Dean Winchester lay gazing at the slumbering form beside him. She was perfection. She totally was. From her curvaceous body, to her flowing hair – it glowed in the late summer afternoon like something on fire – to her kissable lips. Dean couldn't resist himself. He had to lean over and kiss her.

Dean's movement woke Bambi. Her large, doe-eyes blinked sleepily at him. "Hey babe."

"Hey babe yourself."

They gazed at each other with unspoken understanding. It was unspoked because neither one said a word.

"Time to go?"

"Time to go."

Dean forced himself to crawl out from under the blankets. He didn't want to leave the warmth by her side. Bambi pulled the sheet up to cover her perfectly shaped breasts and watched him. The late afternoon sun lit him like an Adonis (you know? that greek god?) because he was so beautiful.

Dean could feel Bambi's eyes on his as he got dressed. He didn't want to go, but he had work to do.

"Do you have to go, babe?"

"You know I do, Bamb. I hunt evil."

"Like Buffy?"

"Yeah." (except you know Dean could totally kick her ass!)

Unshed tears welled up in Bambi's chocolate colored doe-eyes. They were unshed because of all that was unspoke between them. Dean noticed her hand drifed down to cover her flat belly that wouldn't be flat much longer – at least for a few months. But they couldnot talk about it. Sam would kill him.

"Got to go, Bam." Dean leaned in to give her a kiss. What he really wanted to do was give her a ring. But not now. Not yet.

A knock on the door let Dean know Sam had arrived. He opened the door to let his brother in. He handed him a gun. He cocked it. Looking back over his shoulder he looked at the woman to be his wife and said, "I'm going to work, Bee"

She loved him.

Time to kill the bad things.

Kill them dead.


More to come:-)