Title: The lovers are discovered

Date written: started 02/03/06 – finished /

Author: TanteCarla

Rating: PG-13 – Fem slash

Summary: Sequel to 'Counter' and 'Of lovers and enemies. Icy and Bloom have been dating for a while and kept their relationship secret this long. But what if someone finds out?

Author's Notes: Don't sue :p ... Oh and if I made any spell or grammatical errors please let me know J

Disclaimer: Winx Club is owned by Rainbow


"Please reload your card before you can make any new phonecalls…"

"SHIT!" Stormy's phone flew right through the room before colliding hard with the wall. "Piece of JUNK!" Stampering around, scolding furiously her eye fell on another phone. Icy's. Picking it up she was very happy it was on 'cause she hadn't cracked Icy's code yet.

"Hm, new message, read now?" She sat down on her eldest sister's bed considering. Calling on Icy's expences AND reading private messaes could this day get any better? She clicked 'Yes'.

"Hello, Hello" The content wasn't quite what she expected.

Can you meet me at our room at Magix Hotel tonight at 9? Love B

At that moment Darcy walked in and Stormy almost jumped out of her skin thinking what would happen if it where Icy. Noticing the shift in aura Darcy turned to see what the younghest was up to.

"What kind of evils are you plotting? No pranks I hope"

Stormy tossed the phone to Darcy. "Look at this... Looks like big sister is working overtimes..."

"Indeed" Darcy reread the contents of the message. "Well that proves it..."

"Proves what?"

"That you are the only one who can't get laid"

"WHAT! What the Hell do you mean by THAT!"

Darcy flopped on the bed next to her fuming sister "what are we gonna reply?"

"Reply?" Stormy asked allready forgotten the remark that was made only seconds ago.

"Yes we can't keep the poor thing waiting, can we." Her fingers moving swiftly over the keys.

I'll be there. Kisses

"So who is it?" Stormy came peeking over Darcy's shoulder.

"How should I know" Darcy placed the palm of her hand fully on Stormys face to push her away "And don't breathe in my neck"

Darcy stood up and started collecting her things for next class. Stormy wrote the number in her handpalm and replaced the phone to the spot shere she had found it.

"Let's find out after lunch" She said grinning widely and both left the dorm.