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Melt My Heart Away



Chapter 4: Exposure

The next morning, students including their guests gathered in the Great Hall for breakfast. Today, bacon, sausages, eggs, french toast, orange juice and other food items were served. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their breakfast. An hour later, students were notified that there would still have classes. The only difference is that the first 3 hours of the guests will be observing how classes in MELTS look like. After lunch, the MELTS students are the ones to observe their guests' usual classroom set up. It was their Headmistress' idea to familiarize students with their respective curriculum similarities and differences. Truth be told, the Headmistress just wanted to show their guests their rather peculiar but one of a kind teaching. They were similarities, yes. But modifications were made to fit their learning objectives. The schedules were immediately posted on the Wall of the Latest.

All of the students will be gathered in one area. They'll be using one of their function rooms to accommodate everyone. Since most of their guests are on their 5th year, the 5th year students of the academy were the ones given the task.

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Class Schedule


MELTS Lecture

9:00-10:30am - Flodynamics

10:30-12:00nn - Advance Combat

12:00-1:00pm - Lunch

Hogwarts Lecture

1:00-2:30pm - Care of the magical creatures

2:30-4:00pm - Against the Dark Arts




MELTS Lecture

9:00-10:30am - Muggle History and Technology

10:30-12:00nn - Potions

12:00-1:00pm - Lunch

Beauxbaton Lecture

1:00-2:30pm - History of magic

2:30-4:00pm - Herbology




MELTS Lecture

9:00-12:00nn -Performing Arts

12:00-1:00pm - Lunch

Ryokun Lecture

1:00-4:00pm - Flying lessons and Broomstick 101




MELTS Lecture

9:00-10:30am - Ancient Runes

10:30-12:00nn - Divination

12:00-1:00pm - Lunch

Dumstrang Lecture

1:00-2:30pm - Potions

2:30-4:00pm - Dueling


-No Classes

The 5th years were looking on the board regarding the schedule

"This is interesting." Haruno Sakura voiced out.

"But do you think it's a good idea?" Hinata could not help but ask.

"I don't know Hinata-chan. But I'm hoping for the best." she answered back

"That's the spirit Haruno-san!"

Both girls jerked up and upon hearing someone speak. Once they spun around, they saw their Headmistress beaming at them.

"Headmistress!" they exclaimed.

The lady just smiled at them but did not say more. After a minute, she just walked out on them. The ladies then rushed to their first class.

It was still 20 minutes before class but Miss Sheng was already there for today's lesson. The function hall was transformed into a classroom in such short notice. 5 minutes before the start of the class, the visitors started settling down.

"Good morning everyone. I am Professor Xi Yi Sheng. I will be facilitating today's flodynamics and Tactical combat classes. For the benefit of everyone, Flodynamics is the study for floating, flying and passing through solid walls. Here are levels that students need to pass in flodynamics" she went to the board and started writing


Level 1-Floating

Level 2- Floating and Navigating

Level 3- Transparency

Level 4- Speed flying

"For the first two levels, I hope that these are self explanatory. I understand that such subject may be unheard of to all of you. We are the only school offering this subject. We handpicked our students based from how they'll fare on their entrance examination and miscellaneous assessments. We don't have enough time to explain how things work so I'll only answer questions to a limit." she said as if anticipating barrage of questions.

Upon hearing her remark, the students along with their professors did not dare ask questions at such an early time.

Professor Sheng took one last look at her audience before proceeding with her lesson.

"As all of my dear students know, we're already done with level 2 Flodynamics. I do hope that you already did advance reading, if not practice, regarding transparency. Today, I cannot promised that I'll be easy on you."

Haruno Sakura couldn't help but gulp. She looked at her other friends. They didn't look better either.

"When we talk about transparency, first thing that comes into mind is see through. Something transluscent. In some objects, it is a state of matter being clear that it allows light to pass through. Now, if we put transparency into a Flodynamics context, it is a state wherein the flodynamics specialist enables one's self to pass through walls or objects."

Upon saying so, a lot of reactions erupted in the townhall.

"Blimey! That's not possible!" a random student exclaimed.

"I would've believed if you were a ghost."

"That's just - I….."

In a matter of seconds, one could barely make up what was being said by the crowd. It would have gone on when something peculiar happened. The room suddenly fell silent. People saw each other trying to say something to each other but no more words came out from their mouths. One by one, people stopped fussing and just stared at each other quizzically.

"My apologies." Professor Sheng was the first person who managed to speak again. "I believe the silencers have been activated. It's a charm conjured in this room automatically diffuses noise when it becomes unbearable. I'll make it a point to have it turned off next time. Sorry if it caused you any sort of alarm or discomfort."


"Okay. I guess we'll resume with the topic."

The professor good naturedly shrugged and continued. This time, instead of showing illustrations or diagrams, she decided to demonstrate what the topic is about. With a wave of her hand, crystal walls surrounded her forming the shape of an octagon if you look at it on a bird's eye view.

Everyone continued to stare as the professor stepped towards the wall. She pressed her right palm on the wall's surface and took a few steps forward. Instead of colliding against the wall, she went right through it. Gasps were heard in the room. Professor Sheng just smiled at them as if it's the most normal thing in the world.

"And that everyone is what I meant by transparency." came her concluding statement.

People continued to gawk at her as she started instructing her students to start practicing. By the end of the session, no one was able to get to do it. The closest that any student did was to get their fingers go through a few millimeters of the crystal wall.

It was a relief when the flodynamics class was finally over. Things turned out for the better (at least for the MELTS academy students) when it was time for the Advance combat class.

Hikari Ono was the teacher who facilitated this class. For today's lesson, she will discuss weapons commonly used in Japan. Knowing that there were guests who might not be familiar with topics at hand, she decided to start with the basics. She brought out an example of a katana, shuriken, kunai, samurai, tessen, tanto, kendo shinai and other weapons. Everyone attentively listened as she introduced the history and the respective uses of such weapons.

"Well, I guess that's all that I have to say about these objects." She momentarily hesitated before continuing. "To make up for me boring everyone today, I guess we'll compensate by showing a demonstration."

"You have got to be kidding me!" burst out Ron Weasley unable to hide his dread anymore.

"No worries, lad." Hikari Ono assured him. "My students are well trained when in comes to combat."

"But- but—" Ron Weasley sputtered.

The professor just gave him a knowing smile and then resumed asking for volunteers. A few hands shot up. Upon careful deliberation, she ended up choosing Haruno Sakura. She was about to pick the other competitor when one of the students from Ryokun Academy called her attention. As it turns out, the young man's name was Uzumaki Naruto, the famous knucklehead wizard/ninja of their academy. Well, that's how he claims to be.

"I believe that we could participate with this activity. We're also trained in handling weapons and combat. Believe it!" he rather loudly exclaimed.

"Dobe." The bloke named Uchiha Sasuke muttered.

Naruto seemed unfazed with the name call and continued with his suggestion.

"In fact, my buddy here Sasuke's very good in combat." He patted his 'buddy' Sasuke.

Sasuke gave him a lethal glare. Naruto just smiled sheepishly. Almost half of the female population swooned upon seeing Sasuke's reaction. (A/N: I really wonder why girls in the anime find it charming.)

"Well, well…." The professor finally spoke. (A/N: please imagine Maleficent here. Haha) "if it's Mr Uchiha who would grace us with his presence, I think that my students wouldn't mind. Right girls?"

Her students automatically affirmed her statement.

"Besides, I believe that I've been hearing good things about him and such from my friends there." She further added. "I hope you won't mind Uchiha-san."

Sasuke was about to protest but then decided against. For certain, he won't hear the end of it from Naruto. Sometimes he wondered why he became friends with him at all.

"I'll do it." He said.

"Lovely." Professor Ono beamed. "Shall we begin?" she gestured for him to walk into the clearing.

"Hn." Came his curt reply. Before proceeding , he did a last minute whack in the head to Naruto and went on and come face to face with Haruno Sakura.

To be continued...