The alarm clock bell rang, disturbing the blue haired sleeping ones dreams sit sat up sleepily and checked the time "8:10? I gotta go!" He cried, leaping elegantly out of bed then slipping on the rug in his room "Stuart! Breakfast!" his mother called up the stairs, he ran out his room while shoving his orange converse on and ran into the kitchen "sorry mom, no time for breakfast!" he exclaimed, giving her a kiss on the cheek, grabbing a piece of toast then sprinting out the door A black haired teen on the other side of town however was not having such a easy morning. "MURDOC YOU SON OF A BITCH! GET OUT HERE! YOU'RE GONNA MISS THE DAMN BUS!" "Do I give a damn?" he growled under his breath, storming out his room. Walking down stairs, he didn't give his parents another word, neither did he eat anything, the bus had already left, it always seemed to leave just when he was ready. Murdoc sighed and brushed his dark hair out his mismatched eyes, people always gave him strange looks, he didn't care though, he always told himself 'keep your head down and act like you don't care' He trudged gloomily down the roads of Essex, kicking a stray beer can as he went. His mind buzzing with the idea of a song. A song he himself had wrote, but he knew he'd never make anything of himself. His father called him a worthless piece of shit every time he got the chance. And his mum...she wasn't even there any more. Stuart Arrived at the school gates just as the first bell was going, he looked up and saw the 3 three faces he knew all too well, "hey tussy! Got somthin for me tday?" The leader of the gang asked "Nope, It don't suit me anymore" 2d smirked, walking through the gates into school, this was the first time had gotten away from them all thanks to his mothers words 'one step at a time' "I-I fink we should go into class" 2d stammed, trying to wriggle free of the bullies grasp "Yeah, but before that." He muttered, raising his fist and bringing it down hard into 2ds eye one of the guys lifted Stuart up by the collar of his shirt and slammed him into the brick wall of the school. "I think, a nice big black eye will suit you. Don't you guys agree?" He turned to face the other two. They laughed cruelly. All Stuart could do was hang there hopelessly." I -I fink we should go into class" Stuart stammed, trying to wriggle free of the bullies grasp "Yeah, but before that." He muttered, raising his fist and bringing it down hard into Stuarts eye

Now Murdoc himself was almost at his destination. Still trying his best to keep a low profile. Walking on the sidewalk, or crossing the street. When people would stare, he'd keep going. Despite the fact that he wanted to slug them right there. He was just about to go through the gate, two girls walked up to him. They seemed to fancy Murdoc...but when he looked up...they saw his eyes... "Ewwwh" One of the girls cried, backing away "Whets wrong Andrea?" The other asked, looking at her friend "H-his eyes." She muttered, "Take a picture ladies, it'll last longer" He smirked; unable to keep his temper under control the girls glanced at him one last time, then left. Both running...and probably not just to get to class. Murdoc just shook his head and carried on into class, when he arrived at the classroom he took his seat at the back and lent his head on the table, maybe he could catch up on some sleep before class "Mr. Niccals!" I know you may not FANCY this class, but I'd appreciate it if you would PAY ATTENTION!" The teacher slammed a book down on Murdoc's desk. He snapped awake instantly. Everyone laughed at him as his chair flew back... with him still in it."Uh.yeah" He grumbled, getting back, he stared blankly at the front of the class to make it look like he was at least Paying attention. One person wasn't laughing at him though, that was Stuart tusspot. Stuart felt sorry for the guy. He was ridiculed and tortured almost as much as he himself was. Those eyes... everyone seemed to think that Murdoc's eyes were the absolute worst thing about him. They never even talked to him, and for that... Stuart really felt awfull. Stuart himself was told he was at least good looking by a couple of girls. But Murdoc had never heard a compliment in his life. Just insults. He was used to it though, he had it enough at home, and school was like some sort of refuge, even if the abuse was the same. Stuart stood up at the end of class and walked over to Murdoc's desk, everyone else sat on tables with their friends but Murdoc just sat at the back, not paying attention, not listening, not even bothering to answer questions. Stuart smiled broadly "Hey" He grinned Murdoc looked up at him, "Who are you?" Murdoc narrowed his eyes. He hadn't ever seen Stuart around the school. But of course, he tried to ignore everyone "Stuart Tusspot mate!" He spoke with a heavy Essex ascent while Murdoc spoke with a stoke accent, maybe that's why he didn't talk to people, coz he didn't sound like anyone else. "Stuart eh? So waddya want" Murdoc growled Looking at Stuart, he was pretty unusual his hair was bright blue, and he was missing a few front teeth "Just wanted ta say Ello!" Stuart kept grinning even though Murdoc was sullen. "Uhhhuhhhh...hi?" "Yea! I don't see ya much round school" Stuart explained a stupid grin still plastered over his face "I keep on my own." Murdoc replied, confused as to why this strange kid was talking to him "oh.. I'm gettin bullied maself! Ah well!" 2d giggled, he was a happy go lucky sorta guy, and in one of those moods where nothing could bring him down "Fascinating..." Murdoc mumbled, although personally he didn't care much for the idiot.

"So ya got any friends?" 2D asked, not knowing that this was the question that got to the other guy." does it looklike it" Murdoc replied gruffly, turning away from Stuart "hey now! Don't be like that! I'm a little huffy coz I didn't get my breaky this morning' Stuart giggled "just a piece of soggy toast" "good for you mate, now if ya don't mind, ive got some walking to do" Murdoc replied, standing up Murdoc walked out into the hall and leaned against his locker. He had to be alone for a while. That Stuart fellow was rather annoying. To cheerful...way too cheerful. Stuart skipped out the classroom, He thought he'd go tothe library, rather have a nap on one of the tables in the sun. He laughed to himself at the thought of getting a Suntan from the library "Well well mr tusspot, haven't seen you here in a while are those kids being mean to you again" The librarian asked kindly Stuart nodded and grinned at her "I can do a few jobs for ya if ya want" He Smiled "Oh. That would be nice, thank you Stuart" She smiled.Stuart stepped to the desk. "So wot can I do?" He smiled his toothless grin. The librarian pointed to a full book cart. "Could you shelf those books for me Stuart?" the elderly lady questioned. Stuart nodded and pushed the cart over to the shelves. He began to arrange them quietly and orderly. He began to sing a little jingle to himself about spaggetti-os, he didn't realize People were actually listening to himself "Whoa, that Stuart is really good" the two girls from earlier muttered to them selves. "He is isn't he?" The librarian smiled Stuart continued to sing beautifully. Everyone was now admiring his talents. Stuart didn't notice, and he didn't notice Murdoc as he stepped inside the library, muttering to himself. "Only place that's quiet in the whole damn buildin." He wandered through the rows and rows of bookcases Muttering angrily to himself, digging his nails into his palm. 2d, finished singing and when he heard people clapping he nearly died of shock. "Wha waddido" He asked, spinning around "Your singing!" Andrea "Its really good!" "Well.fanks" 2d Grinned toothlessly turning a deep shade of scarlet Andrea stepped towards him. "You're really good...and cute!" she giggled and swiped a finger across his chest. This made him blush even more. All he could manage was a stifled giggle. Murdoc sat on the floor slumped against the wall, he wished he could just pass out and not wake up. Life really did suck, why couldn't he go into foster care or something, he knew when he got back he'd get another beating, something he wasn't looking forward to, then he began to question himself, why didn't he ever fight back and why was it happening in the firstplace? Murdoc closed his eyes, and slowly drifted into a troubled sleep. Murdoc's dreams were deep and serious. He was in a dark one was near. His face held an expression of panic and fear. He ran forward. His father stood there holding a knife. Murdoc quickly spun around and ran in the other direction. Stuart Stood talking to Andrea, She started complimenting "My dads a dentist, he could fix your teeth" "I like my teeth. People say it makes me look cute" Stuart giggled "you don't need any help there" Andrea flirted, She linked her fingers through his and swung her arm back and forthStuart loved the compliments he was receiving and her flirting. He smiled and held her hand. He soon noticed Murdoc sitting on the floor among the dark columns. Looking as if he was really being bothered by someone." Stay here yea" 2d grinned giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, things were looking up for him, but he couldn't help but worry about Murdoc. He walked over to Murdoc and stood beside him, Hedidn't know what to do"Ey..." he didn't recall the name. He turned to face Andrea. "Wot's his name?" He questioned, looking worriedly at Murdoc. "I don't know, Murdoc or something." She sighed, 2d nodded in thanks and poked Murdoc, No response, Maybe Hitting him round the head with a book, no. That wouldn't help at allStuart decided to poke him again. "Ello? Murdoc?" Murdoc opened one eye slightly. "Wot do you want now kid?" Stuart stared down and thought of something to say. "Ya fell asleep." "Duh, and I forgh I wuz dead" he yawned, standing up. "Don't say that" 2d smiled sadly, standing up with the dark haired teen, "why not? You don't know what its like" Murdoc growled, "maybe I don't, but your folks would miss you if you died" He replied Murdoc's eyes slightly filled with tears, he looked away. "Yeah right..." he began to walk away and out of the book-crowded library. Stuart wanted to go after him, but felt Andrea pull on his hand. "Sing something with that voice of yours..." "Well. Like what?" he grinned, trying to distract himself from Murdoc "anything! C'mon, I want you to sing to the head of music!" She giggled. Dragging him off down the library