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Melt My Heart Away



Chapter 3: Welcome!

All gazes were directed to the folks riding their broomsticks. A dark haired lady was leading the group. When she landed on the ground, she went straight to Headmistress Severina Blight to give a curt greeting.

"Thank you for having us here." She said

"It's an honor for us to be graced with your presence Madoushi-san." came her reply.

Both ladies smiled. Severina Blight then turned to the other visitors and greeted them. Madoushi Izuhara then ushered her students to stand on the corner.

As the students passed by, most of the girls' attention were on the cool, stoic raven haired debonair. His name is Uchiha Sasuke. Quidditch star player and captain of Ryokun Academy. Eventually, he'll be joining the Quidditch team that will represent Japan in the Quidditch World Cup. For now, he was given a chance to enjoy his student life.

Upon seeing that all expected visitors already arrived, they were immediately directed to proceed to the great hall. The MELTS Academy gladly made their way to the great hall. All were equally excited to see more of the new arrivals.

When all students were seated, it was only then did the Headmistress called the assembly to order. The students were seated in long tables. The first years up to the fourth years shared one table. The fifth, sixth and seventh year students shared another. There were four long vacant tables lined in the great hall. Obviously, they were intended for the new students.

"Good evening everyone." The Headmistress began. "As you all know, our school was chosen to host the Inter-school Wizardry Cup. This is one prestigious event wherein a witch or wizard's abilities will be tested. For this reason, let us welcome the folks from Dumstrang, Beauxbaton, Hogwarts and Ryokun Academy." She gave one gentle clap.

The students were momentarily surprised when their tables moved. The first 3 tables were slightly pushed to the right side. The remaining three were pushed to the left. Thus, creating a walkway at the center. With another clap, a red carpet appeared

"They could have just instructed us to set up the great hall like this." Haruno Sakura heard Mei Lin mutter.

Their friend, Tomoyo Daidouji, giggled.

The rest of their group gave knowing glances at each other.

Their little musings and complaints were suddenly cut off when the doors of the Great Hall opened.

"Let us all welcome the student from Hogwarts."

A group of folks of different ages walked in. They wore identical cloaks . The only difference they noted was that they have different colored patches having some unique insignia. Those who have observed it assumed that they use it as a group identifier. Whether by year or house, they would soon find out.

"Hey, isn't that guy Harry Potter. The boy who lived." They heard one of the students gushed.

All attention were directed towards messy haired boy with round spectacles. He has a lightning shaped scar on his forehead. Next to him seemed to be his friends. A bushy brown haired girl and a young man with flaming red hair. Behind them was trailed a boy with alabaster skin and navy blue hair and sapphire colored eyes. He kind of look like Harry Potter because he also wear glasses. Oh well, there's a lot of time for them to get to know in the weeks they'll be staying here. The students took their seats while their professors joined the MELTS Academy teacher in front.

Haruno Sakura looked sideways and saw Tomoyo and Cherry gaping at someone. Must be Harry Potter, she concluded. She better ask them later.

Next up were the students from Beauxbatons. It was group of ladies being led by a rather tall lady. They wore blue-gray colored dresses and pointed hats. They skipped their way to the walkway. A little girl was running ahead of them doing somersaults and cartwheels.

The ladies from MELTS squealed in delight upon seeing such an adorable little girl. They were more pleased when the ladies accompanying her paused, sighed and butterflies started flying out of nowhere.

(A/N: I am trying to incorporate Harry Potter and the animes I used)

The sooner then Beauxbaton students were seated, Dumstrang came up marching. Their steps were calculated. The way they walked spelled command and discipline. For a moment, student watched them unflinchingly. They would have stayed that way if someone didn't sneeze.

Last up were students from Ryokun Academy. They just looked simple. The men wore navy blue coats and pants. They wore a long-sleeved polo shirt underneath. The girls wore the same attire. But instead of pants, they wore pleated skirts. They held broomsticks along with them.

Sakura could swear that she saw some of the girls from table fainted. Apparently, they were staring at the stoic face of Uchiha Sasuke, Ryokun academy quidditch superstar.

Severina Blight waited for everyone to be seated. Once all their guests were comfortable, she clapped making the carpet disappear. She clapped once again making the chairs and table jolt and put them back to their proper places.

"Bloody hell. What just happened." A young man named Ron Weasley was startled with the sudden movement.

His pal, Harry Potter just laughed at him. Their other friend, Hermione Granger, reprimanded him to be careful with his words. The navy haired guy named Eriol Hiiragizawa just smiled at his friends' antics.

Seeing that the tables were now in place, Severina Blight snapped her fingers and food appeared on the table. She watched in delight as students excitedly began eating.




When everyone was done eating. They were then ushered to stand up. The professors were also instructed to stand up from their tables. Severina Blight once clapped. But this time, instead of moving tables and the like, she made the tables disappear. The Great Hall, within a span of seconds, changed from their very eyes. The walls changed in color. In front of them, a stage magically appeared. There were floating contraptions that looked like scooters but no really. The having glaring colored bright lights in them.

Magic was a usual thing for them. But seeing a different kind of magic like this one definitely put the visitors in awe. The headmistress gave them a knowing look.

"As you all know, MELTS is known not just a school for witchcraft but also as a conservatory for music. The incorporation of magic and music makes this school unique. Of course, we also put high importance to technology in our daily lives. I hope it is evident with all the equipment we have here tonight. "

Everyone was listening attentively. The Headmistress smiled as she continued with her 'mini speech.'

"I do hope you enjoy our last minute preparation. Enjoy the performance." She smiled. "Ladies, I do believe that its your time to perform. Haruno Sakura, please gather your team now."

A certain pinkette stepped up and led her group. As she moved towards the crowd, Sakura stopped then disappeared out of thin air. Three more girls (Ino, Tomoyo and Cherry) followed suit. The rest of their crew (Ten2x, Licka, Mei Lin and Hinata) jumped, or rather flew, towards the flying contraptions.

"Bloody hell. Did they just fly without broomsticks." They heard someone yell.

The ladies just smiled. They could not blame them. They didn't have flodynamics classes like they did. They'd be more shocked the minute they learn that they don't use magic wands either.

More visitors would have reacted more about the 'flying' incident if they weren't distracted when all the lights turned off. Gasps, screams and mumblings were heard in the Great Hall, particularly from the guests.

After a minute of darkness, bright lights suddenly flashed. It came from the flying equipment earlier. Apparently, those bright lights actually served as mobile spot lights manually operated by the MELTS Academy students. When the spot lights focused on the stage, there stood three ladies. At the center was Tomoyo Daidouji, commonly known as the Tomoeda Nightingale of Tomoeda in the muggle world. At her side was Cherry/Sakura Kinomoto and Sakura Haruno.

"Welcome everyone. We are the Raven Bellas. Hope you enjoy our performance." She smiled so serenely at the crowd for a moment but almost immediately disappeared. This time, it was with a smile hinting bits of mischief.

(A/N: can't think of a name. I was kind of thinking of the raven haired beauty Tomoyo Daidouji when I chose it. She's a raven haired beauty afterall. Though some say her hair's more of a purple hue at time. Well, aside from the fact that I simply adore her and that she really is much of a singer in the CCS anime)

Background music started to play. More like a sound of techno beats in the background.

(A/N: song from FF X-2. Real Emotion)

What can i do for you

Tomoyo began to sing. She walked briskly towards the stage followed by her friends. Cherry and Sakura just took a few steps forward and stopped. Tomoyo moved a little bit more forward till she was less than ten feet away from the edge of the stage.

What can i do for you
What can i do for you
What can i do for you
I can hear you

By this time, the guest were already gaping as music instruments started to appear out of thin air in front of Cherry and Sakura. A ray of glistening lights appeared on their hands at first. Then in a matter of seconds, electric guitars materialized. Everyone was in awe of the small spectacle. Ino Yamanaka got off the flying contraption to handle the drum set that appeared from the back portion of the stage. People became more amazed when they realized that Tomoyo's long navy blue skirt and white top were covered started glowing. Scratch that, it's lighting up just like what happened with the musical instruments. The only difference was that after the light went out, she was already done with an instant outfit change.

What can i do for you
What can i do for you
What can i do for you

(Disclaimer: the dancing scene was inspired by FF X-2)

"Woah! Did she just change her clothes in an instant." a loud-mouthed blond named Naruto Uzumaki loudly stated.

"Shut up dobe." his buddy named Sasuke Uchiha reprimanded him. He was focused on looking not at the singer but the pinkette playing the guitar. As to why he's staring at her in particular, no one knows.

The performance continued. Almost everyone was having a good time. Haruno Sakura could see the Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore watching them with utmost amusement. Well, they couldn't blame them. Their school set up was more of the antediluvian type. Their school, on the other hand, veered closer to music, magic and technology.

During the interlude, Tomoyo just made slight movements. The spotlight was momentarily whisked away from her to highlight the other performers. Cherry and Sakura were given a chance to showcase their guitar playing skills. The spotlight was also diverted to Ino Yamanaka for her drum solo.

Once the song was finished, almost everyone in the Great Hall were shouting for an encore. Seeing the amazing reaction of the people, the ladies obliged to perform another upbeat song. This time Sakura was the one to take the lead. Just like the first performer, Sakura was a spectacle to behold. Her musical prowess was unmistakable. The only difference was that she was more all out with her rhythmic movements

(A/N: not really sure what song to make her perform. Gomen)

The folks' reception was just a great , if not greater than the first one. After all the activities were done, MELTS Academy students made their way to their dormitories. The visitors from other schools were to be ushered to the newly built annex near the main building.

As the Raven Bellas were about to return to their dormitory, a chestnut haired guy approached their group. Almost instantly, Cherry's eyes lit up and smiled brightly at the approaching debonair.

"Syaoran-kun!" Cherry squealed as she ran and flung herself to him. The guy blushed beet red but did not make any efforts to pull her away.

"Sakura-chan." he murmured and brushed some strands from her hair from her face.

"I missed you." she stated.

"So did I."

"Kawaii!" the the girls squealed in unison.

Upon realizing that they were being watched, they reluctantly let go of each other. Cherry was about to introduce her him when another group of people were making their towards their group.

"Oh my, is that Potter-san?" Ino Yamanaka could not believe her eyes.

"Yes Ino-pig, he certainly is." Sakura pointed out.

Ino Yamanaka just ignored her and focus on the approaching group. Harry Potter was accompanied by his female and 2 male friends.

"Good evening miladies." it was the Harry look alike that greeted them. "My friends and I would just like to congratulate you for such a spectacular display of talents."

"Thank you." they all replied at the enigmatic guy.

"You were really awesome. I never saw anything like it in my life." this time, Harry Potter himself commented.

"I agree." the girl Hermione Granger said as-a-matter-of-factly.

The girls' smiles brightened even more.

The flaming red head, Ron Weasley, was speechless. He was too absorbed admiring the gathering of beauties to even muster saying a word. The ladies' attention were shortly diverted back to the guy whose name is Eriol Hiiiragizawa. He need not introduce himself since his friend Cherry informed her friends about the young man's identity.

"It's a pleasure seeing you again Sakura-chan." Eriol turned his attention to his friend's boyfriend. "Hello there my cute little descendant."

"Stop calling me that." he growled and glared at him.

Eriol just remained calm and smiled at everyone ever so good-naturedly. He then acknowledged Tomoyo Daidouji who just stepped in.

"Hime." he curtly said.

Tomoyo Daidouji slightly blushed before greeting.

"Good evening Eriol-kun." she said.

He smiled and then took her hand and kissed it. The ladies were speechless. Sakura and Syaoran remained unfazed. This time, Tomoyo couldn't help but blush furiously this time.

Typical Eriol.

Eriol, sensing the shocked expressions of his Tomoyo's friends chuckled.

"Forgive my manners. I forgot that you're not accustomed to seeing such act. It's one of the English customs. I would have kissed your hands on a normal day but you are too many. For now, I would like to reserve such acknowledgement to my beloved Tomoyo-chan."

Harry Potter and the gang were surprised after hearing such information.

"Blimey mate! Didn't know you have such fine lass as your girlfriend." Ron Weasley exclaimed

"Wow, what a pleasant surprise." Haruno Sakura spoke as soon as she got over her shock.

"I know you two are in a relationship but you ladies never mentioned that your boys are so charming." It was Ino who spoke this time. "Though I could understand why. They're too good to be true." She mischievously said while looking at her friends' boyfriends.

Being the perceptive girl that she was, Tomoyo immediately understood what she was trying to say. She decided to tag along her friend's charade.

"Oh, but my dear there are real. They are so real and they are definitely ours." She said moving closer to her Eriol-kun. Eriol slid his right arms to his girlfriend's waist as if to affirm her statement.

Realizing that her ploys were discovered, Ino raised her hands in surrender.

"I know. I know. You didn't really have to rub it to in." She said.

All of them laughed.

They chatted for a few minutes until their guests were called. They have to excuse themselves to check their lodging. More conversations could wait till tomorrow. For now, everyone should get a good night's sleep.

Haruno Sakura was walking behind her friends when she was momentarily distracted by something. She turned her head towards a certain direction but saw nothing. She just shrugged her shoulders and convinced herself that she was just imagining things.

Or was she now?