Title: What's in a name
Author: The Pink Squirrel of Doom
Summery: Jake and Melanie talk about a name for there little girl, and the fluffy funny bickering we all know and love begins. One Shot
Disclaimer: I do not own Sweet Home Alabama nor any of those characters, but if I owned Jake…. Yea, that would be great.

What's in a Name

Melanie laid back in the bed she was exhausted and the epidural was finally wearing off allowing her to once again feel from her hips down. Her normally perfect hair was badly mussed, sticking to her forehead as the sweat finally dried. Her eyes scanned the room, the tiny plastic bassinet sat empty as it had most of the morning since she had given birth to her and Jake's first baby, a little girl. A nineteen inch television set was on, in the upper left corner of the room. On it's screen was an episode of T.J Hooker, oddly the same show that had been on at four in the morning while she was busy giving birth. William Shatner was talking to some guy he'd just arrested.

"I prefer him in Star Trek, the man will forever be Captain Kirk to me." Her husband smirked from his lazy boy chair, in his arms laid a tiny little bundle in a pink blanket.

"Funny, I was just thinking how I preferred Boston Legal." Jake rolled his eyes in response mumbling to the baby something about prissy Yankee bitch woman, and there prissy Yankee cities, and prissy shows.

"Ya, know Mel, I was thinking.."

"Now that's something new, you thinking."

"Would you shut up and listen to me for one daw gone minute" Melanie raised her eyebrows and waited for her husband to continue.

"I know we planned on naming her Mariska Rose, all New York style and such, but I figured maybe we could use the name Andrea Krystal."

"Andrea, ain't that female for Andrew, Jake?" Jake smiled brashly.

"Why yes it is darling, I figure you came back here to me because of the yank, why not use the name sort of showing ohm age, and Krystal well you can pretty much figure that one out. What with us, the lightening, the pretty glass."

"I came back here Jake, to get you to sign those damn divorce papers, you pig."

"Yea, and I did, but you didn't you self- righteous little …" it was at that moment the baby decided to remind her parents of her presence. They both stopped there bickering and looked at her.

"I think Andrea is a fine Jake, I think it's fine."

"Good to know I get to at least make sure the kid has a normal name, not some fancy pants New York City type of name."

"Jake" Melanie through herself back into the hospital bed as Jake picked up the bottle and began to feed the baby. It was not the life she had originally planned when she booked the flight to Alabama after Andrew proposed, but it was a life she none the less, loved and had found she couldn't live without. She couldn't even live without the brazen, pig headed Jack Perry, it was a life she enjoyed, one she was more then intent on living to the fullest.

"That's a good little Southern Bell, Andrea Krystal Perry, I think its got a nice ring to it, don't you Mel?"

"Yes, Jake her name has a great ring to it, one thing though." She smirked at him, she saw Jake visably take a gulp of air.

"And what would that be darling?"

"I get to name the next baby any haughty touty Yankee name I like?"

"Even if it's a boy?"

"Yes, Jake" she watched his eye turn into little slits as he through one of his patented glares her way.

"Just don't make it something like Raphael who's it what's it" She gave him a half smile.

"Fine no Raphael who's it what's it, maybe something like Gavyn Jude" Melanie Smooter Perry burst out laughing at the look of pure terror on her husbands face. Hell, another twenty three hours of labor would be well worth that face.