By Henrika

Henrika- I know this is really short, but I started making comparisons in my mind and this popped up. Enjoy and review!

It was a contract, though one unlike any he had ever seen before.

In his mind, a contract was a piece of paper, a document signed by all the involved parties and all the terms worked out to suit everyone involved. A contract was something that the State Alchemists signed to give themselves to the military in exchange for power.

In his mind, it wasn't a bloodstained chalk circle on the stone floor of his basement. But the Gate explained the similarity and proved it to him.

It showed him the carefully drawn circle and what each line meant. And the Gate had provided him with what his terms had asked for: a pile of forged flesh. It wasn't his mother and it had died quickly, but that really didn't matter because the terms had been fulfilled. The Gate's terms had been simple: Alphonse's body and his left leg. He had followed it to the letter, giving over flesh and bone.

The Gate showed him the seal he had just drawn on the old suit of armor in the corner. The carmine signature was his, his agreement to his own desires. Your brother's soul in exchange for his body. And all you give in return is an arm. You have the better end of the bargain. He wanted to go back to before he had started signing his life away in blood and chalk, but he had no choice and the Gate pressed its advantage.

You already signed. It pointed out simply as it let him through to grab Al's soul. Perhaps you'll be less foolish the next time you decide to sign your life away.

But the Gate was wrong.

A year later, he signed a proper contract with a pen. But there was no difference between his actions because he had just signed his life away.

"Welcome to the military Full Metal."

Henrika- He never learns.