This is the third deleted scenes I've done. When I posted one for As you wish, it improved the results for it dramatically. Over twelve more reviews, and nearly a thousand hits in two days. Six more favs, and it brought the amount of people who have me on their favorites list to forty people. So lets hope this does the same thing. To start with, alternate events.

Alternate events...

1. In the beginning where Aelita aborted didn't happen. She did get pregnant with Odd's child, but she decided to have it. At five months the baby showed complications and she had a miscarriage. I decided to change this because I needed the ending to play out right, Odd getting mad at her. I knew if she miscarried the way I portrayed Odd would have forgiven her easier.

2. I was going to plan on having the cheating thing go on for a little longer than one night. I did this at first because I didn't have a way to break them up mid way to bring them back together in the end. So when I managed to come up with the abortion, I went with what I did.

3. The first cut I had Sissi ruin the moment and not Jeremie. But I thought it was better for the drama if Jeremie and Odd got into a fight.

Alternate endings...

1. I originally didn't have Aelita being pregnant again. Odd came after her and didn't make it in time, but didn't give up. He went to Paris after her. Looking up her parents name in the phonebook he tracked her down and went to her, apologized, proposed, and got her back. I started to type this before I went with the other idea because I got lazy and kind of wanted it to end. I saved half of it, but if your interested I'll finish it and email it.


1. Over Christmas break is the sequel to this story. It portrays the new family of Aelita, Odd, and they're daughter Aelita was pregnant with at the end. When winter break starts Odd gets his son for Christmas and Aelita gets her daughter from her first marriage. It shows Amy starting to feel left out of her family because she thinks Aelita loves Kaylie( her half sister)more than she loves her.

During the break Aelita gets a phone call from her adopted parents who asks her if her and the family would like to come over for Christmas. They pack their bags and the fun begins.







Not as successful as 'As you wish', but it was my favorite story I wrote. I'm hoping re-posting it will give it a little more buzz. This plan worked great for As you wish, but went relatively unnoticed with the future isn't written.

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