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Ch. 9


The sky had turned gray. Thick clouds blanketed the sky, creating an artificial night. An hour ago, children were playing in their front yard, but no one was outside anymore. The houses looked foreboding, with their shutters closed and lights turned off. It was almost like the neighborhood had been abandoned. And yet, that was not the case. Mothers and their sons and daughters huddled, terrified, where they thought they might be safest, inside their houses. The fathers stood next to their respective wives and children, all holding some sort of makeshift weapon in their hands. Despite never having fought before, they wanted to protect their family. From inside their houses, they waited, hoping against hope that the killer would never find the little dead-end street they happened to live on.

Then, a crushing silence. No one dared to breathe. An oppressive feeling, a sudden draining of happiness. It was as if the sun had ceased to exist for the briefest of moments. The children shivered, tears leaking out of their eyes. But even through their fear, they all knew to stay silent, even the infants. Not a whimper escaped past their lips.

A noise, almost unheard. The faint, shuffling sounds were almost imperceptible. But they caught the notice of a husband, in one of the closest houses to the beginning of the street. Cautiously, he edged his way over to the window, lifting a segment of the blinds to peek through.

At first, he couldn't tell what it was. It almost looked like a human figure covered in tar…but as the thing came closer, he could tell that was not the case. As it entered the street, the ooze dripped off of it and onto the street, and the yard next to it. The man watched in an almost morbid fascination as the grass withered and died almost immediately. The acidic substance hissed as it came in contact with the asphalt of the street.

His eyes widened as a woman came running towards the monster. He could see the tears running down her face, and he could see the wisps of blonde hair trying to free themselves from her ponytail. He almost wanted to cry out, to give a warning, or to ask what the hell she thought she was doing…but no sound came from his throat. His vocal chords temporarily refused to work. He could hear snatches of the shouted accusations that the woman threw at the thing; just barely, but he could.

"…killed her! How could…my daughter…dead!…are…MONSTER!"

In her rage, pain, and sorrow induced madness, the woman threw herself to the toxic thing. She threw herself to her death. She screamed as the acidic substance came in contact with her skin. The thing did not move. The woman's legs gave out and she crumpled to the ground, whimpering and yet still glaring at the monster with every ounce of hate she could summon. Trails of black substance still connected her to the thing, and with every second that passed, it ate away father and farther into her.

The thing just stared at her with obsidian eyes, almost indistinguishable from the ooze that coated it. Then, in one swift movement, it collapsed upon itself. It lost its semi-human form, turning into a bubbling column of roiling black. Without warning, it fell upon the woman, drawing one last scream from her before she was consumed by the acid.

When the thing drew back and reformed, there was nothing left of the woman.


His eyes stung and watered as he stared sightlessly at the closet ceiling. He lay limp on the ground, a shining trail of salty water coming from his abused left eye. At first, he had been panicked, just barely restraining himself from screaming. Then came denial. At least that didn't last long. Now, there was just a numb kind of acceptance.

"Once you lose something, you gain something else."

He tensed at the unexpected words. They sent a shiver through him, they almost sounded familiar. But who could have spoken? It seemed to have come from nowhere, echoing from within the small space.

He sat up stiffly, trying to search through blind eyes as his ears strained to pick up another sound. There was only the silence and the darkness. The only sounds were that of his own breath and that of the girl's.

'Am I going insane?'


"Music to my ears." The boss remarked, chuckling, "Ah, but there is more thing for me to do. Perhaps this disastrous situation can be remedied."

He pressed the green button on his remote, still not taking his eyes off of his precious experiment, and for now, his entertainment.

"I will not let this fall to pieces. That is not an option."


His lungs constricted. He couldn't breathe. The strength left his arms and he crashed gracelessly to the floor once again. His head was spinning, and couldn't tell which way was up.

And yet somehow, there was no pain.

That was when he felt the hand latch onto his wrist. With trembling fingers, he managed to follow the arm up to her face with his other hand. The fringes of her eyelashes fluttered against his fingers.

"I…won't let you… be…tortured like…this." She gasped out.

She coughed, hacking up a small amount of blood. Flecks of it landed on his arm. He wanted to say something to her. What, he didn't know.

But even if he could find the words, he wouldn't have been able to speak them.


What happens when you care so much about someone, that you don't even know what to call it? How can one fall in love or beyond when no more than a single sentence had been spoken? What could evoke so much emotion, without even knowing the other person's name? Is that love at first sight? Or something else?

Is such a thing as this destined to last? Or will it fall to pieces as suddenly as it had began?

But then again, who is to say it hadn't begun long before?