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"Hello Brigitte," Sam said; looking to me from Trina, whom he still had a firm grip on. The four of us – Ginger, Sam, Trina and I stood in complete silence for a moment in time. We were only disturbed by the sound of gossiping whispers from our audience. Ginger pulled herself up from the floor, rubbing the red mark Trina had left on her face.

"What are you doing here?" Ginger questioned Sam as both Trina and I stood motionless. All we did was listen – to Ginger making everyone else's business her own. She stood there defiantly, with her 'I own the world' look.

"Heard some stuff…wanted to know if it was true." Sam looked directly at me, which lead to another moment-too-long silence followed closely by whispers from around us. I had no idea what I could say – even if I could think of the smartest statement possible, it would have come out all wrong anyway, and I would have managed to make myself look dense.

Sam now let go of Trina, and she tripped slightly as she moved quickly away from him, and away from both me and Ginger, at the same time, as if trying to alienate herself from us. She was probably annoyed that her dramatic moment had passed. Now we were all focused on someone else. I was surprised that she'd yet to speak – remembering how she'd been about Sam when we were all…alive.

"Well, you came, you saw, you know. Bye now!" Ginger's voice pierced through the silence. The three of us, plus the entire gang of people, looked at Ginger. I knew I had to say something before Ginger fucked up this entire thing. Trina was still saying nothing.

"Shut up Ginger!" I announced, which received a less-than-pleasant stare from my sister. All she was bothered about was making herself the centre of attention – I knew that. Luckily I was all-too used to see to seeing Ginger's pissed off look, so I stared back hard at her; letting her know I didn't care what she thought.

I looked back to Sam. "Can we talk?" he asked, looking at me – as if trying to measure if I was any different from all those years ago. Yes, I have changed – I am stronger now, Sam.

"No!" came the answer, before I even had chance to respond. The reply came from both Ginger and Trina in unison. I looked at both of them, puzzled. What right did they have to make my decisions for me?

"I was talking to Brigitte, if you don't mind," Sam shot back, staring at the both of them. I waited for an argument to ensue between Sam and Ginger, but even Ginger was cut off. Trina began to take over.

"I don't care," Trina quickly replied. She'd definitely got her voice back by now. I began to walk away, not knowing what to do.

"Where the hell are you going? I'm not finished with you yet," Trina's voice roared from behind me. I stopped, and turned back to look at her.

"Oh, we're finished. I'm sick of listening to this now. If you've got a problem, you're just going to have to deal with it – I don't see why I should be involved." I knew I would regret that – I could tell from the expression on Trina's face. She was so angry her face had turned red. But I didn't give her a chance to fight back – I wasn't in the mood for her crap anymore.

"Let's talk," I said, turning to look at Sam. Again, I turned to walk away – followed by Sam – away from the crowd of people; their eyes following me as I tried to escape. Who know what they were thinking just then. Was I as great as my sister had made me out to be? Or was I another destroyed dream – a fake disguised as a legend?