other tight. A lot closer than I ever held her, too. Misty smiled as she pulled back a little, keeping her arms around Misa's neck. Misa also kept her arms around Misty's waist, and their body's were barely an inch apart.

"Oh Misty, I've missed you so much!" Misa said as she kissed Misty's cheek. Ash's jaw dropped. This better be a long-lost sister or something! Misty hugged her again.

"I haven't seen you in years, Misa! The last time I saw you, I thought you were leaving for good. I can't believe I found you again!"

"We'll just have to make sure that doesn't happen again, won't we?" They pulled apart, barely, again and stared into each other's eyes. Stared with a look Ash had never seen coming from Misty before.

A look he had always wished she'd give him.

Suddenly his heart broke.


Well? Confusing so far? Probably not, thanks to a reviewer, I realized it's not as bad as I thought. Maybe it won't be that bad at all. But anyway. Is Misty actually….? What is poor Ash gonna do?

Chapter 2 coming soon!