Chapter 5

Jack and Janet married after a 3 year relationship. For their honeymoon Janet wanted to return to the place that began it all. They arrived in Honolulu Sunday night and stayed at a private beach house for two weeks. Two weeks in paradise she thought every morning she would wake up in Jack's arms.

With time Janet sold her business and moved closer to the beach. She was tired of people critiquing her for starting a new life with a man many years younger then her. And although Jack would tell her he loved her everyday and that their again difference was just a number to him; he also couldn't take her being accused and misjudge every time she left her house. She loved her new life. She had a small flower shop she ran at a place near their home while her husband Jack operated their restaurant business. They owned three small restaurants; one bye the pier and the other two on the beach. Never having a doubt in mind Janet always reminded Jack of what a great businessman he turned out to be.

After a long day at work and a dinner meeting all Jack was looking forward to was a good night sleep. When he arrived home he was welcome by his lovely wife, "Hi honey." She said kissing his lips with a smile.

"Hey babe." He said hugging her closer. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too. All eight hours you were away." She said laughing.

"Did you have a good day at work?" She wondered as she noticed the tired look on his handsome face.

"I sure did. But I am defiantly looking forward to tomorrow." He said as they made their way into their bedroom.

"What's tomorrow?" She asked as he took off his shoes and she massaged his back.

"My first day off since we lost Felix two months ago. I finally finished training David and I decided to take the day off and go play golf with Larry and the guys."

"Oh." Janet said with a disappointment tone.

After they had brushed their teeth and watched the ten o' clock news Jack and Janet laid in bed wrapped around each other's bodies, "I'm sorry honey." He said caressing her face. "I didn't know you had planned to take the day off tomorrow too." He said feeling guilty for not thinking of her first. "I would rather spend any day of the year with you then with anyone else." He said with a smirk on his face. "You are what makes me the happiest."

Janet smiled at his sweet words, "I know Jack." She said before she kissed his lips. "But that is okay. You go have fun with Larry playing golf. We can have the afternoon to ourselves." She said trying not to sound selfish.

"Are you sure?" He asked looking straight into her eyes.

She nodded. "I'm sure." She said tapping his nose with her finger.

He laughed as he covered her body with his in a big warm hug. "I love you." He said kissing her neck.

"Love you too. Sweet dreams honey." She said as she pushed him off gently to cuddle against his strong chest.

I woke up this mornin', peeked out my door
It was rainin' cold and gray
It's my one day off, I was gonna play golf
There goes the plans that I made
But you won't hear me complain

Jack slowly got out of bed trying to keep as quiet as possible so that he wouldn't wake up his angel next to him. He blew her a kiss as he walked towards the window. He slowly peeked out with a smile that turned upside down. His one day off and it was raining cold and gray outside with no hope for sunlight. The ocean behind their beach house was hard to tell apart from the gray over clouded sky.

But as soon as he turned around his frowned disappeared and a big bright smiled painted its self on his handsome face. He placed his hands on his boxer's waistband as he crept into bed and softly pulled off Janet's nightgown strap; uncovering her shoulder as his lips left a gentle track on her suntanned skin. He watch her peacefully sleeping as he caressed her pretty pace; finally noticing those age lines Janet always complained about and Jack was always too in love to noticed. He smiled at her as the roar of the sky outside woke her up, and a flash of lightning touching grown somewhere near by.

"Morning honey." Jack greeted her with a kiss.

She looked around and noticed he had planned to leave about this time, "What happened why aren't you on your way to the field?" She asked sitting up.

"I guess someone with higher authority decided I should spend this day with the one I love." He said as he uncover the window to show her how wet it was outside.

She smiled content that they would spend the day together. "It's a perfect day for loving you." He winked as he pulled her closer.

Oh, what a perfect day for lovin' you
When you're in my arms I've got sunshine
And the sky's always blue
Couldn't ask for better weather
To do what I do
Oh, what a perfect day for loving you

At the same time as the dark outside sky release the sound of thunder Janet giggled while Jack began nibbling her neck. The sound of her laughter soon turned into pleasurable moans as Jack began to cover her body with long slow kisses. They teased each other with flirtatious looks and passionate kisses the warmth of their bodies could not tell the difference between the cold weather outside or a sunny bright day.

Jack soon dismissed her outfit as the silky pink night gown slider off the bed. And as their tongues played in union Janet removed Jack's boxers. The white sheets soon covered their bodies as Jack's kisses made Janet's heart flutter and her stomach seemed to be overtaken by wild butterflies.

Leisurely Jack explored her body landing his lips on her abdomen as Janet ran her hands through his muscular body. Savoring the honey taste of their love Jack made love to Janet as if it were the first time. Desperately hungering for her he reminded Janet how much he cherished her. He couldn't ask for a better day for loving her.

So let's grab a blanket, a hot cup of coffee
And sit out on the front porch and swing
That look in your eyes is what's on my mind
We don't have to say anything
Let's just listen to that old tin roof sing

After spending half the day wrapped around each other Janet decided to go in the shower. "I won't be long." She said playfully kissing his cheek.

He winked as he returned the kiss. "I'll go make us breakfast." He said as he put on his robe.

Janet wore some black and white sweats. She brushed her wet hair and applied some glossy lip gross before she made her way into the kitchen. In taking the aroma that greeted her she walked behind Jack's busy body; she wrapped her arms from behind him, "It smells delicious." She whispered.

Jack turned around and gave her a small taste of breakfast before they actually sat down to enjoy it. Outside the sky seem to still be crying as the water echoed against their roof. The sound of thunder and the flash of lightning covered the sky.

Janet poured a cup of coffee for herself and Jack while he went upstairs to get a blanket from the guestroom. "Let's enjoy this perfect day." He said as he opened the door for her.

Jack placed the green and pink cup on the table next to their sandy color swing. Janet sat down first and Jack followed covering her body and his with the cozy warm red blanket. She laid her head against his shoulder as he pulled her closer and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

She looked up at him with a silent 'I love you' look. Her smiled seemed to make the clouds disappeared and the sun shine with all its might in Jack's world. Jack returned the smile letting his perfect white teeth show as he reached over to kiss her jet-black hair.

They sat outside enjoying the sound of the old tin roof sing as the sun finally seemed to be peeking out painting a beautiful sun set. Taking in a deep breath Janet thought of what a amazing life she was finally living and thanked Jack for showing her how wonderful life could really be if you let yourself go and take in the best of it.

Oh, what a perfect day for loving you