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Summery: AU. Danny is a 15 year old boy. He has never set a foot outside the room he lives in. He is isolated from the world…but why? Sam is a 15 year old girl. She lives in the slums of the city, living in an old, worn out house with her abusive father. What do these two people have in common? What plot is unfurling beneath the surface of their lives?




The room was bathed in an inky blackness, even though the sun was still in the sky outside. Heavy curtains obscured the piercing light. In the murky darkness, a teenaged boy lay, staring at the ceiling. The boy was around 15, and had black hair and blue eyes. His skin was abnormally pale, as if the rays of the sun had never touched him.

The boy tuned his head slightly towards the door when a harsh knocking made it shudder in its frame. The door clicked and swung open, letting a dim shaft of light lay across the room. The boy squinted despite the low intensity of the light and got up to walk over to the entryway.

A hand shoved a dinner tray into his hands, shut the door, and locked it. The boy walked over to his rickety desk and plopped down on the chair to eat. This was routine. He had never left this room, at least in his memory. There was even a small bathroom connected to it. He never so much as slipped a toe past the door to his room, nor even taken a look at the outside world. It was forbidden to him. They had made that clear. The room was his life. That was how it should be and how it will stay.

Although he had no contact with the outside world, he was by no means uneducated. They had sometimes shoved a few books through the door along with his meals. It was a relief to have something to do. Learning was one of the few pleasures available to him to alleviate the boring monotony of his existence. Those books on his desks were the only thing that even remotely linked him to the outside. It was also quite possibly the only thing keeping him sane.

After finishing his meager meal, he placed the tray on the ground near the door. They would get it later. Giving a slight sigh, he resumed his position on the bed to stare at the ceiling. His eyes darted over to the curtained window, but he quickly trained them back upon his ceiling. After bout half an hour, he sighed and got up once more. The thought wouldn't leave him today. He walked across the carpeted floor to arrive in front of his window.

He had finished all of his books. He had nothing else. He had always wondered what the outside looked like. He had pictures, sure, but would they compare? What lay beyond his life? What were people really like? Why do they go outside? Why can't he? Questions like this made a chaotic clamor in his mind, demanding answers. He had always wondered, but it had gotten worse.

He stared at the curtains. They said not to. They said it would be better if he never saw. They made it clear. But what else did he have to do? And he had so many questions they wouldn't answer or give him the time to ask. He needed to know. He needed answers…

A pale hand reached tentatively towards the wall of fabric. It lay there for a second, as the mind that controlled it hesitated. It clutched the material lightly, and the boy held his breath as he eased the curtain open just enough to get a glimpse of the world he had been denied.


A girl of 15 years lay in a crumpled heap against the brick wall of an old building. Her black hair was frazzled and her amethyst eyes were red and puffy. Her tearstained face was turned to the little sky she could see from the alleyway. Purple bruises adorned her pale flesh. Her clothes were distinctly gothic, although worn.

Another girl cautiously approached her. This one had brown hair and green eyes. She just wore some beat up jeans and a simple T-shirt. She kneeled next to the girl on the ground and placed her hand gently on her back. The purple-eyed girl showed little reaction, although a bit of the tenseness left her.

"Rough day Sam?" The green-eyed girl asked, making it sound more like a statement than anything else.

Sam laughed ruefully without mirth before replying, "Yeah."

"Come on," the green-eyed girl urged, "Let's do something. You deserve to be carefree for awhile."

"Like what Sarah? If you haven't noticed, we're pretty much broke."

Sarah smiled happily and pulled out a few crumpled bills out of her pocket.

"I found these earlier today."

"But you shouldn't be wasting you money on me, trying to cheer me up!" Sam protested.

"You're my friend, cheering you up is not a waste of money." She grinned, "Besides, we haven't watched a movie in a long time anyway."

"You're not going to give up until I agree, aren't you?"

Sarah just kept smiling. Sam sighed and voiced her acceptance, "Alright, alright…the old theater, right?"

Sarah nodded and helped Sam get back on her feet. Sam swiped her sleeve across her face and raked her fingers through her hair before following her friend down the alleyways and streets to the old theater.

When they reached a small apartment complex, Sam stopped walking, lost in thought. Sarah, realizing her companion had ceased to follow, turned back to walk toward her.

"Sam?" She asked questioningly.

"I've always wondered who lives there." Sam stated softly back in answer. Sarah followed her gaze.

"The window, huh?"

"Yeah, I've never seen those curtains open and I've lived here all my life."

It was a small window, the middle one out of the nine. The curtains were gray, almost perfectly blending in with the walls. Sam thought she saw them shift slightly, but she shook her head and told herself she was delusional. It could be a storage room for all she knew.

"Well," Sarah said, breaking the silence, "Let's go."

Sam turned to leave, but her head swung back to the window as if of its own accord. A pair of startling blue eyes peered from in between the pieces of fabric. Surrounded by the palest skin she'd ever seen. The eyes widened and disappeared, and the gap closed once more. Sam gasped, her jaw would have hit the floor if it could.

"Sam! Come on!"

She shook herself out of her surprised stupor and quickly followed, trying to puzzle through her thoughts.


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