okay so I have a short one-shot about my day today. Bad soup is all I gotta say. So read own.

I don't own anythign but the story. Thankyou.

"A-Are you sure we can handle this?" Athrun questioned looking at Cagalli with a troubled look.

"Of course we can. We are strong people and we can get through this together." Cagalli said with a nod.

"Are you sure?" Athrun questioned. Now normally Athrun wouldn't question Cagalli but this seemed of an important matter. It was life or death.

"Yeah….maybe…." Cagalli said softly.

"I mean you could be sick for days…" Athrun mumbled.

"I understand Athrun. But we should at least try." Cagalli said with a cranky look on her face.

"See look! It already set in." Athrun said pointing at her.

Athrun and Cagalli had finally time to settle in and talk about there relationship and came up to this point. Athrun was the one who brought up the point and Cagalli had to follow through.

"Well I don't see how sitting here is going to help us any…" Cagalli muttered as she looked down at the table.

"Yeah I guess so." Athrun muttered as well.

Athrun moved his spoon around the brown liquid that was suppose to be "soup".

"Who ever hear of brown soup, chicken and stars?" Athrun questioned moving it around then taking some in his spoon and eating it.

Cagalli also slurped up the contents. Both of there faces was the same.

"Okay Athrun dump this crap out in the sink. I'm calling for take out." Cagalli said as she pushed the bowl away and went of the phone.

Athrun sighed and poured the dark soup down the sink letting the water fun over the poor sink in hopes the drain wouldn't clog.

"I knew I should have asked her to cook." Athrun sighed.

so this is a short break from my stories. Enjoy.