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Summary: What if Harry Potter was a girl? Made famous to the Wizarding World of the ignorant, Lilium Rose Potter is forgotten by her people, and abandoned by her family. Left to fend for herself on the streets, what is a girl to do?

Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam
The Mouth of the Just shall meditate Wisdom
et lingua eius Loquetur Iudicium
And his tong shall speak Judgment
Beatus vir. qui suffert tentationem
Blessed, the man who endures temptation
Quoniam cum probatus fuerit
For Once tried
accipiet coronam vitae
He shall receive the Crown of Life
Kyrie, ignis divine, eleison
Oh Lord, Oh Holy Fire, have mercy
O Quam Sancta.
Oh how sacred
Quam serena.
How serene
Quam benigna.
How Benevolent
Quam amoena.
How lovely
O castitatis Lilium
Oh Lily of Purity

Lily of Purity

Chapter One: Lilium

By The Morrigu

It was the night of November 1st 1981, which in old legends was All Hollow's Day, where the adult spirits of those long gone could walk among the living and seek out their loved ones. The day was slowly drawing to a close, as midnight was creeping closer. The magic that had been alive in the very atmosphere over the past two days began to lessen, in all except one area. As street lamp, after street lamp went out, the residents of Privet Drive remained ignorant of the events which were about to transpire on their very own street. A rumbling noise echoed throughout the air, as a gigantic man stepped off a motorbike. To meet him stood an extremely old man, whose long silvery-white beard gave him the look of a Santa-look alike. Next to him stood a tall, firm looking woman. Her grey-streaked hair pulled away from her face in a tight looking bun, with no hair out of place. She was the kind of person who went through things by the rulebook.

"Hagrid." Said the old man, his eyes showing how relieved he was. "At last! And where did you get that motorbike?"

"Borrowed it, Professor Dumbledore sir." Replied the gigantic man, otherwise known as Hagrid. "Young Sirius Black lent it to me. I've got him sir."

"No problems, were there?"

"No sir- house was almost destroyed but I got him out all right before the Muggles stated swarmin' around. He fell asleep as we was flyin' over Bristol."

Hagrid gave Dumbledore a bundle of blankets, while the woman looked in them, and gasped as the lightning shaped cut on the Childs forehead.

"Is that where..?" whispered the woman, trailing off.

"Yes." Replied Dumbledore. "The scar will always be there."

The woman, Professor Minerva McGonagall, began to question him about it. But Dumbledore changed the subject, and walked towards number four. He deposited the child on the doorstep, while folding a letter into the folds of the blankets. After a small talk with the other two, they quickly left. Dumbledore remained for a few moments.

"I am sorry child, but I am afraid I cannot help you any more than this. When you find out the truth, I hope you are not too angry. Farewell, young child, Farewell Lilium."

Then, the old man vanished, and the street lights reappeared.

The next morning, Petunia Dursley came out to get the milk bottle and stared in shock at the bundle of blankets on her doorstep. When they moved, she let out a shriek, which caused the young child to awaken. Grabbing the blankets, she brought them into the house.

"Vernon!" she called, staring at the black haired child in the blankets.

"Yes dear?" replied the man, who entered the kitchen. He stopped dead when he saw the bundle of blankets. "Petunia? What's this?"

"I…" she faltered, when she found a letter in the folds of the blankets. She set the child down on the table, said child having gone back to sleep, and unfolded the letter. She read it aloud for her husband to hear.

Dear Mrs Petunia Dursley,

It is with my sincerest apologies that I must make you aware of the most recent development of your sister, a Mrs Lily Evans Potter. I am afraid to say that your sister and her husband died on the 31st October, at the hands of Lord Voldemort. With them went the said Dark Lord, but they left behind their young child, Lilium Rose Potter. She is just over one, and her birthday is on July 31st. By signing your name at the bottom of this letter, you are agreeing to magical protection, which will make you her guardian, but also protect you and your family from harm from the magical world.

I am sorry for the abruptness of this letter, but I am afraid that the young child's safety was my main thought. I do hope that you take her in, and treat her as your own. It is your decision whether to inform her of her heritage before she reaches the age of eleven, where she can rejoin our world.

Yours Faithfully,

Albus Dumbledore

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Petunia remained staring at the letter for a few moments, while Vernon was staring at the child.

"We should take the child to an orphanage." He said.

"But Vernon…"

"She is not ours, and I do not want one of them living in this house." Replied Vernon.

"But what about Dudders? Us? It says that by taking her in, we will be safe. We need to be safe Vernon!" cried Petunia, remembering the deaths of her parents at the hands of wizards. "We need to stay safe."

Vernon stared at the form of his wife for a few moments, before sighing.

"Sign it." He muttered.

Petunia offered him a small smile, before grabbing a black biro and signing along the dotted line. She thought she felt a strange tingle in the air, but blamed it on her imagination.

Two years later…

Petunia Dursley looked towards the small form of her niece carefully. She was, sad to say, small for her age. Although she and Vernon pretended to not care for the child, they felt as though they should. She was a fast learner, and was eager to help them with things. She helped Dudley at times, when he didn't understand things, and it was hard to stay mad at a child, when she blinked up at you innocently with large green eyes watering. It was during the summer, when Dudley was using the hose pipe to squirt it towards cats, or any other animal that came near it. Lilium, or Lily, was sat on the bin, looking over the fence and telling him where to shoot. The pair of them weren't exactly friends, but they had a form of family truce going on. Her green eyes has a mischievous glint in them, remind Petunia very much of her younger sister. All except that damn lightning bolt on the Childs forehead.

It was an ugly scar, evil looking and it gave Petunia shivers from just looking at it. She figured that there was more behind the death of her sister than what the letter said, and it was connected to the lightning bolt scar. Suddenly, she got an idea.

"Lilium! Come here!" Ordered Petunia, as the child looked up and slid from the bin and came over to her.

"Yes Aunt Petunia?" said Lilium slowly, making sure that she pronounced everything right.

"How about we go to London, okay? I think we should go to the doctors." Stated Petunia, walking into the house, Lilium following behind. She told Vernon what she was planning, and although her husband didn't like the idea of spending that kind of money on the child, he agreed as well. The scar freaked him out as well. The two girls got in the car, and drove off into London.

Two years later…

The Dursley's looked towards their house sadly, as they drove away. Due to problems with Vernon's company, there were some redundancies, and Vernon was fired. Money became tight after a while, and they were forced to sell the house. It was the talk of the neighborhood, something Petunia loathed. But, as it became harder and harder to look after the four of them, with two adults and two growing children to feed, it became apparent that something had to be done. Something had to be done quickly. So, in a decision that may make both of the Dursley's regret, Petunia and Vernon packed up all of Lilium's things. They droved from the small apartment that they had been living in, and came to a stop at a St. Mary's Orphanage. They handed the five year old girl over to a nun, and her things. Then, Petunia gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug, before the couple drove off.

It took a few minutes for the young girl to realize that she had been abandoned, and in the heart of London, a small five year old girl collapsed in the pouring rain. She sobbed her heart out, with nuns just watching her actions, not deciding to comfort her or anything. Within her first week, she managed to calm down enough to fit in with the Orphanage life. The five year old began to attend school, where they were all ridiculed for being orphans. They were the insiders, those who knew what it was like being in an orphanage, whereas the outsiders were those who lived a sugar coated life, and never saw the real world. Whereas the insiders were brought up on the very streets themselves. The insiders were outcasts, although inside the Orphanage's walls, they often fought one another and quarreled, outside they united as one single force. If someone were to fight against one orphan, they fought against all one hundred and nine of them.

During her first three years in the orphan life style, Lily created her own mold. Instead of having the usual street urchin mold, she had her very own. She was quiet, smart, witty, slightly sarcastic, and worked on her instincts. Very few street kids have the gift of 'instinct'. It means that if they were to get into some kind of fight, their body would fight for them automatically, instead of freezing up. Hers did just this. Unlike her comrades, who preferred to punch and draw blood, she preferred to use her speed. She used her small, lithe body to her advantage, and was according to some of the older guys, rather flexible. (At this point he and his mates all started to laugh at some joke). Her best subject was Science, to the extent where she learnt beyond the curriculum. She knew in detail about all of the pressure points, and used this as well to her advantage. This way, she didn't have to draw blood and have to listen to the sound of her bones crushing into someone else's.

Although life outside of the Orphanage was a partial nightmare, with everyone despising the orphans, blaming them for the slightest thing. She didn't really believe how bad it would get, until a day in winter when she was eight. Upon leaving the school, and cutting through all of the alleys, (Contrary to popular belief, alleys are actually quite safe. No one goes there in fear of something happening, so they are quite empty) away from all of the hustle and bustle of the city, she came across a sight which disgusted her to her bones. The sky overheard was completely white, promising snow to come, and it was extremely cold out anyway. So, in an alleyway, four teenage outsiders were crowed around the small frail body of a boy insider. Lilium recognized him as being Kyle, a new boy at the Orphanage. The youngest there in fact. What he was doing wandering the city was anyone's guess, and the boys had just finished kicking him.

Kyle was curled up in a little ball, and lay on the freezing cold ground. Lily growled, her green eyes almost glowing with anger. How dare they! Pick on such a small kid. With a burst of energy, she rushed forwards, surprising the teens, and gathered Kyle up in her arms. He was probably about half the size of her, and was wearing really thin clothes, probably the first ones that he got. (They were always really thin, the worst for the new kid. Orphanage Rule) She looked up into the faces of the teens, and they seemed almost taken aback by the intensity of her eyes, but their pride stopped them from stepping back.

"I hope your happy with yourselves!" hissed Lily menacingly, dropping her bag on the floor next to Kyle, rising to her feet and putting her hands on her hips, offering them all a scowl. Over the years, her voice had changed from her posh Surrey accent, to a more street-wise one. So now it had a street echo and twinge to it, which made people listen to her, just to hear such a strange voice.

The guys all shared a look, some of them eyeing her up. They obviously didn't expect such a small girl to have such an attitude.

"Chill! He's only a fucking orphan!" said the blond, who then looked at her scruffy uniform and bag. "Though your probably one too! Another fucking scrounger!"

Lily stopped herself from recoiling slightly, and examined precisely what kind of teens were in front of her. Designer Uniforms…Posh Shoes….Clean Shoes…Expensive Winter Coat…You call us scroungers? Your all living off daddy's little money…bloody hypocrites thought Lily darkly.

"You can't call us a scrounger. Least we ain't daddy's boys!" voiced Lily, her eyes subtly darting around the alley for an escape.

"Bitch." Hissed a brunette, and one of them made a grab for her, but she ducked under the arm. She grabbed hold of it, and twisted it around the guys back. He hissed in pain, and she smirked in triumph. That was until she remembered that there was one of her, and four of them.

"Shit." She whispered, but collapsing to the floor as her head pounded. The blond sneered down at her, and she scowled up at him. Together, him and his buddies crowd around her and one of them pulled her arms back, while another held her legs together. The other two started to kick her, and she tried to scream, but someone covered her mouth. Anger, it surged up from the pit of her stomach, flowed through her bloodstream, itching to be released. Lily then bit down angrily on the hand that covered her mouth, her tears running down her cheeks from the amount of pain that she was in.

Then, she screamed. It wasn't the normal high pitched scream; it was more a scream of agony. But with it, released all of the anger that was writhing like a wild animal in her gut. It sent the four boys flying into the opposite wall, hit it and slide down to the ground, unconscious. It healed all of her injuries, and some of Kyle's by the looks of it. Lily sat up in shock, staring mystified at the unconscious boys. Whatever had happened, she sent a silent thank you to the heavens, and crawled over to Kyle. She gently shook him awake, and he opened his large grey eyes, staring at her in a mixture of fear and happiness.

"Shh! It's alright now!"

From that day on, Lilium Rose had a little brother.

As time passed, and the life at the Orphanage became even harder as funding became hard to get, Kyle seemed to be attached at the hip to Lily. The problem was that without the money, they couldn't afford to buy medicine for the kids, and Kyle seemed to get ill a lot. This meant that most of their time was spent at a bed side, with Kyle occasionally curling up in bed with Lily at night. The sisters at the Orphanage though, seemed to think that and education was more important than rest, so eventually Kyle had to go to school while being extremely ill. By the time Lily reached the age of ten, the Orphanage was in such bad conditions that the funds just disappeared, and the Orphanage became disbanded. After a rather tearful goodbye at Kings Cross Station, Kyle and Lily separated. Kyle going to Southampton and Lily going to Manchester to begin her new life.

The train journey didn't take that long, and she had to get the bus to the new school. Her new school was Stand Grammar School for Girls. It was a boarding school of sorts, where orphans could live there, and children in the area could attend as well. The school itself was built just before World War II, and had paint peeling off the walls, and still retained the same rooms that were there then. The area had a mixture of grand million pound mansions, as well of a few housing estates. The school had a mixture of class attending it, some from the higher societies, and other from the lowest of the low. There were around five hundred pupils, ranging from eight all the way up to eighteen. So at the beginning of September 1990, Lily Rose joined the flanks of these pupils. She wore the usual uniform, which was a navy knee length skirt, white socks, black shoes, white blouse, and a navy jumper. Her long black hair was in two plaits, and her green eyes were wide staring around the hall at the other girls there who were wearing the same clothes. Perhaps, it wouldn't be so bad here.

Lily yawned, and got dressed quickly as her alarm went off signaling it was time to get up. She looked across at her room mate, Katie Parland, who was a vivacious blond girl of twelve years. She would be up in the late hours talking to either herself, or to Lily, but always be awake at the crack of dawn. It always managed to amaze Lily how Katie could be so full of life. As if summoning her by magic, Katie entered through the door, looking refreshed and looking as though she just had been forced to eat something disgusting. This, by the kitchen staffs efforts at food, probably wasn't surprising.

"Don't bother goin' down for breakfast; the porridge is all lumpy and cold." Said Katie, pouting to herself. The girl grabbed her rucksack, and left the room with Lilium in tow.

The main problem at Stand Grammar was not that it received no funding. In fact, it had plenty. The problem was that it all went to a Mr. Richard Crompton. An extremely proud man, who believed that what he said, went. He was the sort of person, who believed that if he told the wind to stop howling, it would. He only spent the money which was for the school when it was necessary. So the food was of the lowest standard, the bed sheets, the clothes, the books, everything. Even the necessary things that girls needed, which wasn't something the Lily had wanted to know, but Katie thought to tell her anyway. Mr. Crompton also hated children. He said that they were too needy, and reliant on everyone. They were too innocent of the outside world, and needed some help in that department. This might have been why several of the middle grouped girls. (Those only just hitting their teens), were extremely quiet and subdued. It was also why they were advised not to go anywhere near the west wing for their own safety, and last of all, why the said girls always appeared after the weekends with bruises. The strange thing was that teachers just turned a blind eye.

The girls who were his favorites, so to speak, were always the orphans. This was why Katie had wanted to room with the new girl; because she figured that he wouldn't try anything with a younger girl rooming with her. He wouldn't want to taint her innocence too early. They entered the main hall, where girls were lining up, ready for morning assembly. Both Katie and Lily sat on some chairs near the centre, and soon a hush fell over the hall. Mrs Braxter, an aging kind woman stood up on the stage, she smiled at all the girls, but the smile didn't quite reach her eyes. With a whole month of being at Stand Grammar, Lily had actually gotten to know the woman rather well. Lily was always very attentive to those around her, looking at them in detail, examining them and seeing what they were like. It was something she had picked up at St Mary's; it was like sizing them up. So when Mrs Braxter's smile didn't meet her eyes, it meant that there was something seriously wrong. Then up on the stage, Mr. Crompton appeared.

He was not so much a man to be fear; he was of medium height, with dark features and a very prominent chin. He wore a grey suit, and looked very tired, as though he had just exercised or something. Lily shook her head; she didn't want to go into detail on that kind of thing. It wasn't that he was scary; it was mainly that his reputation is what made you shiver at night. It was what made you bolt your dorm door, in all hopes that Mr. Crompton wouldn't try any nighttime wanderings. Mr. Crompton's dark eyes flashed dangerously, as he glared down at the group of girls before him.

"In this school, we do not stand disobedience. We do not stand with malicious intent towards one another, and most of all, we do not stand for unruly actions. I intend to make an example." He whirled around, and spat towards the two men at the doors. "Bring her in."

It was as though it were a jail, and whoever the men were going to bring in, they were going to feed her to the very air itself like a pack of dogs. Whatever crime this girl had done was probably farfetched, and she was probably trying to help someone. In through the doors came a young girl, she was probably about fifteen or sixteen. She was tall for her age, and fully developed. She had dark auburn hair, and hazel eyes. She was of the popular sort, and had many friends. These friends in fact hissed at one another in shock and despair, obviously they knew something that no one else knew. The closest girl to Lily, who looked as though she was going to cry, was a brunette who was of medium height. Her name was something like Harriet or Holly. She was staring at the girl on the stage with something akin to sympathy, and Lily could have sworn she heard the girl murmuring bible passages under her breath. What ever was going to happen, it was not going to be good.

"This girl! This Amy Daniels is a threat to this establishment." At this, he offered a glare at the girl. "Her very being here is against everything we stand for here. Let it be known that we at Stand do not condone frivolous actions between one another, and we do not encourage any form of sexual contact between either sexes." He shot Amy another glare. "For these actions, Amy Daniel's is hereby disgraced from Stand Grammar, and may never join is again."

Lily raised an eyebrow towards the stage, and looked along the lines of upperclassmen girls, to see them all looking fearfully towards the stage. There was obviously more to this than that their seemed. Perhaps, Mr. Crompton was a man to be feared after all?

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