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As Sloth entered the anteroom, butcher knife clasped tightly in hand, Envy and Lust were just finishing tying Winry to a chair, who still struggled like mad. Envy swiped an arm across his brow and grinned in spite of the struggle.

"Well, all in all that turned out quite nicely."

Lust extended her fingers slightly and said, "I've had enough of her. I say we just slit her throat now!"

Envy blocked Winry from Lust's sight and said, "Now, now I like to cut throats as much as the next guy but we still need her for my plan!"

"Screw your plan! Why would he even waste his time in saving her?"

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Winry yelled out, struggling in her bonds.

"Face it! You're nothing but a sweat covered tomboy who rolls in grease daily!" Lust said. "Why would anyone waste time on you?"

Winry saw red and began to thrash about in the chair, jumping it around and yelling incoherently.

As Envy and Lust tried to hold her down, Sloth tossed the knife straight at Winry's head. She barely avoided getting hit, and the knife point was buried in the wall, quivering. Envy, Lust, and Winry all stopped and looked at Sloth, wide eyed. She calmly walked over, wrenched the knife out of the wall and sat down opposite Winry.

"Please, sit down." She indicated two other chairs.

"What's this about? I don't have time to play your games woman! I've got things to—" Envy started to say.

"SIT DOWN NOW!" Sloth's eyes turned red and her voice became dangerously deep.

Envy quickly sat down.

"Now," Sloth began again, her voice returning to normal, "I don't know what you've been doing or why, Envy, but I do know that I was cooking dinner for four hours in there and in less than thirty seconds you destroyed it all. You'd better have a good excuse why, or else!"

"It's all part of my plan! With that girl here, the Fullmetal Runt won't go to the South and stop the uprising there that Pride set up there!"

Sloth's eyelid began to twitch uncontrollably. Her fingers drummed on the knife's handle and her foot tapped against the floor.


Without warning, Sloth jumped off her chair and tackled Envy, butcher knife swinging wildly in her grip. Envy tried desperately to escape from the homicidal Sloth, but she was too strong, her adrenaline pumping from rage! In all the commotion, they knocked Winry's chair over into Lust, who banged her head on a side table and lost consciousness.

Pride slammed the door open and yelled out, "What the hell is going on in here?"

Sloth was momentarily distracted, giving Envy enough time to throw her off of him.

Sloth stood up and smoother out her dress before turning to Pride and saying, "Do you know what he did?"

Pride narrowed his eyes and said, "Do I want to know what he did?"

Sloth said, "Envy, in all his wisdom, prevented the Fullmetal Alchemist from going to the South to stop the rebellion.

Pride grabbed the butcher knife from Sloth and threw it, hitting Envy square in the forehead.

"You idiot! Do you have any idea what you've done?"

Envy slumped to the ground, blood coursing from around the knife. A few seconds went by, then the glazed look left Envy's eyes and he pulled out the knife.

"Of course I know what I did! I helped keep the rebellion going! What's so wrong with that?"

"Our plan was for the Fullmetal Alchemist to stop the rebellion! Afterwards, we could've set up a puppet government which would lead to an eventual Civil War that would be twice as devastating as this single rebellion!" Pride explained.

"…..Oh." Envy said, for once, at a loss of words.

"Yes! Freedom!"

Everyone looked over and saw Winry get up and run out of the anteroom. While they had been arguing, Winry had been cutting herself free with a tiny screw hidden in her sock.

"How did she do that? Her arms were tied behind her back!" Lust exclaimed.

"Who cares how she did it? Get her!" Envy yelled.

The four homunculi chased after Winry as she dodged around the mansion, going through hundreds of different rooms, dashing around magnificently decorated corridors, and highly polished bathrooms.

Pride suddenly shouted, "Stop, stop! Let's split up! Envy, go left, Sloth, go right, Lust, go ahead, I'll double back and cut her off!"

Everyone ran down their respective hallways and began to surround Winry…

Meanwhile, back in Izumi's house, Ed and Al had been unwillingly steered into Izumi's house by Sig and Mason.

"We're back Miss Izumi!" Mason called out. "And we found the Elric brothers too!"

Izumi stuck her head around the corner from where she was standing in the kitchen.

"Well, if it isn't my former students. What brings you to Dublith?"

"It's a long story…" Ed said.

They all gathered in the kitchen and Ed and Al told them about what had happened.

"And you think the homunculi are behind this?" Izumi asked.

"Yeah, positive!" Ed said. "And we don't have a lot of time to hang around. They say they won't hurt her until a week has passed, but I don't trust them."

"You may be right. But it's too dangerous for you to go alone! I'm coming with you!

"What? No, really that's okay!" Ed said, waving his hands around nervously.

"No, I insist! As your teacher it's my duty to protect you if it's in my power to do so!"

With that, Izumi grabbed Ed and Al by the arm and dragged them protesting out the door.

Mason sweatdropped and said, "She's not one to be discouraged is she?"

"That's why I married her."

"So…who's going to finish making dinner?"

As Ed, Al, and Izumi approached the Mansion, Winry tried desperately to evade the searching Sins. She turned into a bedroom and quickly left again, seeing Lust searching through the closets. Dashing down the hallway, she nearly ran into Envy, who coming in the opposite direction. She squeed and turned around, running as fast as she could. Envy had seen her, however, and was giving chase.

"Hey! I found her! She's out here!"

Lust burst from the bedroom and blocked Winry's path. Winry frantically looked for an escape route, but was surrounded by Envy rushing at her and Lust blocking her way. Envy, at the last minute, jumped ready to grab Winry and tackle her to the ground. Letting instinct take over, Winry ducked. Envy sailed over her and crashed into Lust, knocking her onto the ground. Winry gave both of them a resounding kick before running off again.

"Get off of me you idiot!" Lust yelled.

"I can't you cow! You're laying on my arm!"

Pride, hearing the commotion, ran to find the two homunculi sprawled on the ground.

"You idiots! Get up! She's getting away!"

He jumped over them and chased after Winry.

By this time Winry was starting to get a little winded. She searched desperately for a hiding spot. As luck would have it, a door was open just ahead of her. A quick survey found a complete lack of homunculi! She quickly ran inside, shut the door, and locked it. She heard footsteps thundering outside as the other homunculi rushed past. She sighed and sat down on a bed.


"Yes, it feels like I've been running all….day?"

Winry turned and saw Dante sitting next to her, calmly reading a book.


"How did I get in here?" She said, looking up from her book.

Winry only nodded.

Dante pointed at an open door filled with clothes. A walk in closet.

Somehow, Winry had found her way back into Dante's bedroom. She jumped up and tried to get to the door, but Dante clapped her hands and placed them on the bed. Instantly the bed transformed into a length of rope which wrapped around Winry's legs, tripping her up. Winry clawed at the carpet, trying to stop herself as the rope recoiled back into the bed. Dante clapped again and the rope twisted itself all around Winry's body, a knot tying itself around her hands.

"You've been a very naughty girl haven't you? Running amok all over my mansion. Tsk, tsk, tsk."

"I wouldn't even have come here if it hadn't been for your psycho co-workers!"

"But you will attract the sons of Hohenhiem I assume? Yes, why else would they have captured you?"

"You're pathetic! I saw you "dancing" in here by yourself! You're nothing but a withered old woman trying to disguise what she really is!"

"You bitch!" Dante slapped her, losing all her cool in one go. "You don't know what I've gone through! I'll teach you to make fun of your betters!"

She clapped her hands and grabbed a nearby lamp. In a flash of red light it turned into a lethal hooked sword. Winry screamed and caterpillar wiggled away from Dante. Dante swung the sword high, gave a ululating war scream and gave chase. The door splintered inward as Sloth threw herself against it. In her rage, she forgot she could've just liquefied herself and slipped under the door…

Winry screamed again and wriggled faster, trying to get out the door. Sloth picked her up and threw her onto the bed as Dante swung her sword toward the spot Winry had been at. Dante glared at Sloth, who glared right back.

"I can take care of this!" Dante said.

"Ha! Yeah right! I want to tear that girl apart myself!" Sloth replied.

Dante grabbed her around the collar and pulled her close, "Listen you tramp! I'm going to kill that girl and I'm not going to let some middle aged whore stand in my way!"

"How dare you!" Sloth yelled, pulling herself free. "This is about Hohenheim isn't it? It's always been about Hohenheim! You just can't stand the fact that he chose me over you!"

"I lived with him for 300 years! Do you think he doesn't love me?"

"I know he doesn't love you!" Sloth smirked, crossing her arms.

Dante slapped her. Sloth felt the spot with mild interest then slapped her right back.

Dante reeled back and said, "Oh it's on now bitch!"

She slugged Sloth across the mouth. Sloth was knocked back into the wall, hard, causing a painting to fall to the ground, shattering. Sloth wiped her mouth, bent down in a fighting posture, raised her right hand, and beckoned Dante.

"Bring it on!"

Dante charged, Sloth charged, and they met together in a flurry of biting, scratching, hair pulling, and slapping. Winry took this opportunity to wriggle out unseen. Halfway down the hall, she spotted a nail sticking out of the molding and used it to cut herself free. She quickly ran down the hall, took a left, and ran down another, much longer hallway.

"If I remember correctly," she thought to herself. "Then the front door is right at the end of this hallway!"

Soon the hallway came to an end and Winry found herself in the entrance hall. Unfortunately for her, Envy, Lust, and Pride were blocking her path. Apparently Wrath was still in his room, Gluttony was wandering around looking for Lust, and Greed had gone out to God knows where.

"End of the line!" Envy said, baring his teeth in a wolfish grin.

"I'll take the pleasure of cutting her throat!" Lust said, extending her blades.

She started walking towards Winry, but Pride pushed out of the way and unsheathed his sword.

"No, I think I'll take care of her. I need to vent some steam."

Pride advanced on Winry, ready for anything the unpredictable girl might throw at him. But not even his Ultimate Eye could prepare him for what happened next. Winry had been kidnapped, tied up, fed disgusting food, nearly lost her life countless times, and had to hide under a bed reeking of bad perfume while an insane body snatcher danced to the beat of some creepy internal music. She had, had enough!

Before anyone could blink she whipped out a wrench she had hidden in her sock and charged Pride! He hesitated slightly, surprised at her ferocity, and that was the only time Winry needed to strike. She brained him as hard as she could. The force of the blow knocked Pride to the left, slamming into a wall with the force of a cannon. Envy and Lust looked shocked at this turn of events and were easy prey to Winry's wrench.

Just outside the mansion, Ed, Al, and Izumi had finally arrived.

"Be prepared for anything in there boys!" Izumi cautioned them as they approached the door.

As Izumi reached for the doorknob, the door was violently thrown open and Winry was tossed out shortly after.

"You can keep her! She's nuts!" Envy yelled out, then slammed the door.

"Freedom!" Winry yelled to the sky throwing her arms up.

"Winry! What happened? Are you okay?" Ed asked in concern.

Winry glared at him and swatted him in the head with her wrench.

"Ouch! What the hell was that for?" He yelled at her, feeling the new bump on his head.

"What took you so long Edward? I was waiting in there for eight hours! Do you know what those things did to me?"

"Winry calm down! We did the best we could!" Al said.

"I know you did. I'm just glad to get out of there! Now let's go home."

And so they all headed to the train station. It didn't take long to buy a ticket and they were soon whizzing to Resembool. Ed and Al walked Winry to her house and then boarded the train back to Central. They checked in at HQ as soon as they arrived. They had expected to see the Colonel, but he was no where in sight.

"Hey, where's Colonel Mustang?" Al asked Hawkeye.

"He was sent to quell the rebellion in the South, since Edward took leave." Hawkeye said. "But he did send this letter to you."

Ed and Al quickly scanned the letter.

Dear Ed,

Hey, guess where I am? Yeah, I'm stopping the rebellion down here while you vacation in Resembool! I hope to God that you enjoyed yourself, because when I get back you are in for a world of hurt!


Colonel Roy Mustang

"Should we be worried?" Al asked his brother.

"Nah, the Col.'s full of it!" Ed scoffed, crumpling up the letter. "Come on, let's go."

And with that, Ed and Al headed back to their hotel to enjoy some more free time until the Col. Returned.

The End

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