Title: Bright Blue Optics

Author: Stormy1x2 (travelingstorm )

Fandom: Transformers (Generation 1)

Pairing: Hints of Starscream + Skyfire but nothing specific.

Word Count (fic portion): 462 (despite chiadfrostfur's best efforts, the drabble is still in custody. Fighting, but trapped. )

Summary: A battle, a confrontation, a dream - yet no resolution.

Distribution: For my personal website. All other archivers, please ask first. Links to are cool.

Notes: I love Starscream-based fics, and there are too many out there starring him and female Decepti-femmes or even human females for gods sakes. shudders I am attempting to even the odds. Also, the remaining half of Caged Bird (or Bird in a Cage on ffnet) is currently being written. Yay for inspirational flashes!


In your eyes I see a darkness that torments you, and in your head where it dwells.

-"Into the Dark" - Juliana Theory

It felt like nobody had moved for hours when it had really only been seconds.

Piercing red optics met striking blue and held their gaze almost indifferently. Good and evil. Autobot and Decepticon. Jet and shuttle.


Dimly, Starscream heard someone – the idiot with the visor, Jazz, his mind noted dully – call for the Autobots to fall back. His mouth opened of its own accord and he called out in automatic response:

"Decepticons! Retreat!"

Still, his optics remained locked on his old friend. The deep green of the days' chosen battlefield stretched between them, empty of combatants as each side fell back to lick their wounds, and fight another day. Not a word came from either vocalizer, but the emotions shifting back and forth were so strong they could almost be seen shimmering in the light of the morning mist.

Finally, the larger of the two turned away, bright blue disappearing, ending their stalemate. Starscream watched dispassionately as Skyfire hurried over to one of his fallen teammates to see if he could help.

"Screamer! Let's go!"

Tilting his head, he saw Skywarp hovering slightly behind and to the right of him. To the left, Thundercracker had an exasperated look on his face, his optics narrowed slightly.

"Now, Starscream."

"You presume to order me?" he rasped, but he turned to follow, igniting his afterburners as he kicked off the damp grass and transformed in midair.

Wheeling in the sky, Starscream could feel familiar blue optics boring a hole in his fuselage. Shuddering only once, he jammed his engines and rocketed forward, aimed in the direction of Decepticon HQ.

Thundercracker and Skywarp were surprisingly silent on the flight home, and if they strayed a bit closer to their squad leader in their flight formation, Starscream didn't mention it. Neither did they say anything about the stare-down that had gone on just before the retreat.

Arriving home, Starscream handed his data pad to Skywarp and ordered him to submit it to Soundwave on his behalf. The purple jet agreed. The Air Commander could feel his wingmates optics on him as he headed for his personal quarters, but he knew it couldn't be out of concern because Decepticons didn't feel concern. Besides, it didn't feel right anyway – concern was blue, vivid blue. Not red.

Starscream fell on his recharge bed, exhausted, and tried to relax. He felt himself drifting off slowly, the hum of the recharger sounding almost soothing in his audio receptors.

He dreamed of the old days. Of Academy's, and arguments, and experiments.

He dreamed of traveling the galaxy, exploring, and bickering and learning.

He dreamed of loss, of anguish and dispair. Of sides and factions, the feeling of pain, and the scent of burning energon.

He dreamed of betrayal.

But mostly, he dreamed of bright blue optics.