I think we can all agree that 'Ginger Snaps' is a strong contender for "Best Movie In The World"
Because we love it.
Or at least I do...which is why i've written this Fic.
Okay...so, even if you won't admit it: you wanted Sam and Brigitte to fall in love and live
happily ever after.
I definately did...but it didn't happen. And, weirdly, I love that it didn't happen.
So now it's not-gonna-happen AGAIN!

Welcome to my Fic!
It's set in the ghost world...Brigitte has just died, and goes in search of Ginger...
...and finds someone else at the same time!
R & R!

I own none of the characters that are taken from the movie.
All made-up's, however, and the story idea - belong to ME!


I'd finally figured out that the only way to save myself from lycanthropy was to die. There was no other way. And, in a way, I was kind of glad. Fifteen years I'd been running – running from myself, running from Ginger and what she'd given me.

And now that I'm dead I can spend an eternity being me, being human Brigitte…that's all I ever wanted. But before I could move on I had to find my sister, I had to find Ginger. I never could exist without her and I'm not about to start now.

It's hard to explain the ghost world – you're just there, you know? Like, you can roam about the real world as much as you like. It's almost peaceful – but, alone, it's incredibly unsettling. I needed Ginger then just as much as I had done when we were teenagers; living boring lives and wanting to die. How ironic that'd been.

I knew exactly where to look for Ginger. Two sisters can't be so close and not know everything about each other. And so I went to her. Not only to her, but to home. Home in Bailey Downs – where my parents were. How much I'd missed them. I couldn't wait to see them again.

Bailey Downs hadn't changed…I doubt that it ever would. That's why she hated it too much – it was far too mundane for Ginger. A part of me didn't believe everything had actually happened when I first saw the house. I wondered whether it had all been a creative day dream I'd had during school – and now I was coming home to another boring evening. But I knew it wasn't true – the very second I saw my parents.

They looked normal – exactly as I remembered them. But they seemed to ignore each other, as if they hadn't noticed the others presence. I wasn't particularly surprised. I wondered how they'd been this last fifteen years, with neither me nor Ginger. Then I wondered if they knew Ginger had visited them as a ghost. It was so possible Mom knew…she was odd like that. I wondered if she'd known if I was there that very moment.

My thoughts were interrupted by a bang downstairs. Mom and Dad had heard it too and rushed down into the basement, where Ginger and I had shared a bedroom so long ago. I followed them – not even thinking about how odd all of this was. After having spent fifteen years as a werewolf, it took a lot to pass as 'strange' these days.

I was completely shocked when I followed my parents into my room. They'd kept it exactly the same as the last time I'd been in there. The only difference was that they'd replaced the bathroom door which Ginger had torn down to escape. But, other than that, nothing had changed. I felt so sad for a moment – sad for everything that happened when it would have been just as easy for life to be completely different. Perhaps in an alternative universe, our lives could have been completely normal – and now I realized how perfect that would have been.

Even my thoughts went completely numb when I found out what had created the crashing noise. There she was, stood over a picture frame which she'd knocked of the unit and had fallen onto the floor. I heard Ginger swear before she looked up, with a look of shock on her face – first she'd seen Mom and Dad…then she saw me.

"B!" Ginger exclaimed, as Mom had run over to pick up the picture frame. Shards of glass from the frame were scattered underneath the debris. Ginger walked over to me. "I can't believe you're here. We're finally together, properly…as it should be. After all these years." Ginger hugged me and I smiled.

"I know. I'm so glad things are back to…normal," I replied. Ginger laughed at me. "I knew you'd be here. Do you come here a lot alone?" I asked. At this point, Dad had followed Mom and had picked up all the little pieces of glass whilst she simply picked up the frame, stared at the picture for a few seconds, then walked over to Ginger's bed and sat, hugging the frame close to her chest, looking at the ground.

"Yeah," Ginger replied. "As annoying as they were, I miss these guys." I smiled at Ginger. Curiosity had captured me and so I walked over to stand next Mom. When she moved the frame to stare again at it, I saw that it was a picture of Ginger and me when we were toddlers. Suddenly, I felt a really odd twinge of pain in my heart. Ginger must have known because she walked up to me and put her arm around my shoulder.

"Whoa, what was that?" I asked her, knowing she'd know the answer. She always did know the answer – all except that one time, and that one time had lead to the entire downfall. Dad had walked over and sat beside Mom on the bed, looking down at the picture.

"You're feeling her pain…it's odd, but when you're…like we are…you feel humans' emotions. Don't worry, you'll get used to it," Ginger told me. I was shocked. I had no idea anything like this would happen. I could tell Ginger had learnt to deal with it, because she didn't seem as hurt as I was. She just looked normal. Whatever normal was.