Supernatural – Heart of Gold

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Authors Note: So, after a dozen re-writes of chapter 2 of Destiny's New Path II, I decided I needed to focus my writing in another place for a while. So I started writing a book. In between writing the book, I decided to write this.

Summary: Someone is following Dean and Sam. The brothers have no idea who she is, but whoever she is, she seems to know about the Winchester brothers' secret, and what's more, she knows from experience what the brothers' went through twenty two years ago.

Background: Starts in the episode 'Bloody Mary', where Dean is trying to explain himself to the cops while Sam is being facing Bloody Mary.

Prologue – Help From High Places

"Like I said, I was adopted." Dean said, doing his best to sound genuine. For some reason, though, the cops weren't buying it.

"Yeah?" One of them asked. Dean saw out of the corner of his eye that the cop standing behind him was reaching for his hand-cuffs, and was about to say something when the sound of a gun-shot filled the night. The cop in front of him keeled over, and Dean saw the shape of a tranq-dart in silhouetted in the night, sticking out of the man's neck. The second cop pulled out his revolver, but a second shot echoed through the night and the second cop fell beside his partner.

Dean looked around, trying to catch sight of whoever had done that before they got him too. He caught sight of someone, almost hidden, on the rooftop of the building opposite the shop he had just come out of.

At that exact moment, his cell phone rang. It startled him, and he jumped about a foot in the air before he recovered, and then quickly answered it, never taking his eyes of the figure watching him.

"Get back inside," the voice coming from the phone was young, and female. "Your brother needs you."

"What?" Dean's eyes left the figure for a second as he turned to look back in the shop. There was a click as the woman hung up on her end. With a frustrated sigh, he looked back at the rooftop, and saw – no one. It was as if the figure – whom Dean now guessed was who ever had called him – had never been there. He shook his head, and then turned and ran into the shop.

She closed her cell phone with a snap as the young man turned to look into the shop. As soon as his eyes were off her, she turned and ran, leaping off the edge of the building, and landing lightly on her feet, dropping into a roll to avoid putting the pressure of the fall onto her legs.

She walked slowly and quietly to the corner peeking around just in time to see Dean turn and sprint back into the pawnbrokers shop. "I hope you're as good as your father made you out to be." She said softly.

Barely a minute later, the sound of a mirror shattering was heard, and just a few minutes after that, she heard the screams of Bloody Mary as her own acts of punishment were turned against her.

The young woman smiled as she watched the brothers come out of the shop, both of them bleeding from there eyes. She gave a start, gasping almost loud enough for the brothers to hear. Why had Dean been affected? Bloody Mary only punished killers, or at least people who had a secret connected with the death of an innocent. She frowned, not expecting this new development.

"What are you hiding, Dean?" She said softly, her eyes narrowing. She walked slowly around the corner, keeping to the shadows to avoid being seen by the brothers. She couldn't let her cover be blown, not yet. But she needed to get a closer look, to implant the images of their faces in her mind so that she would recognize them on sight from now on.

She got a good look at both their faces, even with the dried blood under their eyes, and, after a few minutes of indecision on what to do next, she finally decided to head back to the motel she was staying at and see what she could find out about Dean Winchester. With a nod of satisfaction, she wiped the trickles of blood from under her eyes, and turned and sprinted down the alley. With expert skill, she leapt at the wall at such a speed that he feet barely touched it as she ran, giving the impression that she actually ran up the vertical wall. She reached the top with ease, and dropped lightly onto the other side, leaving the Winchester brothers behind her. For now.

Now that the whole Bloody Mary fiasco was over, Dean had time to stop and think about who exactly it could have been who had saved him. If that was what they had been trying to do. For all he knew, it could've been someone hoping he'd go back in there and get himself killed.

He did a lot of thinking while he was driving. Sam was his usual quiet self, so he didn't have to worry about being interrupted. Unfortunately, his thoughts were constantly interrupted by worry about Sam himself. He still refused to tell Dean what it was the Bloody Mary had dredged up out of the past concerning Jessica's death, and it annoyed Dean to no end that his brother was being so damn stubborn about keeping it a secret.

Dean looked over at his brother for a second, and saw that Sam's eyes had drifted shut, and he was now in a deep, and for once peaceful, sleep. With a reluctant smile, Dean turned his attention back to the road. Though he would never admit it, he was happy that his brother was finding peace in his sleep again. Over the past month or so, he had begun to worry that the dreams of Jessica would end up driving his brother over the edge. But maybe after facing Bloody Mary, Sam had finally come to terms with his girlfriend's death.

The drive was reasonably peaceful as Dean continued to ponder the identity of his 'rescuer' until his cell phone gave a sudden beep, indicating a test message. He grabbed it off the dash board as Sam was jerked awake beside him from the noise.

"Look at that for me, will you Sammy." Dean said, handing his brother the phone as he tried to wipe sleep from his eyes.

"It's Sam," was the response as Sam took the phone. "You are not going to believe this." He said, rolling his eyes and leaning back in his seat.

"What?" Dean asked. "What is it?"

"Someone, and it doesn't say who, has sent us coordinate via a text message." Sam answered. He turned the phone off, put it back on the dashboard, and then pulled out a map. He was trying to find the place the coordinates pointed to.

"Whoa, since when are you so eager to follow dad's instructions?" Dean asked, keeping one eye on the road and the other on Sam.

"It's just… the coordinates, they're familiar." His eyes fell on the coordinates. It couldn't be possible. Their dad couldn't send them there, not now, not so soon.

"Something wrong, Sammy?" Dean asked. To his surprise, Sam did not correct him. He looked away from the road and his eyes flicked down the page, going back to the road every few seconds. Thankfully, it was reasonably long, straight, and empty. One name jumped out at him. "Stanford." He said. Where Jess died. He thought to himself. No wonder Sam was suddenly a lot quieter then he had been, and he had been very quiet.

Dean sighed and pulled the car over. When Sam gave him a questioning look, he returned it with one of his own. "Are we going?" He asked. Sam shrugged.

"Dad sent us coordinates. That means someone there needs help." He said. "Doesn't mean I have to like it though." He said, turning to look his brother in the eyes. With a nod, Dean turned the car back on, put it in gear, and drove back onto the road.

"Okay, Stanford, here we come." He said. Beside him, Sam closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep. But he was afraid of what awaited him there.

A/N: Okay, I apologize if anyone or everyone thinks this chapter is really short. But, hey, it's the prologue, it's allowed to be short. I think. Anyway, I'll try and make Chapter 1 longer. Reviews and constructive criticism are both welcome, as they both motivate me to write more, and work harder to make the story better.