She walked out to the balcony, her gown flowing like a river beneath her. The night was beautiful and pure, and she couldn't get over how many diamond-shining stars were twinkling in the night sky. Everything above her was radiant, impossible, and unattainable. Paramount in its unreachable status was Earth. She loved to look upon the Earth every night, watching storms and seasons pass across its face with such raw beauty.

She had always been infatuated with the blue planet, and soon her infatuation would be given a chance at love. The only love she might ever truly know. For so long, she had been passed around from Prince to Prince in a pathetic attempt at finding true love. Granted, it was useless. Love and arranged marriages? What a laugh.

Arranged marriages were all she had. Another arranged marriage, one that had been decided before she was even born, was about to become real. She gave her mother credit, for allowing her some small chance at real love; that was all dust now. It was time to spirit off to Earth, and meet her betrothed. She had her hopes, as she always had. Maybe, this time, he would be gentle and sweet. Maybe he would be tall and handsome; strong-willed and determined. Maybe he would just want the same things she wanted.

Even thinking it seemed folly. She knew that wasn't the way of it, that that would never be the way of it. She could only hope. . .

So she went on, gazing at the Earth. She wondered what her Prince was thinking at that moment. . . did he feel the same? Were they both trapped by eachother?

"Endymion. . . who are you?"


He walked out to the rose garden, looking up into the bright blue sky at the full, early-risen moon. It was so white and pure, and almost surreal. He couldn't help but think about the tidings he had just been given.

"Endymion, you're betrothed."

Endymion, you're betrothed. Endymion, your life is over. Endymion, you can't trust anyone. Endymion had been summoned to his fathers chambers under the assumption that they'd be sharing their usual tea together. Even still, he had had an inky suspicion. . . or maybe a premonition even, that this wasn't just the usual tea time.

"Endymion, you're betrothed. You have been since your birth. I know I should have told you. . .but I figured you'd be over this phase of yours before your 18th Birthday. . ."

"Father," Endymion began icily "what phase, pray tell, are you referring to?"

"Your phase with Princess Tranquility of the Plutonian Moon. I had always felt like it was just a passing fancy. I misjudged your commitment, and I am to blame for not stepping in before it was too late."

"Yes, father. You certainly misjudged my commitment. I have vowed myself to Tranquility for life. I do intend to keep my vow, no matter what. So it would appear we are at an impasse."

"Endymion, in matters of State there are no impasses. There is only action. Considering that this betrothal was decided and acknowledged when you were but a lad of four, I can understand how this might be frustrating for you. I need you to understand though, we need this alliance and I need you to be the son and Prince I know that you are. Put your Kingdom before yourself, as I have tried to teach you."

Endymions Father was so completely infuriating! How could he just expect Endymion to throw Tranquility back to Charon and say 'have a nice life, sorry about that last four years we spent together'!? All Endymion could think about was how in over his head he had gotten with her, and how deep a trouble he'd be in when the court found out just the level of commitment he'd really ascended in their relationship.

As he trod about through the rose garden, he couldn't help but notice how beautiful they looked after the rain. Though the rain had been present many hours prior, it began to appear as though everything was a great deal prettier. It was amazing how things worked like that; one moment, all the world was grey and dismal, and the next it was vivid and full of wonderment.

He couldn't help but wonder if the Princess had ever seen colours like these, or smelled the beautiful fragrances of the Earth. He couldn't help but wonder if he could ever have the love of his life and keep his people in mind and heart at the same time. For so long he'd been spoiled by freedom, his father being the semi-inattentive parent that he was. Endymion had always got good marks with his tutors, and excelled greatly in practices of strategy and battle with his companions. For this reason, and good reason it was, he was given essentially free reign over his personal affairs.

Fat lot of good that had done him.

Princess Serenity, huh? His eyes turned to the Moon in the sky of their own accord. Was she beautiful? What were her dreams? Had she been raised to be a good, dutiful sovereign? Could her heart be gentle and kind?

"Serenity. . . who are you?"


There was a party going on in the ballroom. Another cotillion she was expected to attend of course, a reason to parade her about and show her off for the Royal accomplishment that she was. Her mother had done so well to bring her up properly, and make her grow into a beautiful young woman. For all appearances, at least, that's exactly what she was.

Serenity was only fourteen years old, but she could've passed easily for seventeen. She had beautiful sunshine yellow hair, trailing down to her heels in the traditional Mooninite Odango style. She was only about 150 centimeters in height, but that didn't bother her so much, her Mum didn't get taller until her later years. She tended towards the white gowns favored by most descendants of her bloodline, as regality and purity were foremost in the image her family wanted to present as rulers.

Her looks were her only strong point, or at least that was how she felt. Serenity was too clumsy, too awkward, and too rude to be considered a true lady (behind closed doors). Serenity had a trouble being a lady when so many arrogant, proud Princes from insert-planet-here came to tote her off as a prize. She felt like a poorly produced stuff-toy at a carnival. They'd all been much the same over the last couple of years; since she'd reached an appropriate courting age. The Moon was the strongest Kingdom in the solar system, and as such it was highly coveted. Not only was Serenity the only living heir, the inheritance was matrilineal in any case; she herself was highly coveted and thus, a prize to be won.

No one loves a prize, not truly. For a time it's special and shiny, sure. After a time it gets put away and collects dust on the shelf though. . . what kind of love is that?

Serenity wanted love. That's all she wanted. Maybe not to love someone, but that the someone whom chose her, loved her. She was sick of being showed and complimented and eyed. She was tired of the same old sweet talk and empty promises. She couldn't care if the man was some Prince from a fallen kingdom, just as long as he cared about the Princess Serenity inside.

She knew that was just a dream, and that decided marriages never worked out that way. She still couldn't help but dream the hopeless dream. In fact, hopelessness was her only hope. Her only sanity lay in the wish that love would find her.

"Maybe tomorrow, love will find me."


It had been decided that the Moon Princess and her court would arrive on the morrow, sometime in the early evening.

Endymions entire world felt small and confined. He couldn't escape her, and he knew it. He couldn't weedle out of his duty to the Earth, either, and he knew it. What was most frustrating was the knowledge itself. He wished he could feign ignorance and just throw a tantrum. Unfortunately, he could not.

"Maybe tomorrow, it won't be so bad. Maybe I'll find a new friend."

Authors Note: Well hello, there. It's Sunday, September 30 2012, and I have once again come back to my story. Over the years the story has never left my thoughts. Reading over it, I realize a lot of it makes little sense even after SEVERAL revisions and so, I am here to alleviate that. I make no promises to complete the story, although it is significantly possible being as I have a computer and am now out of job corps lol. For now, lets just hope I can turn it into an even better story so that finishing it seems worth my while.