Pairing: Sara/Catherine (slash) don't like don't read
Rating: PG 13
Spoilers: None
P.O.V: the teams

She hared the heart wrenching pleas from the youngest CSI over the radio, they all had.
Catherine was sat in the break room when it came through, the words that each feared to hear, 'CSI down" this wasn't just any old CSI though, Greg's voice, panicked and distorted. "This is CSI Sanders - CSI Sidle has been shot…we need paramedics"

That was a little over an hour ago, and now here she was sat in the small room of the hospital. They had been shown to a relative's room where it was just the CSI and police force waiting for news. It was funny in a sad kid of way; they were relatives, not through blood but they were the only family that she ever had. Catherine looked up to where Greg, blood soaked and shaking sat in the chair furthest away from them all – unable to comprehend what had just happened. She wanted so bad to go over and comfort him but she couldn't even comfort herself right now. She was finding it hard to draw in breath. So she just lent forward resting her elbows on her knees she placed her face in her hands. Remembering the last time she'd seen Sara…

"Try and catch you for a coffee later" Sara stood from the sofa where the two of them were sat in the break room letting go of Catherine's hand before offering her a soft kiss.

"Will do… don't be too mean to Greg" Catherine smiled as she gazed admiringly into the brown pools that were Sara's eyes.

"You know me" The younger, brunette offered with a trade mark, gapped tooth smile.

"Hey…Sidle, stop groping and lets get going" Greg's voice shot into the break room from the door. He was smiling his Sanders smile that neither female CSI's could stay angry with.

"Alright…I'm coming" She shot, then looked back to Catherine, "don't miss me too much" She joked. Before turning and walking out of the door. The blond looked after the two of them as they made their way down the corridor obviously having another banter filled argument. Greg was her best friend… it's what they did.

He was sat thinking about just what had happened, just how he found himself sat in the waiting room with the looming possibility that he'd never again be able to tease Sara, to make her laugh. To piss her off to no end, or get her to go see some stupid movie with him – he may never see his best friend again. And he blamed himself. It should have been him lay in there…not her. It wasn't right. His hands were shaking, he hadn't been able to keep them still ever since the incident – and he could feel his shirt stick to his skin from the blood. The blood was everywhere – how did it end up like this? It wasn't the plan. They were supposed to get in, process the scene and then sneak off for a quick coffee…she was suppose to buy him that chocolate cake, And he was supposed to get her some real fancy coffee off the menu that only he understood – then head back to the crime lab before anyone noticed the had gone AWL.

"You know one of these days they are going to catch on" She smirked from where she was in the driver's seat of her Denali. "I mean, the past three Scenes we've gone missing for an extra 20 minuets."

"For a bunch of CSI's they are clueless" Greg explained with a smile, "Lucky for us huh?"

"Yeah" Sara agreed. "Lucky for us" She took a tight corner and then made her way towards the address – "You know what…I have a good feeling tonight."

"Is that right?" Greg asked, "What you think you're going to be getting some!"

She looked over slapping him, "Hey…" She shot.

"What…just a question…and between you and me, if Cath isn't up for it…I am"

"Greg" She growled, "I swear to god…you lucky I even let you near me"

"You can't resist me…it's only a matter of time before you give into you desire."

"True, but my desire doesn't involve me and you in a bed." she explained

"What is it then?" He asked quizzically.

"It's to watch you say that to me in front of Catherine…"She laughed.

"Are you giving me permission to piss your Girlfriend off?"

"What the hell is keeping them" Greg finally lost it, the images of himself and Sara too much. He stood up form the chair and threw his coffee across the room.

"Hey…Greg-o" Nick stepped forward, "Come on… she's going to be okay. She's a fighter" he didn't sound convinced, nick sounded just as broken as they all looked.

"You didn't see her" Greg shot, "What that bastard did" this was anger than none had seen before. Greg was the goofy, ex lab rat that played his music too loud and wore his thoughts on his sleeve. "I should be in there…"

"Don't man…this isn't your fault" Warrick stepped forward now taking Greg's arm and forcing the youngest to listen, "Sara doesn't need to hear shit like that…you got it. None of us do. We don't blame you…none of us"

"Well you should… I do. She saved me…" he explained. Nick just walked forward and pulled Greg into him looking at the rest of the team over his shoulder - Grissom was stood near the window looking out into the night sky. Warrick turned and slowly walked over to Catherine taking a seat and wrapping his arms around the woman who needed the support – and he stood there feeling helpless – trying to do his best to comfort the young CSI.

"Sar…you're never alone"

"Then why does it feel like it?" She asked him as she cried. That scared him, Sara Sidle, THE Sara Sidle never cried.

"Hey…All y'all need to do is pick up the phone. I'm right on the other end of the line. I can be around yours in like ten minuets if you need me." He comforted.

"You don't need Crazy Sidle calling every time she wakes up from a nightmare or has a bad day." Sara explained to nick knowing that he was there for her was the best thing she'd hared all day. Knowing someone was there for her was the best thing ever.

"Hey, I wouldn't have it any other way." He reached over the table where the two were sat and took her hand – "I'm here Sara…your like a sister to me…and I'll be there when ever you need me. Got it?"

She smiled, softly with her teary eyes looking into his -"Yeah, I got it"

She needed him now, maybe more than ever. So why was he sat in the room and not with her? He hated the guy who did this, he hated the bastard who'd hurt Sara. Their Sara! Who ever it was would pay.

Warrick was holding Catherine as close as possible, knowing she needed the strength – as he did, the only thing that ran through him mind was the conversation he'd had with Sara, not long ago – Sara had asked him to look after her girl, 'be there for her' she had told him. He had promised her would.

Gil stood in the corner, he was socially inept at the best of times but right now – he couldn't even bring him self to look at any of them. He was their supervisor, he should be able to offer them some comfort or reassurance but couldn't. Mostly because there was nothing he could say to make this better. He blamed himself; it was he who brought Sara to Las Vegas…after all.

The door opened and the doctor stood there…looking at the family, Sara's family – Catherine, her lover. Gil, he'd become her father over the past few years. Nick, Warrick and Greg all her caring brothers, who loved nothing more than to piss her off. – Little did they know that today, they had lost their family, it had been pulled apart.

No longer would Catherine get to Love

No longer would Gil get to guide

And no longer would the three guys get to tease the youngest female of the nightshift CSI's … never again would they piss Sara Sidle off because….

With a shake of the doctors head and the look on his face it was all that the team needed to know that Sara was gone. Each broke down into each other's arms.

Everything went black in this moment…Sara was the light that went out, leaving the team in darkness.

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