I got so excited writing about this story that Sam had to have a part too!

Sam Winchester watched with jellousy as Dean pulled Bambi into his arms for a kiss. He hated watching them together Bambi ruined everything.

Bambi squeaked and pushed Dean away teasingly. "You smell. Go shower." Dean always followed orders so he went right into the bathroom even tho Sam had called dibs on the shower. Sam didn't not have time to complain befor the bathroom door slamed shut.

Sam heaved a sigh and glared at Bambi. She looked back at him with those wonderful, chocolate colored eyes waiting for him to speak. Turning away he turned his back instead. I'll be damned if I stand here in these smelly clothes he thought to himself as he pulled his arms out of his sleeves of his long sleeve shirt.

The hoodie, the button down, the flannel, the long sleeve, the t-shirt and the under shirt ended up in a smelly heap on the floor. Sam had started to unbuckle his belt when a delicate hand brushes his shoulder, "Sam, are you hurt do you need help?"

Sam sucked in a deep breath happy that because he was still wearing his jeans Bambi could not see his quivering member. Sam spun thinking he would pull away, but suddenly she was in his arms crushed against his chest. "I get so scared when I see you drive away in the Implanta!" Bambi wailed. "I get so afraid you (plural you, she's talking about Dean and Sam) might never come back."

Sam tried to push Babmi away but she clung to him like ivy clings to a trellis. And she smelled much better than him, so he gave up pushing and let her stay where she was. She smelled like buttercups and spring. It was a good smell. A clean smell. The smell of everything good and clean. Like a new beginning. How could he hate her? He couldn't.

Sam wrapped his arms around Bombi. He knew there would be trouble if Dean saw him touching Bambi. She was Deans girl. He loved her. But he loved her too. Nothing good could come of this no matter how good Bammi smelled.

Sam couldn't resist himself, he leaned down to kiss Bambi's kissable lips. If Sam wasn't' careful and Dean caught him Dean would kill him dead. But it was all worth it for Bambi's kiss.

More to continue later!