The corridors of Alfea school were pitchblack dark, and it didn't help if she didn't know where she had to go. Why did the damn school have to be this big?

Icy carefully tiptoed around the corners trying to find the infirmary. I'm sure i'm walking in circles, she thought, or maybe some magic is preventing her to find what she was looking for.

Maybe there's an ideabox around then she can put a note in Directions to Infirmary

When she turned another corner, which she was sure sha had turned at least two times before, she ran into Faragonda, who was imply standing there as if she had been waiting for her. Icy believed she was in big trouble and planned on running, but she was determined to see her lover.

"I believe what you are lookin for is around this corner" Faragonda simply said, face and voice not betraying any emotion.

"I..." Icy stammered "I don't wanna hurt... I just want to see her"

"I know... second door to the right" Faragonda made no movement, only her eyes followed the witch to the door of the infirmary. Icy took hold of the doorknob and took a deep breath, glancing one more time over her shoulder to where the headmistress stood only seconds ago, but she had disapeared. Man, she was creepier the Griffin, Icy thought and entered the door to the infirmary.


The room was almost as black as the rest of the school, but luckily the night had cleared and moonlight was beaming serenly through the window.

Icy scanned the room. All bed were empty but one. She quietly walked over that bed, making sure her heels didn't make a sound on the hard marble floor.

She stood still next to the bed Bloom layed in, just looking at her first. If it wasn't for the soft rising and falling of her chest, Icy thought Bloom could be dead. She gently laid her hand on the faeries forehead, tears forming in her eyes.

"Bloom" She wispered hoping that wherever she was whe could hear her "I'm so sorry"

She kissed Blooms cold forehead and pressed their foreheads together, letting tears flow freely, not able to control the sobbing. After a long while she stood up and pulled a chair towards the bed, staying with her faerie until sunrise.

When she thought she was comfortable she took Blooms hand, stroking it. Thinking she should talk to her, she only found one thing to say.

"I... I love you"


Next morning Bloom was woken by the bright sunlight that glided happily throught the large windows. Normally she liked being greeted by a sunny day but today it made her headache all the worse. She then fell someone was holding her hand. Looking for who it was she saw Icy sleeping with her head on the side of the bed, not letting go of Blooms hand.

Bloom smiled, that must not be a very comfortable position the witch was lying in. She softly brushed a few strands away from Icy's face. At this gesture the witch woke, looking up drowsily into Blooms eyes.

"Hi" she smiled, but when she remembered last night she quickly added "How are you feeling"

"Like a Dragon used me for a chewtoy" she smiled softly at her lover.

"I'm sorry" Icy looked at the floor not finding the right words to say.

"Well, we should have known they wouldn't accept it so easily... But lets not think about that now..." Bloom patted the place on the bed next to her. "Come lie with me"

Icy obbeyed and joined Bloom on the bed laying her head on the faeries shoulder, and wrapping her arm carefully around Blooms waist. Bloom gently kissed Icy's forehead and stroked her face.

Icy suddenly sat up "It's morning" Bloom gently pulled her back into the previous position "It's OK" Icy lay down a bit uncomfortable "but the faeries" "Don't worry about them, It'll be fine" She quickly pressed another kiss on Icy's forehead.

"So... Last night... did you say you loved me?"



Preview Part 4

A good faerie as she is Bloom finds families shouldn't be devided, especially not for her, so with lot of ushering from her lover Icy heads for the house she and her sisters used to live in.

10 weeks after the fight in the hotel room the family will be reunited or not?

And how is Stormy's attitude doing?

Coming next week  (17 march)


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