I'll show you

Pairing: Sara/Catherine (slash) don't like don't read
Rating: PG 13
Spoilers: None
P.O.V: Sara's

"Guess who?"

Her hands were pressed over my eyes as she whispered seductively in my ear – I knew just who it was, there was only one woman who could cause my heart to pound into my chest like that, who could make the hair on the back of my neck stand up – only one woman who could make me want her with doing very little. I wasn't going to give it to her that easy though, with a smirk I began to guess – "Jenny the hot Air steward from the Frisco conference?" I asked. I couldn't help it; I knew just what to say to get her angry. She pulled her hands away from me and stepped back. I swung around in the lab chair I was sat at with a smile.

"You're sleeping on the couch tonight" She spat at me, with so much aggression.

"Wow, wait up baby…" I jumped up from the chair and caught her hand before she left pulling her back into me holding her body close to mine. She doesn't seem happy, not at all. "Girl you know you were my next bet…after Sue"

This time I get a slug to the arm, and sure – she's smaller than me but this blond has a punch. I laugh, and pull her close – my hands pushing into the back pockets of her jeans. "Sar…you're not even getting in the house at this rate" She growls.

"Come on" I smirk, leaning forward to meet her lips, she pulls back though, "Baby, I'm cute – you know that…you love this right?" I ask.

She rolls her eyes; I know that she can't resist that pout. She lets me kiss her, long and passionate – and that's all she needs because when she pulls back the sparkle in her eye tells me she knows the only woman I'm ever thinking about it her.

"Forgive me?" I ask her.

"Depends" now it's her turn to hold the smirk, "are you going to pull a double?"

I shrug my shoulders, "depends, have I got a better option?"

"How about nice warm bath and then the house to ourselves" She leans forward, and whispers into my ear "Lindsey's at her friends for a sleep over…"

"Mm" I mumble, whispering back, "Maybe I should call Jenny to join us, she left me her number remember?" I tease.

Catherine pushes me back, "Yeah I remember – and I find out you kept that number you and me are over" she shoots.

"Kept it? I memorized it" I can't help but laugh. I remember the plane ride to that conference it had caused more than enough tension and a hell of an argument between my self and Catherine. Jenny, the Air steward had been hitting on me since we left Vegas – and it had finally been too much for the older CSI, who I had been dating for around two months at that time, when Jenny had brought me over the Scotch on the rocks with a napkin. On that napkin, her name and number, she'd left with a wink. And it was from their the arguments started –

I'd been watching her; I was flirting with her – apparently every time she passed. Cath seemed to forget however that I was after someone to give me pain killers for the head ach that had been forming. I had worked a double before the flight – she forgot all about it though. To her it was just me, me trying to get the attention of the, to quote Catherine, little slut.

"That's it, you better make sure one of the guys is able to offer you a place to crash – you're not coming home with me" Catherine growled.

"Oh is that right?" I smirk, stepping forward I reassure her with a passionate kiss, "I threw the number out right after you slapped me…remember?" I speak huskily, once I'd pulled back.

"You deserved it…your eyes were all over that woman" Catherine recalled.

"I needed a drink" I defended, "I was trying to get some service"

"Yeah right" Catherine shot.

I ran my hand down to her waist, and am about to show her that she's the only one when she asks "Promise me you've never even thought about her?"

"Promise! You're the only woman I think about. The only woman I want." I pull her backwards and lean across the desk to shut the folder and take it in my hand – "come on lets go home and I'll show you you're the only one"

Thanks for reading. hope you liked.
Just a little fluff that popped into my head - i'm think of making this into a collection of shorts from Cath/Sara relationships. Maybe.

Please let me know what you think.